5 Best Men’s White Dress Shoes

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One of the greatest things about fashion is that there are so many different ways you can express your style or tailor your wardrobe to fit the vibe of a specific event. Are you heading to a casual lunch meeting? No problem; you have endless options.

What do you do, however, when you want a pair of all white dress shoes for men to complete your stylish outfit? These shoes aren’t the most popular footwear, so there tend to be fewer choices available.

This frustration doesn’t need to stop you from getting the funky footwear of your dreams! Today, we'll review five of the best men’s all white dress shoes. Which ones will be right for you?

Comparison Chart

Bruno Marc Men's Prince-16 Dress Oxfords Shoes 

Stacy Adams Men's Gala Tuxedo Oxford Shoes

Enzo Romeo Stone Men's Dress Loafers

Bolano Dallas Men's Croco Cap Toe Oxford Shoes

VANGELO Men Oxford Dress Shoe

5 Best Men’s White Dress Shoes

1. Bruno Marc Men's Oxford Shoes

The Bruno Marc Men's Oxford Dress Shoes is a classic and functional shoe designed for luxury but made available at an affordable price.


How good of shoes are the Bruno Marc Men's Oxford Dress Shoes? Let’s examine it more closely to find out if these affordable shoes are going to be right for your next event.

  • Material and Design

These white Oxford shoes are made from faux leather for the upperparts and soft leather lining on the inside to ensure your foot is comfortable. The lace-up design is a classic one that can be comfortably laced up for a snug fit.

The shoe itself has a very classic appearance. The toe is shaped very traditionally, and the overall look is one that fits in best with formal events rather than casual ones, but fashion masters might be able to find a way to dress this shoe down for some less formal occasions.

  • Insoles and Outsoles

The insole in this pair of shoes is also worth mentioning. The footbed is a latex cushioned design that doesn’t take up too much space.

While it's relatively comfortable, it isn’t super thick or soft either. A good middle-ground choice for those who might want to add their custom insoles. Also for men who prefer a shoe with less thickness in that area.

The sole on the Bruno Marc Oxford shoes are non-skid and durable, so you can feel confident while walking around in them. Like any shoe, you'll want to do some initial breaking in so that the soles are worn down just a little bit which will allow them to work most effectively.


  • Inexpensive men's white wedding shoes
  • Good design on the underside
  • Traditional shape and contours
  • Flexible sole


  • Faux leather scuffs easily
  • Need to be aired out when first purchased
  • Sizing issues


These men's white shoes from Bruno Marc are an excellent choice for those who find value and traditional design to be the most critical factors. However, those looking for a shoe that won’t scuff or will last forever should continue their search as this is a lower-end shoe option.

2. Stacy Adams Men's Tuxedo Oxford Shoes

Next up is the Stacy Adams Tuxedo Oxford Shoes. These are formal-leaning dress shoes that incorporate the traditional lines of an Oxford shoe. Do these mid-range white shoes have enough features to stand out among other options?


This shoe can be worn for any occasion, but it fits in best in formal situations such as at a wedding or a gala. Still, there are ways that you can dress this shoe down for everyday use if you want to.

  • Design

The Stacy Adams Men's Tuxedo Oxford Shoes, at its core, is a very classic shoe. The color, lines, and overall look are traditional, and that means it's timeless.

These men's cap toe Oxford shoes are lace-up. The eyelets are laid in a blind eyelet lacing format to give your overall appearance a crisper, cleaner, and finished look. The blind eyelet layout is perfect for straight lacing shoes, and that's the most popular way to wear them.

The finish is a patent high-gloss one. This gives the shoes a boost that helps them to stand out without looking too obnoxious as the gloss balances well with the white material underneath.

  • Insoles and Outsoles

This pair of shoes has a fully cushioned insole packed with memory foam. This type of insole is ideal when you're searching for footwear with high levels of comfort and shock absorption. In these, your feet are cradled in an insole of cushioning.

The sole of these Stacy Adams tuxedo shoes is relatively flexible, so it will bend with your feet while you're walking. This type of flexibility is great for ensuring the most comfort fit shoes possible.

The bottom of the sole has printed detailing in the area, but the rest of the design is straightforward. The patterning is just enough to add some traction when walking on slick surfaces.

The inside of this shoe is made from real leather, but the upper parts are human-made materials that will require some care to ensure their durability. Even if the upper was leather, though, consideration would be needed to maintain their condition.


  • Affordable men's white tuxedo shoes
  • Conservative design
  • Comfortable insoles
  • Available in regular and wide widths
  • Proper height to wear with formal pants
  • Also available as beautiful high-gloss men's red dress shoes


  • Gloss finish may crease in some high-pressure areas
  • Finish may be too glossy for some people’s taste


These high-gloss patent leather dress shoes are a fantastic mid-range option for anyone who has galas, weddings, and other formal events on their mind as they're the perfect design and fit for those occasions. Plus, they’re comfortable!

3. Enzo Romeo Stone Men's Dress Loafers

The Enzo Romeo Stone Dress Loafers are a bit different from the two previous pairs we’ve talked about today, and that’s part of why we love them! These uniquely designed loafer shoes for men offer high-quality comfort at value prices.


This Enzo Romeo Stone Men's footwear is a loafer-style, slip-on shoe which can be used for both formal and casual occasions.

  • Design

The finish on these shoes is more matte than anything else, so you won’t be getting the high gloss shine desired for high society events. Still, the adaptability of this shoe for different kinds of functions will make it an even better value.

To put them on, you simply slip it onto your foot. Specific areas are designed with elastic inside so you can slide your foot into the shoe without needing to tug too much. Once on, the elastic fit will help to keep your foot correctly situated inside the shoe as well.

Their design is very trendy and fashionable without feeling like it's too much of a break from the traditional expectations of dress shoes. While the buckle is a bit modern, the cut of the toe and the lines of the sides ensure that the traditional vibe is still strong in these shoes. Plus, they can make any men's outfit fashionable just by wearing them!

  • Sizing

These shoes run a little bit large, so Enzo Romeo suggests you order one-half size bigger than what you usually wear to help correct the sizing difference. If your shoes are too big, though, it's easy to wear a different pair of socks to help make the fit feel more comfortable before you head out to your next event.


  • 1.25 inch heel; a good height for dress pants
  • Half shoe sizes available
  • Appear more expensive than they are
  • Sleek, modern-looking buckle
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Cheap white dress shoes


  • Run large; need to size up
  • Makes feet look longer than they are

4. Bolano Exotic Men's Oxford Dress Shoes

Now, let’s see what the Bolano Exotic Oxford Shoes has to offer for your fashion needs. While these shoes do have a very standard outer design in comparison to other dress shoes on the market, the specific patterning is something that might attract you to this mid-range footwear.


These oxford dress shoes from Bolano are both unique and traditional. It might seem strange that a shoe can be two things at once, but that's exactly what we noticed first about these shoes!

  • Material and Design

As soon as you look at the shoes, you'll see that they have a very traditional shape. The toe-cap, side views, and overall style remind you of nearly any other oxford shoe which you might see someone wearing. But the patterning stands out.

Some parts of the upper are made from faux exotic animal leather. This human-made material mimics the pattern of crocodile leather without actually being made from real animal leather.

As those materials are usually associated with a high-end and expensive brand, the effect of the patterning immediately elevates the appearance and class of these shoes.

  • Sizing

The shoe sizing is relatively straightforward with these shoes, but some will find that they run a bit large.

If you usually wear a regular width shoe, the manufacturer suggests choosing one-half size down. If you usually wear a wide width shoe, the manufacturer recommends choosing your regular size. If you’re between sizes, go up or down on that principle, too.


  • Unique, stylish men's white Oxford shoes
  • Value shoe with an expensive look
  • Faux men's crocodile dress shoes
  • Comfortable heel
  • Flexible, durable sole


  • Minimal stretch
  • Scuff easily


The Bolano Men's Exotic Oxford Dress Shoes is the right option for anyone who's hoping to have a unique upscale look that nobody else does, without needing to pay the upscale price. The fashionable crocodile faux leather ensures you stand out among the crowd.

5. VANGELO Men's Formal White Tuxedo Shoes

The VANGELO Formal Tuxedo Dress Shoes is our final shoe option today, but don’t let them being last on the list fool you. This is a great pair of shoes! This mid-range shoe has one of the best sizing ranges around, but should you buy them just because they will fit?


The VANGELO Men Formal Tuxedo Dress Shoes is a classic tuxedo style pair of shoes. This means they're the right look for a wedding, prom, gala, concert, or another formal event. Anywhere that you would want to be seen wearing a nice suit, tuxedo, or otherwise fancy attire, you can be confident that these shoes will be appropriate.

  • Material

The upper material on these shoes is human-made leather, but this specific leather is a bit different from other shoes we have discussed today. It's treated with a type of chemical which helps to prevent creasing while also being easy to clean. Even if these shoes scuff, getting those scuffs out couldn’t be simpler.

  • Insoles and Outsoles

The interior of the shoe is worth examining more closely as well. It's fully lined to help facilitate airflow, and you'll notice such immediately as your feet will remain both cool and dry. The footbed has a slightly padded insole which adds support and comfort which will make it easy to dance all night if that’s what you want to do.

The outsole of this shoe is stitched, and the heel is double-reinforced with staples. This means they're made for long-term wear and stability. If you’ve ever had the heel of a shoe fail before, you know just how important it is for this type of strength in the shoe to ensure you can continue to wear them for all of your important events.

The outsole is also an odor-free variety, so you don’t have to worry about the strong rubbery smell that other footwear can have when you first get them. The flexible rubber doesn’t smell, and it makes it very comfortable to walk around with ease.

  • Sizing

Finally, we have to talk about the size range. These men's white wedding shoes are available in sizes from 6.5 all the up to a 17. Many of the sizes are available in both a medium and a wide width. With this variety of sizing options, it's simpler to find the exact fit that you're looking for in the shoes.


  • Timeless design
  • Comfortable insole
  • Fit as expected
  • Flexible and durable outsole
  • Durable men's formal shoes in white


  • The heel can dig in a bit
  • Scuff easily, but can be cleaned


Today, we’ve given you our opinions on some of the best white dress shoes for men, but we know that you're looking for the best of the best. In our opinion, the VANGELO Men Formal Tuxedo Dress Shoes is tough to beat when you take into account the value, design, sizing, and overall classic appearance of this dress shoe. In this shoe, you’ll feel as stylish as you look.

But the VANGELO might not be for everyone, and we have a second favorite. We find the adaptability of the Enzo Romeo Stone Men's Dress Loafer to be usable for both formal and casual events. Whether you’re heading out on a special date or a formal affair, you can use these shoes for many occasions.

In the end, the best pair of men's white shoes for you is going to be the ones which suit the style you're aiming for. We hope you find your perfect choice among these five high-quality options.

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