Best Colorful Sandals for Women

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Did someone say summertime? Break out the tank tops, beach towels, and sunscreen because summertime means time for fun! You can head out on vacation, have a cookout, visit some friends, or relax in the neighborhood.

Of course, you can't forget to grab a pair of the best colorful sandals for women to complete the picture. Having stylish ladies summer footwear is one of the most fun parts of the season.

Smart, colorful summer sandals are a great way to make warm weather more comfortable while still feeling fashionable and beautiful. Pops of color go hand-in-hand with most summer fashion trends, so using a multicolored pair makes sense.

But summer isn't the only time to rock colorful women's sandals. Still hunting for shoes to wear to a work meeting or with a wedding outfit? Our top five options might be just what you need.

Best Women's Colorful Sandals

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Summer Sandals for Women Reviews

1. DREAM PAIRS Women's Fashion Gladiator Sandals

The DREAM PAIRS Fashion Gladiator Sandals is a fashionable, rainbow-colored set of shoes that can add a pop of color to any look, but how does this super affordable pair compare to other options you have in the fashion-forward sandals market?


As the name denotes, the DREAM PAIRS Women's Gladiator Sandals are a beautiful, open toed shoe with a gladiator-style design. This style of sandal has been popular for a few years, and this modern take on a colorful summer version makes it even more enticing to choose to coordinate with your ladies summer outfits.

The shoe is made from a human-made material with a synthetic sole. While they're not going to survive years of constant wear, they're durable enough to be a good summer shoe to enjoy during the weeks that you spend vacationing or exploring in the good weather.

  • Heel Height

The heel on these shoes is very low at approximately 0.25 inches, which can make them a little bit uncomfortable to wear for those who require some type of arch support. Thus, keep that in mind when making your selection.

Part of the joy of wearing these sandals, though, is that they're comfortable to wear even when walking for a long time because they don't have a big heel. This also makes them good choices for events where you'll be standing for an extended time.

  • Design

The design of these rainbow-colored sandals is genuinely stunning. They have an open-toe silhouette, and the straps stay snug around your foot without sliding around, so they look very clean and crisp.

Gladiator-style shoes have a super unique design, and it's a big part of what makes them stunning.

  • Closure

One of the most common problems with sandals is how hard they can be to take on and off. With as many straps as this pair of sandals has, you might think they'll be hard to wear. Thankfully, there's a zipper closure on the back of the sandal, which makes it more straightforward to put on and take off as needed.


  • Great for wide feet
  • Rainbow color sandals
  • Match well with both jeans and dresses
  • High-quality zipper and good placement
  • Stylish design


  • Wear out quickly
  • Could be tight around the ankles


These rainbow-colored gladiator sandals are a fantastic option for someone who wants to be able to wear the same shoe with many different colors without sacrificing comfort. The sandals are comfortable to wear, fun to look at, and sure to get a lot of compliments.

2. Gracosy Women's Leather Sandals

Next up, we're going to take a look at a super fun pair of shoes: the Gracosy Women's Leather Sandals. These shoes might seem a little out-of-the-box when you first look at them, and that's part of the excitement! But does this fun style suit your summer sandal needs?


The Gracosy Leather Sandals is nothing else if not an eye-catching product! If you want to get a ladies sandal that's more of a statement piece about who you are and what you love, you're going in the right direction here. The design of this shoe simply stands out among other sandal options.

  • Design

A handmade process is used to create the beautiful and colorful flowers that you see on the sandals. The bright colors, unique textures, and fun layout make it so the design is somewhat unforgettable.

The shoes have a very easy pull-on and pull-off design. While there's a strap with a buckle on some of the color variations, none of them need to be buckled tightly to be worn.

As such, it's still very easy to treat this footwear more like a slip-on than anything else. Many types are difficult to put on, so this is a welcome change for many sandal lovers.

  • Construction

There are a lot of different components in this shoe, but they're all very high-quality. The leather parts are made from real, high-quality leather while the rubber sole is soft and flexible. The combination of high-quality, comfortable materials ensures they'll last many years without hurting your feet.

The slightly padded insole and non-slip bottom sole make certain this comfort level extends to your entire foot and walking experience. The padded insole, in particular, helps to reduce any shock you might feel while walking.



  • Can be hard to match because of the bright colors
  • Some durability issues with the insole glue


These sandals are the easiest to put on and off, making them great for individuals who need a pair they can slip on quickly for a morning or afternoon walk. They're comfortable enough to ensure you won't have sore feet.

3. Truelove Embroidered Women's Block Heel Sandals

Now we're going to examine the Truelove Embroidered Block Heel Sandals and see if they're worth it. These women's heels are a value choice, but budget-friendly options are only good options if they work out how you want them to! Let's see if these sandals work.


The Truelove Block Heels is a pair of heeled sandals that have a very high, four-inch stiletto style heel. While these might not be what usually comes to mind when you think of a sandal, sometimes you need something a bit more formal to complete an outfit for a date night or other fun occasion. Or maybe you just love heels!

  • Design

As mentioned, the heels on these shoes are pretty high at four inches. If you aren't comfortable walking in heels, you'll probably want to try another style because there's no platform to help make that height more convenient for new heel wearers.

The pops of color on this shoe are added in fun ways. The cross straps are covered in a beautiful embroidered fabric, and you can find many different colors on the shoe. This means they can be worn with many diverse outfits by matching the colors, or you can wear them with a neutral outfit instead.

The overarching vibe of these shoes is very boho. The embroidery, poms poms, and color choices come together to create that final look.

  • Construction

These shoes are made from synthetic materials as they're budget-friendly shoes. This means the insole, sole, and other parts of the shoe might not be as durable as they would be in another material. On the flip side, they're effortless to clean and take care of because of this construction choice.


  • Super cute
  • Great color selection
  • Boho style
  • Matches many different outfits and colors
  • Affordable ladies shoes


  • The heel could be sturdier
  • Not so comfortable for walking due to heel height


These are the shoes to choose if the main thing you care about is how hot they look! These sexy heels are super stunning, and you're sure to get a compliment for rocking four-inch stiletto sandals no matter where you go.

4. Zicac Thong Women's Rhinestone Sandals

The Zicac Women's Rhinestone Thong Sandals is our next selection. These are a super classic thong style sandal with a fun, sparkly twist. But are they the rhinestone-adorned sandals of your dreams?


The first thing you'll probably notice about the Zicac Women's Rhinestone Sandals are the sparkles, and that makes sense! The top of these thong sandals has a beautiful pattern of rhinestones that partially wrap into the ankle strap. These add just enough glam to elevate these shoes to fashionable.

  • Design

In addition to the rhinestones, the overall design of this shoe strikes a balance between super casual and slightly dressy super well. If you were to pair them with a pair of jean shorts and a tank top, you've got an everyday summer look. With a more beautiful black dress, you can head out to a nice dinner without any worries about your choice of footwear.

The design of these sandals leads to their versatility. You can wear them in a variety of situations, and that makes them even more valuable because you aren't stuck using them only a few times a year.

  • Construction

These shoes are made from artificial leather for all of the upperparts, and the bottom part is a rubber sole. The back end of the shoe has a very slight platform measuring at 0.6 inches, so you're even with the ground when you wear and walk in them. Keep this in mind if you typically need more arch support than what these shoes can provide.

The back of the shoe doesn't have any type of buckle or latch you need to fuss with when taking them on and off. The elastic slingback makes it possible for you to easily slide these on and off when you're in a hurry, and that can be hard to come by when choosing cute sandals.


  • Great design
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Easy to match with various outfits
  • Just enough sparkle


  • Sizing runs big
  • Long-term durability issues


Whether you're heading to the beach, to a nice dinner, or just to hang out with some friends, these rhinestone sandals are a fantastic option as your footwear. They're easy to wear, easy to style, and even easier to love!

5. Camfosy Summer Flat Sandals

Finally, we're going to wrap up today's sandal reviews with the Camfosy Summer Flat Sandals. These fun, flirty sandals have a design, unlike all the others we've talked about today. Are they the right sandals for you?


The Camfosy Summer Flats are ladies gladiator style sandals, but it doesn't have straps that cover your entire foot. Instead, the straps only wrap around your toes in pretty, overlapping patterns and around your ankles. This gives a more open gladiator look, which many find to be more flattering and desirable than traditional gladiator sandals.

  • Design

Every strap on this shoe is covered in beautiful colors, patterns, and designs. Each strap is a little bit different as well, but they match up with each other.

The shoes are unique, but they aren't so colorful or unique that they cannot be matched with your outfit. Instead, the color families are matched up in very specific ways so you can still make a multitude of outfits work with them!

  • Construction

The top of these shoes is made from high-quality faux leather while the bottom sole uses anti-slip rubber to help ensure your safety while wearing them. The straps are all stitched over multiple times to ensure they won't begin fraying immediately upon the first few months of wearing them. Fraying is often a problem with sandals, so this is an important detail.


  • Fits true to size
  • Great color combinations
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comfortable


  •  Durability issues


These open gladiator sandals are an attractive choice for those who want eclectic footwear that shows off their wild style while still being a shoe that actually matches some of what's in their wardrobe! This is the sandal that straddles that line.



There you have it! Those are five of the best colorful sandals for women, and we know you're probably having a hard time narrowing down those splendid options to just one pair. Luckily for you, we think we know which ladies sandals are the best.

We've found that the Zicac Women's Rhinestone Thong Sandals make sense for most people because of its adaptability. While these have a little sparkle and pizzazz, they're not too much for a casual outing. Still, they can be dressed up for a fancier dinner.

If your primary concern is to find something very bold and unique, the Gracosy Women's Leather Sandals could be the right choice for you. Never will you see anything like these shoes, and everyone will be sure to compliment you on them as well because they've probably never seen anything like them before, either!

Regardless of which pair (or should we say which pairs) end up being the right choices for you, remember that sandals are relatively affordable. Hence, there's nothing wrong with having a couple of pairs for several occasions. Having the right stylish women's summer shoes on is, after all, important!

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