Best Women’s Loafer Shoes

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Slip on shoes for women, as they're generically called, are a fantastic addition to any woman’s wardrobe as they offer a practical and stylish footwear solution, as well as a welcome relief from a pair of towering high heels. Sometimes we all want to look and feel more comfortable rather than teetering around in stilettos.

Depending on how much time you spend on your feet every day at your place of work, heels might be a complete non-starter, unless you want a lifetime of bunions and blisters! With a pair of well-chosen, comfortable women's loafers, you can dress them up or down and pair them with all kinds of casual or formal attire.

While they may not have the glamour of a pair of high heels, they can provide a very elegant alternative. So let’s take a look at some of the Best Women’s Loafers and go on to review in more detail the history of the Loafer and how it’s distinguished from other ladies slip on shoes like a Moccasin.

What are the origins of the Loafer?

You probably never knew this fact, but the Loafer originated in Scandinavia and is derived from footwear that the local fishermen used to wear. They would take two pieces of leather and merely fasten them with a strip while they were working, in order to create a comfortable and practical solution to hours spent on their feet.

They went on to become the slip-on loafer that is now so popular today for both men and women who want comfort above all else but still like to retain a strong sense of style and elegance. They look nothing at all like the makeshift shoes that those fishermen used to create!

Loafers are also very similar to a Moccasin, and you may find that the two styles get intertwined and are often generically described these days as slip on shoes. However, historically, they have very different origins and come from entirely different parts of the world.

The Moccasin, far from being a Scandinavian fisherman’s shoe of choice, was worn by Native American hunters and tradesmen, and was derived from the Powhatan word “makazin” which roughly translates into today’s English as “shoe.” Interestingly though, both shoes were explicitly designed for working men.

Today, slip-on style shoes like Loafers and Moccasins are a popular choice for both sexes and for a wide range of professions for which they do still provide a comfortable and practical everyday option.

While leather continues to be a popular fabric, you'll also find velvet, canvas, and all kinds of other exotic animal leathers used in the creation of the Loafer style shoe. The Loafer has been made even more popular lately with the introduction of the world-renowned and much coveted Gucci Loafer.

Best Loafers for Women Recommendations

Assuming that your budget today won’t quite stretch to the famous Gucci slip-on, we’ve hand-picked our top five recommendations all in the Loafer or Moccasin style to review in our guide today. All of our selections have plenty of practical benefits that your feet will appreciate, as well as design and style features that make the shoes aesthetically appealing. After all, the holy grail when it comes to shoes is to be able to find a pair that combines both comfort and style. When you do, we strongly recommend that you stock up while you can!

A pair of shoes that feel so good that they fit just like a glove is not to be underestimated! Luckily, in our extensive research and mission to find the Best Women’s Loafers, we are happy to announce that we’ve been able to do just that! So put your tired feet up and take a rest while we run you through five of the best pairs.

Kunsto Women’s Casual Leather Loafer

Kunsto shoes are all about comfort, quality, and providing an extensive range of budget-friendly but contemporary style footwear to meet all occasions. They manufacture some of the most affordable women's footwear on the market, and as a company, they are driven by delivering the following five key attributes: affordability, quality, style, durability, and comfort.

These slip on women's loafer style shoes are no exception and should fit like a glove. They're so easy to wear straight out of the box, with none of the painful breaking-in period that often comes with new conventional leather shoes.

The Kunsto Loafer comes in a wide range of sizes with an attractive variety of contemporary shoe colors to choose from. There’s everything from a classic black or white Nubuck leather to a floral leather punched design in eye-catching light blue or orange. At these prices, why not invest in a couple of your favorite colors? Go for both a classic leather pair and that pretty floral design in a more fashionable color! With over 30,000 pairs already sold, you can buy in confidence and join the other women who have happy feet thanks to their Kunsto Leather Loafers.

They’re very easy to wear, great for all-day comfort but perfect also to use as driving shoes. They’re casual in design, so they look great with denim jeans or a pair of smart-casual trousers. They also have an attractive bow lace-up feature which further enhances their pretty appeal.

All the colors feature the same flexible sole that has been created to deliver superior grip, performance, and comfort. It’s sturdy but flexible and non-marking, so the rubber won’t damage any shiny surfaces and cause those annoying rubber scuff marks.

If you're looking for a pair of women's casual loafers that are stylish, inexpensive, and provide a comfortable all day fit with exceptional levels of moisture absorption, so that you can even wear without socks if you wish, then these Kunsta Loafers are a great option.


  • Easy to wear slip-on casual shoes
  • A wide range of contemporary colors are available
  • Lightweight and flexible construction
  • Perfect for driving and comfortable enough for all-day wear
  • Non slip rubber shoe soles
  • Anti-wicking inner moisture control


  • Minimal foot support – more about comfort
  • Smell a bit at first

Who are the shoes suitable for?

This is an excellent pair of shoes for anyone who takes their style and comfort seriously. If you're a professional on your feet all day, then you'll appreciate the second skin comfort of these Kunsto Loafers, and may end up buying multiple pairs in all your favorite colors.

How to style your shoes

These are great casual women's shoes that look fantastic with your off-duty favorite jeans, slacks, or chinos and paired with a crisp shirt, blouse, or fine knit sweater. Wear either with or without socks; the choice is yours.

Sizing Guide

Please see the manufacturer’s guidelines for selecting the optimum size below:

5 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about    226-230mm or 8.89-9.05″

5.5 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about 231-235mm or 9.09-9.25″

6.5 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about 236-240mm or 9.29-9.44″

7 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about    241-245mm or 9.48-9.64″

7.5 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about 246-250mm or 9.68-9.84″

8.5 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about 251-255mm or 9.88-10.03

9 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about    256- 260mm or 10.78-10.23″

9.5 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about 261-265mm or 10.27-10.43″

10 B (M) US Suitable for Foot length is about 266-270mm or 10.47-10.62″

Sam Edelman Loraine Women’s Loafer

Sam Edelman is, of course, well known for its beautiful range of contemporary and fashionable shoes, and this Loraine Loafer is no exception. It’s a very sophisticated, if a little quirky, take on the traditional slip-on Loafer and certainly brings plenty of smart style.

We love the gold bar hardware detailing that elevates this Loafer, bringing it to another level. It has the very high-end designer look of the top labels but at a more affordable price. While it has quite a masculine edge and takes its design cue from the traditional men’s Loafer, it still manages to be an elegant and refined women’s shoe that will look perfect paired with a smart suit or straight legged trousers with something like a cashmere pullover or fine knit turtleneck.

It's a very refined and elegant Loafer, whether you opt for the classic black leather or go for something a little more daring and unusual in one of the more exotic animal skin leathers or velvets.

These durable shoes are constructed from exceptionally high-quality materials with attention to detail and exquisite styling. It still manages to be comfortable and requires no painful breaking in period. The Loraine is a modern reinterpretation of a classic, established women's footwear design, and we're pretty confident that you're going to love it. If you're all about style and comfort, then this is the Loafer for you.


  • Elegant and stylish leather slip-on design
  • A classic range of chic colored leather, velvet, and fabric styles available
  • Comfortable women's loafer
  • Looks great styled with just about anything
  • Gold bit hardware detailing adds a contemporary and fashionable twist
  • Extensive range of sizes available


  • Runs a little on the large size, so check for the correct fit

Who are the shoes suitable for?

These are a more elegant and structured shoe that we think would work well for a professional or office based environment. They're stylish, sophisticated, and modern, so they would look very much at home on the feet of any fashion savvy businesswoman who knows that comfort and laid back confidence is part of her character and style.

How to style your shoes

We think these women's slip on shoes were made to be worn with a chic and tailored business suit or a smart pair of dark denim jeans with a crisp white shirt and a women’s blazer. That’s an exquisite and high-powered look that says you and your shoes very much mean business!

Sizing Guide

Before purchasing a pair of Sam Edelman shoes, the manufacturer recommends that you read their comprehensive guide on how to correctly measure your feet to determine the correct size, and then select the one that's the closest to your measurement. You can download a detailed PDF guide by visiting the Sam Edelman site or by visiting

Fashion Brand Leather Women’s Moccasin Loafer

This is an incredibly budget-friendly moccasin style slip-on loafer that makes for great casual and comfortable everyday women's shoes. They're also perfect for driving. We recommend you consider buying several pairs, as the pricing is that good! Keep a pair in your car just for driving, and pick up a couple of other pairs in different colors to go with a wide range of outfits. They’re so comfortable you can wear them all day long. You might not want to take them off when you get home, as they feel like slippers.

They're super easy to pull on with their Loafer style, classic slip-on design, and with the traditional lace details, they can also be tightened so they won’t slip on your feet. The soles are constructed from a quality and durable rubber that has plenty of tread and grip so that you won’t slide on wet or uneven surfaces. They're also very flexible, so they can be easily stretched if your foot is on the large or broad side, providing an even more comfortable fit.

It’s their unique rubber sole that makes these these ideal driving shoes, and because they're constructed with a rubber outside, they are very hard wearing and durable. If you're on your feet for a large part of the day, then you will appreciate just how important comfortable women's shoes are, and these won’t disappoint with many happy customers reporting that they fit like a glove. They're a pleasure to wear. Cute, comfortable, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg either! What’s not to love about these leather loafers for women?

Quality leather construction, combined with stylish design features, makes these shoes an affordable, wearable, and comfortable option. For that reason, they’ve made it firmly onto today's review of best women’s loafers.


  • Comfortable to wear slip-on design with side lace detailing
  • A wide range of contemporary colors are available
  • Lightweight and flexible construction
  • Suitable for all-day wear and perfect for driving
  • Durable anti-slip rubber grip outer sole
  • Excellent moisture control to keep feet dry


  • Minimal foot support – more about comfort
  • Smell a bit at first

Who are the shoes suitable for?

These are a fabulously comfortable pair of shoes that are ideal for everyday wear for the busy mom or woman about town. They're super flexible and easily fold up so are perfect to pop in your handbag as a back-up to take out and wear when you are driving or on the commute. If you have a hectic lifestyle and are always dashing around, then these are the perfect choice for you.

How to style your shoes

With a wide range of classic yet contemporary shoe colors to choose from, and at such unbeatable prices, you can afford to invest in a couple of pairs of these moccasin-style shoes and switch them to change your outfit and your mood. Why pick just one color? Go for the Burgundy, Black and Dark Blue, and you will always have your bases covered with this lovely pair of casual but stylish shoes just ready to go with your mood and your outfit. We think they look fabulous with a smart pair of chinos or linen trousers.

Sizing Guide

Please see below for the manufacturer’s guidelines for selecting the optimum size which has been converted for your convenience from Canadian to American sizing.

CN35 =US4.5 fit for feet length 225mm

CN36 =US5 fit for feet length 230mm

CN37=US6 fit for feet length 235mm

CN38 =US7 fit for feet length 24cm

CN39 =US8 fit for feet length 245mm

CN40 =US8.5 fit for feet length 250mm

CN41 =US9 fit for feet length 255mm

CN42 =US10 fit for feet length 260mm

CN43 =US10.5 fit for feet length 265mm

CN44 =US11 fit for feet length 270mm

Meeshine Slip-On Leather Loafers for Women with Buckle Detailing

In a very classic and elegant, traditional Loafer style, these women’s shoes from Meeshine are constructed from a smooth and polished leather upper in your choice of Black, Brown or White. We’re already guessing that you will fall in love with their comfort and price so much that you will be popping all three colors into your basket to check out!

They’re a sophisticated but sensible pair of shoes that are comfortable, durable, and have a flexible support rubber sole that provides plenty of walking traction. They make the perfect everyday flat for business, casual, or recreational wear and look just as good with a suit as they do a dress or jeans with a blazer.

The gold buckle detailing adds to their overall timeless nature, and with their 1-inch heel, you can get around town effortlessly and stylishly. They’re low maintenance to manage and clean. With their super cushioned and supportive sole, you can wear them all day long.


  • Elegant and stylish leather slip-on design
  • A classic range of chic, smooth colored leather
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Look great styled with just about anything
  • Gold buckle hardware detailing adds a touch of elegance
  • Durable and flexible rubber sole ideal for walking


  • Slim fitting so not ideal for wide feet

Who are the shoes suitable for?

If you love the Gucci style but not the Gucci price, then these are a great substitute that will give you the high-end polished leather designer look but at a reasonable price. If you love style and fashion and would like nothing better than to wear a tailored suit to work or a smart pair of jeans and freshly pressed t-shirt, you will adore these shoes with their gold buckle detailing.

They are elegant and classic for the sophisticated and professional woman. They also look fantastic if you are in a uniform for work all day and of course, they are super comfortable, so they will support you when you need to be on your feet all day.

How to style your shoes

We suspect that you don’t need any styling tips from us if these are the shoes that have caught your eagle fashion eye! You probably already know a thing or two about how to pull the perfect professional look together. We think they're an ideal match for anyone who has to wear a uniform, as they are very smart but not overly stiff. For a more casual off-duty look they are fabulous with a pair of skinny jeans, a classic shirt, and a sophisticated blazer. They help to complete and compliment the perfect smart casual look.

Sizing Guide

Please see below for the manufacturer’s guidelines for selecting the optimum size. The manufacturer highly recommends that if your feet are on the wide side, you should go up a size.

US 4.5=Asia 35=Heel to Toe (cm) 22.5

US 5.5=Asia 36=Heel to Toe (cm) 23

US 6=Asia 37=Heel to Toe (cm) 23.5

US 7=Asia 38=Heel to Toe (cm) 24

US 8=Asia 39=Heel to Toe (cm) 24.5

US 8.5=Asia 40=Heel to Toe (cm) 25

Fashion Brand Best Show Women’s Leather Loafer

Let’s not beat around the bush here; the price of these is just sensational, and yet the quality is pretty good, too, if all the positive reviews we’ve read are anything to go by. They have the classic look of a driving shoe with their rubber soles that are designed to provide traction support and grip.

The main thing that caught our attention about this entry on our list of women’s best loafers, apart from that obvious price, is how flexible and light-weight they are. If you do a lot of driving and you like to have a proper pair of shoes for the car but another for the office, then these are perfect, as they can literally roll up and pack discreetly and conveniently into your handbag. The round toe design also means that they are comfortable to wear, and they are one of the softest shoes we’ve road tested in a long time.


  • Leather upper with durable rubber sole
  • Super light at less than 380 grams per pair
  • High quality genuine super soft cow leather construction
  • Highly breathable leather pigskin lining
  • Pliable and can be bent and curled 360 degrees
  • A range of attractive colors and two styles to choose from


  • Minimal foot support – more about comfort
  • Come up slightly on the small side, so check the manufacturer's guide

Who are the shoes suitable for?

These make the perfect, comfortable, all-day wear shoes for anyone working in a profession where they have to spend a lot of time on their feet. They fit just like a glove as they’re soft and comfortable, but they also have protective rubber grip soles. They are perfect for anyone who does a lot of driving and who needs a spare set of comfy shoes that they can easily remove, roll up, and pack conveniently into a handbag.

How to style your shoes

Keep it casual with these round-toed Moccasin style shoes. High fashion they're not, but highly comfortable they most certainly are.

Sizing Guide

Please see below for the manufacturer’s guidelines for selecting the optimum size:

4.5= (feet length) 225mm = 8 7/8 inch

5 = (feet length) 230mm = 9 inch

6 = (feet length) 235mm = 9 1/4 inch

7 = (feet length) 240mm = 9 1/2 inch

8 = (feet length) 245mm = 9 5/8 inch

8.5 = (feet length) 250mm = 9 7/8 inch

9 = (feet length) 255cm = 10 inch

9.5 = (feet length) 260mm = 10 1/4 inch

10 = (feet length) 265mm = 10 1/2 inch

11= (feet length) 270mm = 10 5/8 inch

The difference between Moccasins and Loafers 

Earlier in the guide, we introduced you to the geographical origins of the Loafer versus the Moccasin. There’s so much confusion though, especially in online listings and descriptions for these styles of shoes, that you might not be entirely sure whether or not what you're wearing is, in fact, a Loafer, a Moccasin, a Driving Shoe or just a Slip-On. Let’s dispel some of the myths right now and take a look in a little more detail at some of the distinguishing features.

First up, check for laces. Loafers might have tassels and other forms of decorative hardware, but they certainly won’t have laces. Moccasins, on the other hand, will have some lacing, but it will serve a decorative rather than a purposeful tying function.

Another big difference, initially at least, but that has now certainly changed, is that a Loafer was always traditionally constructed from leather while a Moccasin was typically made from Suede. The two are, these days, very much interchanged, and as we already mentioned, you'll find versions of both of these style shoes in velvet and other materials such as canvas, too.

Many of the traditional rules are no longer valid today as there have been so many crossovers in styles, and fashion houses have contributed to the blurring of the lines. However, if you do ever get asked whether the shoes you're wearing are Loafers or Moccasins, in theory, you should be able to provide the correct answer.

If not, then the third point to look out for is the sole of the shoe. A loafer is usually a slip-on with a very flat bottom whereas a Moccasin has a more pronounced and prominent tread. Loafers can also have a small heel, but a Moccasin never will.

What about the Driving Shoe? How is that different from a Loafer or a Moccasin?

Well, that's an excellent question, and again, you'll see listings for shoes described as all three. A “driving shoe” might be a Loafer, a Moccasin, or a hybrid of the two. Unless you're a shoe purist, what does it matter as long as they're a comfortable fit for your purposes?

As you’re inquiring though, we’d describe a driving shoe as a version of a Moccasin that has rubber tabs on the soles. They’re a generic shoe, very versatile, easy to wear, and always comfortable. That's why they make the perfect driving or walking shoe.

Any other additional useful tips regarding Slip On shoes?

Slip-on shoes are especially popular in the warmer summer months because they're so light-weight and breathable. They have also been designed to look good with or without socks. Of course, not everyone is a fan of the sockless feel, so you could instead opt for a very discreet and low-level trainer style sock that is invisible to the eye but that you know you're wearing.

Going entirely barefoot with an enclosed toe is not everyone’s preference, but in case you were at all concerned, it's totally acceptable to wear your Loafers or Moccasins without socks. All the models and brands we’ve reviewed today are breathable and won’t cause your feet to overheat.

Overall Verdict

We’ve road tested and reviewed five different styles of women’s leather Loafers with entry price points that are pretty unbeatable. All the shoes are guaranteed to be comfortable and feature a smart, stylish slip-on design.  They're made to be practical as well as comfortable to wear.

From a true Loafer design to a Moccasin, to a dedicated pair of driving shoes, there's a shoe in our Best Women's Loafer review which we're reasonably confident will be perfect for you.

Whether you prefer something with a more masculine inspired elegant edge, like the Sam Edelman buckle detail Loafer, or your vibe is something much more casual and comfy like the Kunsto slip-on, we think we’ve got it covered. We hope this guide has inspired you to find your perfect pair of women's slip on loafer shoes.

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