Best Women’s Dress Shoes

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If your style is classic, old-Hollywood glamour, then this is the year for you. Women's styles this year are heavily inspired by vintage looks, feminine themes, and classic shapes.

If these aren’t your favorite styles, don’t worry! In addition to dress shoes for women that fit these trends, we have several other options that are timeless classics everyone can love. All you need to do is give these shoes a chance to help you fall in love with them!

If you're looking for dressy, fashionable women's shoes to get you through summer socials and all the way into fall and winter parties, keep reading as we review some of the top ladies dress shoes of the year based on our favorite styles.

After introducing our five favorite dress shoe brands you can wear to any formal event or dress down for a more casual day out, we’ll spend some time sharing information about how you can choose the right shoes.

No one likes to be stuck with footwear they don’t love wearing. Learn more about how to get the perfect shoes for you and your event needs! You might be surprised at what you can find if you slow down and do some research into the perfect pair of heels.

Top 5 Women's Dress Shoes Comparison Chart

OLIVIA K Women's Open Toe Strappy Rhinestone Dress Sandal Low Heel Wedding Shoes
Getmorebeauty Women's Black Snake Stripe Ankle Straps Dress Heeled Sandals (US 9, Black)
Guilty Shoes - Elysa-1 Silver Metallic, 8
Odema Womens PU Leather Oxfords Wingtip Lace up Mid Heel Pumps Shoes … Black
Ellie Shoes Women's 254-lucille, Black, 8 M US
OLIVIA K Women's Open Toe Strappy Rhinestone Dress Sandal Low Heel Wedding Shoes
Getmorebeauty Women's Black Snake Stripe Ankle Straps Dress Heeled Sandals (US 9, Black)
Guilty Shoes - Elysa-1 Silver Metallic, 8
Odema Womens PU Leather Oxfords Wingtip Lace up Mid Heel Pumps Shoes … Black
Ellie Shoes Women's 254-lucille, Black, 8 M US
OLIVIA K Women's Open Toe Strappy Rhinestone Dress Sandal Low Heel Wedding Shoes
OLIVIA K Women's Open Toe Strappy Rhinestone Dress Sandal Low Heel Wedding Shoes
Getmorebeauty Women's Black Snake Stripe Ankle Straps Dress Heeled Sandals (US 9, Black)
Getmorebeauty Women's Black Snake Stripe Ankle Straps Dress Heeled Sandals (US 9, Black)
Guilty Shoes - Elysa-1 Silver Metallic, 8
Guilty Shoes - Elysa-1 Silver Metallic, 8
Odema Womens PU Leather Oxfords Wingtip Lace up Mid Heel Pumps Shoes … Black
Odema Womens PU Leather Oxfords Wingtip Lace up Mid Heel Pumps Shoes … Black
Ellie Shoes Women's 254-lucille, Black, 8 M US
Ellie Shoes Women's 254-lucille, Black, 8 M US

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Women's Dress Shoe Reviews

Olivia K Women's Rhinestone Sandals

OLIVIA K Women's Open Toe Strappy Rhinestone Dress Sandal Low Heel Wedding Shoes

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The fun, strappy peep toe, and rhinestones on these women's dress sandals from Olivia K create drama and glamour in a high-fashion sandal, but with a shape, fit, and heel height to keep you comfortable all day. With these ladies sandals, you don't have to sacrifice comfort to be beautiful, and your feet will hold up for any long summer nights as long as you can.

Product Highlights

The Look

The synthetic upper of these shoes features slender straps packed with rhinestones, forming an eye-catching and glamorous design. Peep toes and open sides keep your feet cool and comfortable, for a style that can go day-to-evening without missing a beat.

The Make

The very slight platform in the sole and the low kitten heels make the Olivia K women's rhinestone dress sandals more comfortable and easier to wear than they look. The strap design comfortably hugs your feet from your toe to your ankle, giving extra stability when walking or dancing. They have a lightly cushioned insole, and the heel is well-placed for extra support and balance.

The Good

These sandals are great for capturing a dressy, formal style without wearing extra-high, uncomfortable heels. The choice of fun colors includes ultra-fashionable rose gold, which is perfect for a summer evening. The low heel, moved toward the center of the shoe, with wrap-around straps and a small platform, all combine to add stability and comfort, to keep your feet from sliding around inside the shoe and causing blisters.

The Bad

These sandals aren't adjustable at all, and have the potential to be uncomfortable and look wrong if they aren't the right size. If they're slightly too small, the zipper in the back pinches. If they're slightly too large, your foot slides down into the toe. While they do run true to size, it's a design without much room for error.


  • Pretty, sexy ladies sandals
  • Nice choice of colors
  • Great choice for daytime or nighttime wear


You may want to order two sizes and return one in order to get the right fit



Getmorebeauty Snake Stripe Sandals

Getmorebeauty Women's Black Snake Stripe Ankle Straps Dress Heeled Sandals (US 9, Black)

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The Getmorebeauty snake stripe dress sandals have a high-fashion silhouette and classic style. They come in bold colors perfect for summer, with a sexy, stylish shape that can go anywhere.

These stunning fashion pumps combine many factors of the most fashionable heels: straps, peep toe window, platform soles, and a striking stiletto heel! Who could say no?

Product Highlights

The Look

The faux snakeskin texture on these high heeled sandals adds drama and interest. The peep toe and strappy design are both fresh and sexy for summer looks, while the high heel creates glamour. These sandals are guaranteed to get compliments, and will go with a wide range of fashion styles and colors

The Make

They're made of synthetic material. They have a soft lining in the sole beneath the foot, up to the peep toe. The 3.15 inch heels appear taller due to the moderate platform shape, that adds height without reducing comfort or stability.

The Good

These dress sandals are loaded with style, and the vibrant colors are really ideal for nearly any summer outfit or occasion. This versatility is essential if you want to invest in only a few pairs of shoes you can wear for many different types of events. They're airy and breathable, which is important when shoes are made of synthetic material.

The Bad

They run a little bit large in size, which is important to account for because the fit is essential in a strappy sandal. They don't have any interior cushioning or arch support, so they may not keep you out dancing all night long. And they aren't very durable, and shouldn't be expected to last forever with street wear.


  • Cute, versatile, sexy looking shoe
  • Vibrant, 10 fun color choices
  • Good heel height for look and comfort
  • Inexpensive ladies sandals


  • Not so durable
  • Initial unpleasant smell of synthetic materials and adhesives
  • In some color choices, faux snakeskin texture can look plasticky



Guilty Heart Open Toe Heeled Sandals

Guilty Shoes - Elysa-1 Silver Metallic, 8

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These cute, dressy sandals from Guilty Heart shoes are just the thing for a summer party. With a wide range of colors and surfaces to choose from, there are options to match any outfit and style, and a versatile heel height suitable for many occasions. These summer dress sandals can be dressed up or down for a wide range of looks.

Product Highlights

The Look

The wide ankle and toe straps of the Guilty Heart Open Toe Heeled Sandals provide some structure and stability, while the open sides, toes, and barely-there sole show off a summer pedicure. The feel of these shoes is generally formal, but they can be dressed down with a very casual outfit to loosen up the vibe of the shoes.

The Make

They're lightweight sandals with an upper made of leather-looking polyurethane. If you decide to get a suede variety, remember that suede sandals should be spot cleaned and softly brushed to preserve the pile. It’s also a good idea to treat these shoes with a suede protector to ensure that they won’t get any unwanted stains or damages, especially since stains can be tough to get out of suede if left untreated.

The Good

This is a versatile women's sandal, that can be dressed up and sexy, or dressed down and playful. The heel height is perfect to transition from day to night, and the wide range of colors lend themselves to a lot of looks and occasions. They run true to size, and the lining helps prevent your feet from sliding inside the shoe.

The Bad

These shoes don't have any padding or impact protection that would help make them comfortable for prolonged wear. Unusually, the ankle strap can't be adjusted at all, and an ankle strap is not a typical consideration when determining shoe size or fit. However, if the ankle strap is too loose for your ankle, the whole look of the shoe can be thrown off.


  • Nice, versatile design and color palette in an easy-to-wear shoe
  • Good heel height for a day-to-night transition


  • Not comfortable for extended wear
  • Zipper makes a clinking sound with every step



Odema Women's High Heel Oxford Shoes

Odema Womens PU Leather Oxfords Wingtip Lace up Mid Heel Pumps Shoes … Black

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The timeless style of an Oxford is dressed up and made more feminine with the addition of a fun, chunky heel in these cute shoes from Odema. With a thick, treaded, rubber sole, these shoes will withstand all-day wear if you work on your feet, or are traversing unpredictable fall weather, and the classic style will suit a wide range of fashion choices and occasions. These are great shoes for any workplace, from casual to formal, and will suit a wide variety of fashion styles and statements.

Product Highlights

The Look

Menswear-inspired detailing in the wingtips and brogueing on the vamp add style to these ladies oxford pumps, available in black, brown, and beige. The chunky heel is feminine and stylish, but wide and low enough to not compromise traction, stability, or comfort. For those who want a smart look without risking a fall, these are a great choice.

The Make

The upper is made of polyurethane synthetic leather, and the soles are rubber with excellent tread and traction. The body of the shoe is also deep enough for a removable insole if you need additional arch support, but you may have difficulty with this if you have a very thick insole that you want to add to the shoes.

The Good

These Odema women’s Oxford high heels have a classic, enduring style that can be worn for years, regardless of fashion trends that come and go. These durable women's shoes have great traction, cushioning, and durability. They have plenty of room in the toe box for wider feet and are designed for prolonged wear.

The Bad

It would be nice if these were made of real leather, but of course, that would increase the cost. The shoelaces are low-quality, and it would be a good idea to replace them with better ones. It would even be fun to straight bar lace them like men's Oxfords, to accentuate the look of the shoes. Thankfully, these lace changes are ones you can easily make yourself without spending a lot of money, so we wouldn’t consider the lacing to be a deal breaker. The leather, on the other hand, is a more significant issue.


  • Enduring, classic design and look in these women's dress shoes
  • Thick rubber sole for long wear and comfort
  • Deep sole tread for fall and winter wear
  • Wide toe box and roomy interior could accommodate an insole


Poor quality laces



Ellie Shoes Lucille Women's Dress Pumps

Ellie Shoes Women's 254-lucille, Black, 8 M US

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The Lucille women's dress pump shoes could be called vintage, or retro, but the style is timeless. These shoes are fashionable, fun, and cute, and could be worn nearly anywhere, for a playful twist on a classic black pump. The satin surface needs a little extra protection from rain and rough weather, but these adorable shoes are worth the effort.

Product Highlights

The Look

The T-strap is an excellent way to visually elongate the foot, with slender straps and a delicate buckle. The heel is medium-low, at just 2.5 inches, but the overall style of the shoe is so delicate and feminine that it has the look of a higher heel. Plus, it’s got a great summery vibe without being too much like a pair of beach shoes, so you can easily wear these year round.

The Make

The outer shell is made of black satin, adding a nice sheen to the surface. The insole is lined with leather, and the outer sole is made of rubber with a non-slip tread for extra stability. The slight flare of the heel, and heel placement forward, beneath the foot, also helps to enhance balance and stability.

The Good

We can see that many women buy these shoes to complete their wardrobe, and are looking for a retro style shoe that also allows them to dance. But the truth is, these shoes are so cute, classic, and comfortable they could easily be worn as ladies workwear or any social gathering without looking like a “costume” shoe.

The Bad

Surprisingly, this woman's dress shoe doesn't come in half-sizes. The design of the shoe doesn't allow for adjusting of the fit through the arch of the foot, or the addition of an insole or extra cushioning, or even wearing thick socks, so half-sizes would go a long way toward creating a better fit and more lasting comfort.


  • Classic but distinctive style
  • Cute, go-anywhere shoes


  • Little support or impact protection
  • No half-sizes


The History of High Heels

Before we get into our in-depth discussion of how to pick out the best high heel shoes for your needs, we want to share a little bit of history with you. When women think about high heels, they often joke that a man must have invented heels. Is there any merit to this? How were high heels invented?

If you’re going to put time into finding the perfect heels and learning how to wear them safely, it’s worth learning more about how these unique shoes came to be.

Early Origins: Different Than Expected

The truth is that the very early origins of high heels, in the 10th century, have nothing to do with women. That’s right! These women’s shoes weren’t invented to try to make women look a certain way even if that's a popularly circulated story. Instead, the first known high heels were created to help keep a horseback rider’s feet in the stirrups! All boots and shoes that men wore back then would have some type of heel to help with riding; you can still see that same idea today with cowboy boots.

Throughout the next few centuries, heels continued to be worn for the same reason. They even gained some socio-economic importance.

If a gentry man was seen wearing heels, it was clear that he was well-fortuned enough to keep a horse and specific shoes for riding. Heels, then, became a sign of wealth as the centuries passed.

18th Century: Women’s Fashion

It was during the 18th century that high heels truly became a part of women’s fashion. The shoes gradually changed into slim heels with pointed toes. The goal was to make a woman’s foot look smaller. Women at this time believed that smaller feet were more beautiful, so they would squeeze their feet into tiny shoes.

Men, on the other hand, began to feel that heels were not practical. Even though they still rode horses, they moved away from the high heeled shoes.

Why Do Women Wear High Heels?

In modern history, women often say they like wearing heels because they're shoes that make legs look longer and leaner. While that's very true, women who wore heels in the 18th century were not doing so to change the appearance of their legs. After all, their legs were entirely hidden by the skirts in fashion at that time!

Instead, the goal was to present a tiny foot. The fashion of the time dictated this, and high heels helped women to accomplish that goal. A small foot helped the ankle to look more delicate, and delicate appearances were desirable and in vogue.

Since that time, heels have come in and out of popularity throughout the following decades! Different styles have developed, but it’s safe to say that ladies heels will continue to be in fashion for quite some time.

Buyer's Guide

While women's dress shoes are as diverse as the women who wear them, there are a few things to be aware of when shopping, so that you can make the best choice for your needs.

Women's Dress Shoe Brands

There are, of course, some incredible designers making amazing shoes. For those who can afford designer shoes, these brands can elevate your fashion to a whole new level. However, it's worth remembering that in many cases, the big price tag is all about the brand, and not about the quality. Furthermore, people who really care about designers can usually spot a cheap knock-off. If you don't have designer money to spend, you can still get high fashion dress shoes that will command respect for their quality and their looks, if not for their name.


There are some important features to be attentive to in a woman's dress shoe, whether you plan to wear the shoes all day in a professional setting, or just want to step up your fashion when going out.


When you stand normally in bare feet, your weight is fairly evenly distributed through the sole of your foot, from your heels to the ball of your feet. When you're wearing high heels, your body weight is shifted forward, to the balls of your feet. Over time, this shift in weight distribution and posture can strain not just the feet and ankles, but the knees and lower back as well. To preserve your health and be fashionable at the same time, be attentive to how stable the shoe is, how it will distribute your weight, and how it will help preserve your balance. Some features to look for are:

The overall height/stretch of your arch in the shoe

This isn't necessarily the heel height, as platform shoes can have very high heels without fully extending the arch of your foot. The further your foot is arched, the greater the impact on your stability and posture. 

We never recommend that people start with a high arch stretch if you're new to heels or unsure how to wear them for long periods. When you choose a pair of shoes that are going to strain your feet, it’s going to be harder to get used to wearing them comfortably for hours. Instead, start with something that arches your foot less and gradually work up to the more significant heels.

If you really need the height from a high heel ASAP, choose platform shoes so that your arch is not as extended as it would be in a real pump.

The placement of the heel

Most stilettos have a heel that is centered at the very back of the shoe, beneath your Achilles tendon. This placement doesn't help preserve balance and stability. Chunky heels, kitten heels, cone heels, wedges, and some heels with a curve in the construction, offer more weight support beneath your heel, closer to the middle of your foot, and therefore closer to a natural weight distribution.

The texture of the sole

A thin, smooth, slippery sole will always make you feel unstable and more prone to slipping and falling. If the surface of the sole doesn't have any tread texture, consider buying non-slip pads for the sole of the shoe.


Because your weight is shifted forward, the balls of your feet bear more weight and handle more impact in high heeled shoes than they do in flat shoes. Many women's dress shoes have no cushioning at all, making them very uncomfortable for prolonged wear. Shoes can be cushioned in two ways:

In the sole on the bottom of the shoe

Many women's dress shoes have extremely thin soles, which transmit the impact of every step up into the body, becoming painful over time. Shoes with a thicker sole will naturally absorb some of that impact, even if they haven't been designed with additional cushioning. This is one of the reasons why many women find wedges and platform heels more comfortable than thin sandals and pumps, even if the heel is a bit higher.

Inside the lining of the shoe

Shoes can be made with extra padding and cushioning in the lining, to absorb and protect from impact, particularly at the balls of the feet. Many designers are now borrowing air cushions from athletic shoe designs and incorporating them into women's high heels. If your shoe doesn't have added cushioning, you can often buy cushions for insertion.


We live in an exciting time where women can take fashion inspiration from all over the world and nearly any time period, and make it work. However, it's also true that fashion in women's shoes changes rapidly, which can make it difficult to find shoes that will be fashionable for years to come. Toe styles, in particular, change year over year, and can quickly make shoes look dated. But here are some classic women's dress shoe styles that can be a wardrobe staple and never go out of style.

A black leather pump

High-quality women's black leather pumps with a slender high heel and moderately pointed toe goes with everything and anywhere. This shoe has a timeless style and silhouette that never goes out of fashion.

A black ballet flat

Whether this shoe is completely flat or has a slight heel, it's another classic that can go anywhere, at any time, paired with nearly anything. Ballet flats can be dressed up or down and be comfortable and stylish year in and year out.

A black knee high boot

A black knee-high boot with a low-to-moderate heel height, rounded toe, and thicker sole can be worn in fall and winter, with pants and skirts, rain and shine, season after season. Fashion trends will see heel and toe shapes on a knee-high boot come and go, so it's best to avoid extremes of squared-off or pointy toes, very slender or very chunky heels, in order to get a boot that stays in style year after year.

What Shoes Are Made From

Women's dress shoes are made of a variety of materials, which affect the look, the cost, and the durability of the shoe. Most fashion advice is to purchase the highest-quality-possible shoe, because the investment pays off in durability and long-lasting wear. However, that advice often doesn't account for the reality that:

  • Women's shoe styles change very quickly. While it's worth spending $500 for a classically-styled pair of shoes you'll wear for year after year, most women own 20 or more pairs of shoes, and can't afford to replace all of them with high-quality options with the speed that fashions change
  • Many women are buying dress shoes for a specific look. When buying shoes for a specific season, occasion, or outfit, long-term durability is less important. Many women buy shoes knowing specifically that they won't be wearing them day after day, year after year, and don't need to invest in the best quality

With that in mind, let's look at two of the most common materials used to make shoes.

Leather uppers vs. PVC (or other plastics)

Most women's dress shoes are either made from genuine leather or made from PVC or a plastic heated and stamped to look like leather. Genuine leather is the best material for a high-quality, long-lasting shoe because it's breathable, durable, flexible, and handsome. PVC shoes are not breathable, so the insides can get moist and slippery, and they quickly scuff or scratch to show wear and strain. Importantly, leather uppers are stitched to the sole of the shoe, making it easy to repair and replace the sole, so you can wear the shoe for decades. Plastics are bonded together with glues and adhesives, so the soles often come off the shoe, particularly under heat and strain, and cannot be repaired. This is also why cheap plastic shoes tend to have an initial unpleasant, chemical smell, while leather smells like leather.

Rubber soles vs. TPR soles

Rubber is a natural material, and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) is a synthetic version of it. Both materials offer cushioning in the sole of a shoe, and both can provide additional grip and traction depending on the tread design of the sole. TPR is preferable for those who are sensitive to rubber or latex, and rubber is generally preferable in wet, muddy conditions.

Occasion Usage

Women's fashion is highly fluid, and each woman should use her own judgment about the attire that is best suited to the environment and the occasion. However, there are a few general guidelines that are often helpful when choosing dress shoes.

Spring and summer

  • Style: Pumps, sandals, wedges, flats.
  • Colors: Neutrals, pastels, bright colors, patterns.

Fall and winter

  • Style: Pumps, boots, clogs, loafers
  • Colors: Neutrals, jewel tones, solid colors

Generally speaking, metallics are best with evening wear, and thigh high boots should be saved for the club. But make the statement that works best for your style.


The range of decorations and additions in women's dress shoes is large, but there are a few important features to look out for.


Depending on the season and your climate, waterproofing can be extremely important for the wear and durability of your shoes, particularly if they're made of leather. Often, the designer waterproofs its shoes and boots before you receive them, and it's the best way to ensure that the leather remains preserved, flexible, and colorfast.


The ideal insole would provide good arch support and cushioning for your feet. Many shoes designed for all-day wear have memory foam insoles for additional padding, gel cushions at the ball of the feet and/or the heel, or have inner construction to fully support the arch of the foot.

Women's Dress Shoes FAQs

What Types of Women's Heels Are There?

As you’ve been learning about high heels today, you’ve probably realized that there are a lot of different types of heels available, and they have developed over time.

Some people only think of stiletto-style heels when they think about high heels, but these aren’t the only ones that you might want to look for in dress shoes. In fact, choosing one of the not-so-high varieties of heels might be a better choice depending on what type of setting you need to be wearing them.

So, what types of heels are there?

Let’s go through the most popular heel types today.

1. Kitten Heels

Let’s start with the lowest type of heels: kitten heels! These heels are very low, usually under two inches, and are a great choice for those who have never worn heels before or need just a little bit of extra lift. They give your legs a nice shape without needing to walk in very high heels all day long.

2. Stilettos and Pumps

When someone says “high heels,” these shoes are probably what come to mind. These shoes are closed toe and have a thin heel that's also usually very high. As compared to pumps that have normal sized heels, stilettos have way thinners heels and are considered shoes that make your legs look long and lean.

Pumps are the most commonly purchased type of heel.

3. Mary Janes

Mary Janes are a specialized type of pump. While these shoes look like a pump from the outside, they have a hidden platform in the front part of the shoe, and the heel is higher. The actual steepness is reduced by the hidden platform, but these shoes give a very high and dramatic heel effect.

4. Block Heels

Block heels have a square-shaped heel that tends to be very short but can be made in higher heights as well. With the wider area of heel surface contact, these heels are very sturdy and easy to walk in.

5. Platforms and Flatforms

These two types of shoes both have some kind of platform.

Traditional platforms have a thick base under both feet, but the base under the heel is higher so that you still have a steep angled effect.

Flatforms, on the other hand, have a base with a uniform thickness the whole way around the foot. These shoes aren’t really heels in that sense, but they are still categorized together with platforms.

6. Slingbacks

Slingback heels don’t have a closed back. Instead, there's some type of open strap at the back known as a slingback. If you get tired of struggling with blisters on the back of your feet every time you wear heels, you might want to try ladies slingback pumps.

7. Wedges

Wedges are another popular type of heel. While most basic heels have a gap between the sole and heel sections, wedges have a solid base that touches the ground the entire way around the shoe. This makes wedges sturdier and easier to walk in.

8. Booties

Booties are a type of high heeled footwear that looks like a boot, but they have a heel on them. These usually lace or zip up, and they're especially popular to wear in the fall and winter due to their design similarity to boots.

And Many More!

As you can see, there are already many types of heels that you might not have even known about! All of these heel types are still popular today, and you can see many of these styles simply by paying attention while walking down the street.

The style that you decide to wear is up to you, but we feel that it’s important to note that these types of heels tend to be the most popular:

  • Platforms
  • Wedges
  • Kitten heels
  • Block heels

By choosing one of these types, your feet will be less likely to hurt!

How do I wear women's pointed toe heels?

Pointed toe shoes are back in fashion, and add a sleek, stylish look to a wide array of outfits. In terms of style and fashion, they're highly versatile and don't insist on a complementary look. In terms of wear, there are a few things you should do when wearing pointed toe heels.

A pointed toe shoe compresses your toes, particularly if you have wide feet. And the elevation of the high heel will also naturally slide your weight forward, deeper into the toe of the shoe. For these reasons, pointed-toe shoes can quickly lose their toe shape and sleek style. In order to preserve the toe shape and the look of the shoe:

  • Don't wear the shoes for prolonged periods. Not only should you not wear the same pointed toe heels two days in a row, but, if possible, take periodic breaks and give the shoes a break while you're wearing them. Take them off for 15-20 minutes at a time and let the shoes relax while you wiggle your toes and balance your weight on your whole foot
  • Use a cedar wood shoe tree. When you aren't wearing the shoe, use a high-quality wooden shoe tree to preserve the toe shape
  • Protect the shoes from excessive heat, cold, and moisture. Heat, cold, and moisture can all impact the shape and durability of the upper of a shoe, no matter what it's made of. Keeping them dry and temperate will maintain the shape of the toe as long as possible

There’s another thing that we simply have to say: not everyone will be able to feel comfortable wearing pointy-toed shoes! If you have a large foot, you may have difficulty finding a pointed shoe that you feel like you can wear for more than twenty minutes without being uncomfortable.

If you find yourself in that situation, don’t worry! Even though this style of shoe is popular, that doesn’t mean you have to wear it. There are a lot of other styles that are popular as well, and forcing yourself to wear a painful shoe isn’t going to do anything but cause you more discomfort than necessary in the long run.

What color shoes to wear with a blush dress?

With a blush dress, there are three really good options, but you can get creative beyond these options.

1. Neutral Shoe Color

You could wear a neutral color shoe, in a tan, beige, or pale color, and keep the focus on the dress. This is a very simple and safe choice, and it’s great for formal events where you aren’t trying to make a big fashion statement or stand out too much.

2. Brighter Contrasting Color

If you prefer to put together a more fun look, you could wear a brighter, contrasting color, like a blue, fuchsia, or purple, and complement the shoe with a clutch, wrap, or choker. By matching the shoe color to your accessories, you’ll be able to pull the entire look together even if it doesn’t seem like the most obvious color choice.

3. Bright and Shiny Shoe

If you’re ready to make a statement with your shoes to pair with your simple or neutral dress, then your best bet might be to choose a metallic shoe in silver, gold, rose gold, or even rhinestones, for a fun accent.

Since blush dresses can be quite plain if they don't have an intricate design, you have the chance to spark some excitement with your shoes! Use this blush dress as an excuse to wear a very shocking and fun pair.

Avoid These Colors

There are a few colors that you always want to avoid when you’re wearing a blush colored dress.

You could wear a neutral color shoe, in a tan, beige, or pale color, and keep the focus on the dress. Or you could wear a brighter, contrasting color, like a blue, fuchsia, or purple, and complement the shoe with a clutch, wrap, or choker. Or choose a metallic shoe in silver, gold, rose gold, or even rhinestones, for a fun accent.

Generally speaking, a black shoe would probably be too severe for a blush dress. And avoid matching the shoe color to a blush dress color exactly, unless you want a matchy-matchy bridesmaid look.

We hope we've helped you decide on what color shoes to wear with a blush dress.

Are platform heels comfortable?

While “comfortable” is subjective, and is heavily influenced by the overall construction and fit of the shoe, most women find that platform heels are more comfortable than high-heeled shoes without a platform. The platform allows the heel to be very high, but not flex the foot as steeply, allowing for a better weight distribution and more stability when walking. And the platform also provides more cushioning and protection from impact when walking.

Another factor that will affect how comfortable the heels are is the insole in the front of the shoe. Since a lot of pressure is going to be put on the ball of your foot while you're walking in heels, you need the shoe to have enough support and comfort in this area. If the heels don’t have any cushioning there, adding it yourself will make your heels more comfortable.

How can I stretch heels out?

Have you ever ended up with a pair of high heels that aren’t quite the right size? While it’s not always possible, there are some ways that you can try to stretch out your heels so that they're a little bit more comfortable to wear.

There are two ways to stretch heels, depending on whether you need lots of stretch or a little stretch.

For a little bit of stretch

  • Put on thick(er) socks, and put on the shoes to be stretched
  • Use a blow dryer to gently heat the shoe, focusing on the areas to be stretched, but not overheating them.
  • Blow dry the shoe for 15-20 minutes, then turn off the blow dryer and let them cool on your feet
  • Take off the shoes and let them cool entirely
  • If necessary, repeat

For more stretch

  • Use a freezer-style sealable plastic bag and fill it about half full of water.
  • Place the bag inside the shoe, putting a corner of the bag into the point of the toe, and letting the water-filled bag conform to the shape of the inside of the shoe
  • Place the shoe with the plastic bag inside it inside another plastic bag, and put the whole thing in the freezer overnight
  • The water will expand as it freezes, forcing the shoe to stretch
  • If necessary, repeat this process

How To Measure Shoe Heel Height?

Often, high heels will be described based on how high the heel is, but how are high heels measured? Does this measurement only cover the heel, or is it the whole way up to the top of the shoe?

When measuring a high heel, the following is usually taken into consideration:

  • The height of the heel from the ground to the sole
  • The height of the platform, if any
  • The length of the shaft itself
  • The angle or steepness of the shoe

Not every company will include all of these measurements, but the heel measurement will usually be given. From there, you can likely figure out the other factors to determine whether or not the heel is going to be the right fit for you.

How do I walk in heels without falling?

If you're just getting used to walking in high heels, it's essential to start with a low heeled shoe. Practice getting comfortable at heel heights in 1.5-2.5 inch range, and then you can get higher heel shoes once you're able to maintain proper balance comfortably.

To begin, walk without your shoes on and notice your body mechanics.In particular, pay attention to these things:

  • You naturally put your heel down first and then roll your weight forward to your toes with each stride. 
  • Notice how much your lower back normally shifts and sways with each step.
  • The idea is to mimic that kind of natural stride and sway in high heeled shoes.

When you put on your heels, be attentive to your posture. Heels will naturally arch your lower back a bit, so you want to hold your spine straight up to compensate. Keep your head up and shoulders back. Focusing on your posture is a great way to ensure that you'll be able to balance when you're walking in heels.

When walking, roll your foot as naturally as possible, placing your weight on the heel of the shoe, then smoothly rolling through the ball of your foot with each step. Don't place the entire sole of the shoe down at once, as if you're stomping, and don't hold the heels up and tiptoe. Trust the heel of the shoe to bear your weight and try to walk as smoothly and naturally as possible.

With practice, you'll gain confidence, and, truly, confidence is the whole secret. When you're confident that the heel of the shoe will hold and support you, you can walk naturally. When you're confident that you're walking naturally, it's easy to hold your upper body upright and maintain good posture.

Then all you need to do is go strut your stuff!

Are High Heels Bad For You?

When people, who aren’t used to wearing high heels, look at them, you’ll often hear them negatively compare this footwear to a medieval torture device.

After all, why would any woman want to wear something that's sure to make you hurt? And can’t they be dangerous? These questions lead to one ultimate question: "Are high heels bad for you?"

The answer is confusing because it is both a yes and a no.

Yes, high heels can be bad for you. When you wear high heels, your weight is balanced over a different part of the body than it's usually balanced over.

This causes the rest of your body to make adjustments, perhaps unknown to you, to keep everything in line. In particular, your feet, ankles, and spine can be hurt while wearing heels.

On the flip side, heels can also help you to get stronger!

For the first few years that you wear heels, the work that your body puts into keeping you balanced while wearing heels actually strengthens your ankle muscles!

So how can you make sure that you’re not hurting your body by wearing heels?

Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to protect your body from unnecessary injury:

  • Alternate heel heights from day to day to keep your body from adjusting too much to one singular position.
  • Skip heels altogether every now and again.
  • Try to avoid wearing heels more than three inches in height unless its only for a short period.
  • Do exercises to stretch out your body (including your ankles and feet) at least once a day.
  • Learn how to do exercises that specifically strengthen your ankle muscles.


While this review of the top 5 women's dress shoes of the year has all our favorite choices, we can't help but strongly recommend the Odema high heeled oxfords for a woman who wants to look both fashionable and professional on her feet all day.

We can't get over the attractive style and lasting comfort of those Oxfords. But for sheer summer fun and social occasions, the Oliva K rhinestone sandals are a playful, comfortable, easy-to-wear alternative, with the ability to dress them up or down and go from day-to-night.

No matter what pair of heels or style of dress shoes for women call out to you, remember that you're the one who owns and decides the look! Choose the heel height and style that you love most regardless of current trends. If heels can teach us anything, it's this: all it takes for something to look great is confidence!

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