How To Wear Women’s Loafers

One of the most stylish and versatile pieces of footwear for both men and women is the Loafer. Hailing back to the 1900’s they continue to be the favorite casual slip-on shoes of choice and look set to continue to be so for many years to come.

Always a top choice on many a fashion editor’s “Top Pick” list, they're also a staple item in the wardrobes of fashionistas, supermodels, and regular gals the whole world over. Today we’ll be looking at how to wear women’s Loafers and learning some of our top styling suggestions so that you can put your best fashion foot forward.

From its early origins in the 1900s to the runways of today

Loafers, or Penny Loafers as they were initially called, are comfortable, stylish shoes with a slip-on design. Today it's a much-loved office shoe for women of all ages, from various social backgrounds and with widely different approaches to fashion and style. On the surface of things, the Loafer might look relatively understated and quite modest in design, but they're actually incredibly sophisticated, and versatile.

Today you can regularly find a version of the Loafer on the catwalks of high-end designer fashion houses like Gucci, Alexander Wand, and Tommy Hilfiger. That’s proof that the Loafer is here to stay. It's anything but old-fashioned or boring, and can genuinely add an unexpected and quirky twist to many an ensemble. The low, flat heel found on the Loafer also makes it a sensible but still very stylish alternative to the Stiletto, great for bringing a modern edge to work outfits.

What to wear with women’s Loafers

First up, we’re taking it casual and going street style. A pair of shiny ladies leather loafers, especially with a cute tassel detail or some elegant hardware, looks just fabulous worn with jeans and a simple white T-shirt. It elevates a casual off-duty look, giving it a more vintage appeal and delivering a bit of a preppy look.

Women's Loafers with jeans are a winning casual outfit combination

Whether you're going to skinny jeans, frayed jeans, smart dark denim, or the supermodel staple of the ripped knee jeans, combine your pant with a classic Loafer and a button down shirt or a simple t-shirt, and you have the perfect off-duty look. Throw on an oversized cardigan or a leather biker jacket for a sophisticated and urban edge. This is an attractive look and a great way to style and wear your Loafers. Feeling a bit daring and looking to channel your inner fashionista, then why not combine with a Fedora or Panama Hat for a masculine edge to a very feminine look.

Don’t just stick to leather Loafers

New and inventive interpretations of the Loafer can be found everywhere from High Street to the very haute couture end of the market, with all the big names doing their version of these perennial classic shoes. That means there are far more ways that you can style and wear them than ever before. Why not look for a pair that have some interesting details in the design, like tassels or even edgy styled studs. These can take your outfit to the next level. A pair of black studded Loafers can give a very sharp, rock and roll edge to a classically tailored suit and look so refined but very on trend, too.

Colored and Metallic Loafers

Don’t just stick to classic black or tan leather, either. While these are of course super chic and so easy to wear, how about trying out a pair of metallic loafers? This is a fantastic look that will transition you from day to night. Worn with your favorite little black dress (and doesn’t every woman have several LBDs in her wardrobe?), a metallic Loafer will look fantastic and bring a pop of intrigue and drama to your ensemble. Alternatively, how about matching a pair of white loafers with a classically striped Breton shirt, a pair of chinos or smart straight cut legged jeans, and a blazer for a very stylish summertime look. We love this nautical but elegant use of the Loafer to create a playful but still sophisticated daytime look.

Style your Loafers for all seasons

We touched on a summertime look above with a white Loafer, and we already mentioned that the Loafer is a favorite “back to school” shoe for the fashion conscious. A Loafer is exceptionally versatile and very much a shoe for all seasons. Go all out college girl preppy and wear with a pleated skirt or kilt, some thick black tights, and a smart jumper or cardigan for a wrapped up winter look. Loafer shoes also look fabulous worn with a sophisticated knee-length cashmere overcoat.

For an in-between seasons look the Loafer again is a great transitional shoe that, worn with a leather jacket and jeans, creates that perfect off-duty look that is always so popular and easy to pull off whatever your age and circumstances.

In the summer, how about pairing your Loafers with a pair of denim shorts, or even with a floral tea dress, to bring a touch of masculinity to a very girly look? There are so many ways that you can style and wear your casual loafers for women. Indeed there aren’t any rules; anything goes as long as you feel confident.

Loafers are the ultimate versatile women's footwear

There are no two ways about it, the Loafer is here to stay, and it’s easy to see why. They're super versatile and can be worn with just about any outfit. They really can take you from the boardroom to the bar! All you need to do is reapply your lipstick and add a spritz of your favorite perfume, and you're good to go. Whether you style yours with jeans, chinos, a suit, or a dress, they're an excellent choice. Throw on a leather jacket or an elegant coat. The Loafer will look pretty stylish with just about anything.

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