Timberland Men’s Classic 2 Eye Boat Shoes Review

Have a beautiful luxury boat outside waiting for you every day? Maybe you live near a lake or river and have a boat docked that you love to be on. If you enjoy being on your boat, having a good pair of men's boat shoes is almost a necessity.

Timberland Boat Shoes Review

Timberland is a very well-known company that's famous for its outdoor shoes for men. From boots to boat shoes, they do a great job of designing wonderful shoes. They create their shoes based on a New England heritage. Since the beginning, they've always focused on outdoor lifestyle themes.

They're experts when it comes to it. Boating is an outdoor activity, and we want to show you why Timberland is the perfect company to make your boat shoes.

This men's timberland boating shoes is meant for those who love the water. If you fall into the category of someone who's happiest when you're out on a boat, you'll love the Timberland men's classic 2 eye boat shoe. They fit tightly, so you don't need to wear socks or worry about them getting wet while you're out on the water. Relax and feel comfortable in this great pair of men's outdoor footwear.

Before we begin looking over the Timberland Men’s Classic Boat Shoe, it's important to know what to look for. Many different shoe manufacturers make outdoor shoes, but there are several reasons why Timberland is one of the best boat shoe brands. 


People who love boats try to always be on one. They basically live on them as weather permits. And as such, they'll likely want to wear boat shoes every single day. If you get a pair that aren't durable, you'll regret your decision. With good stitching and design, your boat shoes should last a few years.

Most Comfortable Boat Shoes For Men

Just as important as durability, you'll want a boat shoe that's comfortable to wear. If you're going to be using the same pair for the next few years, you should at least make sure that they're comfortable. Many different things go into the comfort of your shoes, and that goes back to the specific company that made them.


Apart from comfort, you'll want to make sure that you get a pair of boat shoes that fit nicely. No one likes returning shoes online as it can sometimes be a hassle. For that reason, the shoes you order must match the shoe size you're already familiar with to avoid this.

Colorful Boat Shoes

Although for some, it may not be a deciding factor, it's still a plus when it comes to boat shoes. Traditional boat shoes come in colors like dark brown and navy. Nowadays, more colors are available for those who want to switch it up and not look like everyone else. Having an option to choose what color you want to wear is better than having to go with standard brown or navy.


Timberland Men's Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoe, Rootbeer/Brown, 7 M

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  • Made of beautiful leather with a synthetic sole
  • Perfectly made for both casual and formal wear
  • Includes rubber outsoles with high grip for maximum traction on slippery or wet surfaces
  • Designed to be worn without socks
  • Colorful boat shoes


  • Lasts extremely long
  • Shoe sole includes a non slip texture
  • Snug fit shoes, no need for socks
  • Variety of shoe colors: Rootbeer, Brown, and Navy


  • The insole provides little support and only goes halfway through the shoes. The balls of your feet end up on the leather of the shoe rather than the liner. Heavy usage of these shoes could allow the liner to become unglued and cause some discomfort.


Timberland shoes for men is a well-known company that knows how to make quality boat shoes. The Timberland Men’s Classic Two-Eye boat shoe is no exception.

Although the insole doesn’t provide that much support, it's not needed in a pair of boat shoes. The fit is perfect for wearing on a boat as you don't need socks to make the shoe fit. They're made of leather and have a synthetic non slip shoe sole. Expect high grip and little worries when walking on wet surfaces.


Timberland does a wonderful job of making outdoor shoes. When comparing these to other shoes, we should focus on their quality. Sebago shoes are also well-known for designing high-quality outdoor footwear.  Let’s compare them.

The Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoe is a leather dress shoe with a rubber sole. They feature moc-toe stitching and rawhide lacing that goes around the collar. Similar to Timberland’s shoe, they're non-slip and non-marking and also come in multiple different shoe colors, including green, blue, and white.

A major flaw with Sebago’s boat shoes is the fact that they're initially stiff out of the box. If you require a new pair of boat shoes, Sebago might not be the best choice.

Over time, they will soften up. However, most people like to wear their shoes as soon as they get them. Having to deal with an uncomfortable pair of shoes until they soften up is not very appealing. The Timberland Boat Shoes are very flexible and comfortable. You can enjoy them right out of the box.

Next, durability is something we should look at. Timberland makes very long-lasting shoes, and their 2 eye men's boat shoes are no exception.

Designed with excellent stitching, you can wear them every day and not have to worry about getting a new pair any time soon. Sebago’s shoes have some flaws with their insoles. After many uses, they can tear or come out and be deemed unwearable due to discomfort.


Between these two well known boat shoe brands, Timberland wins. They're too experienced in making great shoes. The durability they provide is unmatched, and they're incredibly comfortable. Made for anyone who loves being out on their boat, the Timberland Men’s Classic 2 Eye Boat shoe is an excellent choice.

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