Stacy Adams vs. Calvin Klein Men’s Oxfords Review and Comparison

Are you looking for a nice pair of men’s dress shoes to partner with your tuxedo for an upcoming event? Are you running out of recommendations on what dress shoes to buy?

Choosing the right ones can be a bit overwhelming so its important to know the characteristics of good shoes. There are many important factors to consider when doing so, ranging from the quality of the materials, comfortableness of the shoes, to their design and style.

To give you some helpful recommendations when looking for good dress shoes, we’re going to provide a product review of Stacy Adams’ Oxford Shoes. Its features, pros, and cons will be supplied in this article. Moreover, we’re going to compare it with another related product to give you more options.

STACY ADAMS Men's Dunbar-Wingtip Oxford, Cognac, 10.5 M US


Stacy Adam, the company who created the product has been in the industry for many years having been founded in 1875 by William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams hence, the company’s name. It prides itself on producing quality shoes and is recognized as part of the American culture. The shoe company says their shoes will give you the style that you’re looking for from hip-hop to silky soul.

Product’s features are as follows:

  • Made up of antiqued leather
  • Has a synthetic-made sole
  • Heel measure: 1”
  • Comes with a fully cushioned insole
  • Has memory foam for added comfort
  • Upper: Leather


  • Very comfortable
  • Has a sharp look for an added appeal
  • Nice wingtip finish
  • Easy to break in
  • Should last for many years
  • Has the look like more expensive ones
  • Great shoe design
  • Nicely packaged


  • It runs one size larger so you may have issues with its sizing
  • Somewhat stiff around the ankle area
  • Has a slight synthetic smell
  • Not enough cushioning
  • A little too flashy


For men’s Oxford dress shoes, Stacy Adams’ is pretty decent. The company focused more on designing a good-looking oxford dress shoe than on its quality. It promises a sleek and sharp look which will earn you some compliments. However, you can’t really deny that these shoes also provide comfort for their users although not as good as the other products which you can buy at almost the same price. It’s made of antique leather and is expected to have a decent life-span.

The shoes run one size larger, so you might want to decide which size perfectly fits you before ordering. We recommend that you order a size down your original size for a good fit. This is, however, not applicable to all so choose wisely.

Unless you get the right and perfect size, you could regret buying them as you’ll have to return it and possibly incur additional charges. Making sure you choose the right size initially is recommended to avoid this situation.


For our product comparison, we’re going to compare Stacy Adams’ Oxford Dress Shoes with Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxfords which lies in the same category and genre.

Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford


  • Attractive and sleek
  • Modern yet classic
  • Great for wide feet
  • Looks good even with jeans
  • Gives you an overall crisp look when paired with suits
  • Classy but not over-the-top dress shoes
  • Appears like a high-end Oxford
  • Good for an office environment
  • Recommended for people who dress to impress
  • Lace-up closure with blind eyelets


  • Reflect different hues under different environment
  • Finishing is less than perfect as you can see a bit of glue between the shoe and the sole
  • Sometimes makes squeaky noises on certain floorings
  • Soles are thin
  • Narrow at front


When deciding on dress shoes to buy, you have to make sure that they’re going to last for years. You wouldn’t want to buy a pair that could only provide you with a few months of use. Taking this into account, Stacy Adams’ Oxford Dress Shoes is the better choice as it’s more durable than Calvin Klein’s which is made to last an average of three months.

Looking at the style and design, the two are both stylish and have a nice-looking design so pick whatever suits your style. However, Stacy Adam’s might be too flashy for your taste; therefore, you might want to resort to Calvin Klein which is known for not being an over-the-top dress shoe. If you’re looking for a pair that will suit most occasions, then go for the latter. Choose what you think will suit the occasion or event and your get-up.

Both attractive and functional which you can use in the long run, Stacy Adams’ Oxford Dress Shoes could be the perfect pair for you! The thing which you should keep in mind though is the size of the shoes you’re going to order. For this, you might want to think twice whether you’re going to order a size down, a half-size down or whatever. In doing so, you’ll avoid any shipping fees or potential additional charges when you return it.

Overall, Stacy Adam’s Oxford Dress Shoes wins between the two based on its syle and value. If you’re looking for well-crafted, quality dress shoes that are built to provide good comfort and can last for years then, we recommend this brand for you.


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