Best Oxford Shoes (for Both Men and Women)

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Everyone needs an elegant pair of best Oxfords. Few designs convey timeless style and elegance like these versatile and iconic formal shoes. This simple design has seen a great deal of innovation, transforming these classic dress shoes into a centerpiece of modern style.

Here we’ll be showing you two of the best women’s Oxford shoes available and then a pair of men’s Oxfords, which are among the easiest to pair with the widest range of outfits. If you’re style-conscious, take a look at these reviews of the best Oxford shoes available.

Best Oxford Shoes: Brief Reviews

1. Mona Flying Women's Leather Lace Up Oxfords 

Available in eighteen colors, these Mona flying women's lace up oxfords are a luxurious option for women who need a comfortable pair of dress shoes for school, college, or the office. Suited perfectly to semi-formal and formal attire, these women's Oxford dress shoes carry just the right amount of brogueing to give them an elegant appeal.


  • Imported luxury leather construction
  • Lightweight rubber shoe soles
  • 1 inch heels
  • Leather covered latex insoles
  • Water & slip-resistant
  • Breathable leather upper


  • Suits a “schoolgirl” style perfectly
  • Extremely comfortable fit
  • Attractive brogue vintage wingtip
  • Eighteen different shoe colors available


  • Sizes run a bit small
  • Front of shoes are a bit narrow. Could be a concern if you have wide feet


These lightweight women's shoes offer a comfortable, stylish fit. A padded insole gives ergonomic cushioning, which ensures that these Oxfords stay supportive and comfortable, even after being worn all day.

You should keep in mind that the sizes run roughly half a size small. If you order half or one full size larger than normal, you should be fine. You'll be happy to know because of their construction, they're lightweight on your feet regardless of whether you wear a thick or thin sock.

These women's leather oxford shoes are slip-resistant, highly breathable, and extremely light. With the shoes heel measuring just 1 inch, they're both stylish and functional. Mona flying shoes have put lots of care into their craft, with these shoes carrying a great, long-lasting look that is highly resistant to scuffing and cracking.

As a good midway between full-formal and office attire, the Mona flying women’s Oxfords are a great choice. The wingtip design and chic brogue perforations make them a great fit for women looking for office shoes or date night casual shoes. You'll find their value and durability match that of Oxfords selling for twice their price. You can’t go wrong with these trendy, fashionable women’s Oxfords.

2. Wanted Babe Women's Oxford Shoes

Wanted footwear have added all the trimmings to traditional Balmoral ladies lace up Oxford shoes, delivering a broad range of 35 different fashionable color combinations. Inspired by this timeless menswear piece, these Wanted Babe Oxford shoes for women have pink trim, wing-tip lines, and delicate brogueing. Here we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes them an excellent option for any style-conscious professional woman.


  • Imported synthetic PU leather & sole
  • 1 inch heels
  • Lace up wingtip design with trimmed overlays


  • True to size
  • 35 different shoe color combinations to choose from
  • Wide design perfect for all feet shapes


  • Runs 1 size small
  • Initial chemical odor upon opening
  • Slip resistance could be better


Despite being made from synthetic materials, these women’s Oxfords resemble leather very closely, and they're extremely tough. The brogueing is attractive and of high quality, while the bonding is made to last.

Scuff and basic slip resistance, you cannot fault these shoes on durability. They will eventually need replacement, but given the price and vast color range to choose from, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

With quality comparable to that of Men’s Oxfords from Cole Haan, you cannot fault the craftsmanship nor the cost. Be sure to order one size larger than normal if you have anything other than a narrow foot. Those with sleek feet will find that ordering a ½ size up is best. They're far more stylish than rival brands, with a distinctly feminine touch.

Overall, the Wanted Shoes Women’s Babe Oxfords are an excellent choice for anyone with narrow feet while fitting medium-width feet relatively well too. If you have broad feet, then you would do better with a pair of Oxfords from Aldo, but for a stunning array of fashion possibilities at a great price, you can’t go wrong with these colorful Oxfords from Wanted Shoes.

3. GM GOLAIMAN Men's Suede Leather Oxford Shoes

If you're looking for one of the most comfortable pairs of men's Oxfords available to the discerning modern man, then the GM Golaiman men’s suede leather shoes are perfect for you. Displaying superior looks, premier quality craftsmanship, and a variety of colors to choose from, these men's Oxford shoes certainly put a fantastic twist on the timeless style we have come to rely on.

Suave enough for the most upmarket business or cocktail events while comfy and straightforward enough to wear around the house, you won’t be disappointed by these great Oxfords. Let’s take a closer look.


  • Genuine suede leather
  • Durable synthetic outsole
  • Breathable leather lining


  • Available in black, grey, brown & navy
  • High-quality lacing grommets
  • Long lasting, comfortable support
  • Extremely lightweight men's shoes


  • Sizes run a ½ size large


With versatility which cannot be beaten, the GM Golaiman Oxford Suede Leather shoes for men are a stylish option for use anywhere, except for in the rain. Their timeless style and careful attention to detail give you a pair of men's Oxfords, unlike any other. The lacing grommets are high quality, backed up by outstanding stitching, and the shoes use a black leather binding to ensure they last.

The casual design of the suede leather, in combination with the elegance of an Oxford, ensures that these shoes are the perfect choice for a wide range of style possibilities. They match jeans just as well as they do dress pants. Thanks to the four shoe colors available, you'll soon find yourself procuring another pair to match a whole new range of clothing once you have felt just how comfortable they are.

You'll struggle to find a pair of men’s Oxfords as comfortable to wear as these stunning shoes. The lightweight composition, in combination with genuine leather construction and fine stitching, guarantees a good fit, which is soft & comfy even after a full day on your feet. To get the best fit, order ½ size smaller than you typically would, as their sizes run slightly large.

Oxfords: Timeless Style for Any Occasion

Between these options, you're sure to find a style that will be the perfect match for your personal preference. All three pairs of shoes will give you long-lasting quality while remaining affordable enough for you to consider multiple pairs in varying styles and colors. Once you see how well Oxfords accentuate your look, you’ll soon be shopping for more.

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