Earth Wanderlust Women’s Shoes Review

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A sensible pair of dress shoes is a must for today’s working woman. The days where you had to sacrifice comfort for style are gone. Women are now free to wear whatever kind of shoes they want to work, provided they're appropriate office attire.

The issue many face when choosing practical women's footwear is the association of comfortable shoes to what is commonly referred to as “grandma shoes.” This makes women feel as if they can't wear sensible flat shoes to work for fear they'll be ridiculed.

Thankfully, there are many stylish, comfortable dress shoes for women that can now be worn both to the office as well as to social occasions. 

For those still looking for the right balance between looking fashionable and professional without wearing painful high heels to the office, this review of the Earth Women’s Wanderlust Dress Pump will give you a better perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of adding these low heel flat shoes to your wardrobe.

Earth Women's Pewter Metallic Leather Wanderlust 9 Medium US

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Earth Wanderlust Dress Pump Shoes Review


  • Upper made with calf leather
  • Imported dress shoes
  • Sole made with synthetic material
  • Approximately 1.75 inch heel height measurement
  • Cushioning is multi-density for added comfort
  • Cushioning made with latex/PU foam
  • Excellent arch support made with latex
  • The buckle is adjustable for a better and secure fit
  • Fitted with a Peek-a-boo T-strap
  • Stylish and gorgeous design
  • Added pleated details give a unique and interesting look
  • Durable and flexible TR outsoles
  • Heels provide excellent traction control
  • Distinctive style and comfort
  • Padded heel effectively absorbs and displaces shock


A working woman without a pair of sensible dress shoes is one that's always tired and sore by the end of the day. Getting a pair or two of  Earth Wanderlust shoes will completely change your life.

These women's dress shoes provide good arch support. They have a cushy and soft feel on the inside, so you won’t feel any pain or pressure while wearing them. Another nice advantage of these Mary Jane style shoes is their cute and classy style.

Comfortable Women's Office Shoes

This makes them the perfect women's shoes for the office, but they're also stylish enough to wear for a casual day in town shopping or just enjoying the day.

The Earth shoes for women are ready to wear right out of the box without any needed breaking in. After taking them out of the box, you can slip them on, secure them using the adjustable buckle, and you’re ready to go!

Don’t worry about pinching or blisters either from wearing these Mary Jane flats because the soft lining and well-designed upper prevent these common dress shoe issues from happening. They're also very versatile because you can wear them with most stylish women's outfits. 

From a flowing sun dress to nicely fitted jeans, these low heel pumps will match your outfit and give you a trendy look.

They also have excellent traction so you won’t need to worry about slipping while walking. You'll look cute and stylish without sacrificing your comfort or worrying about falling, as you might with high heels.

These shoes may only come with heels that measure at 1.75”, but that doesn’t mean they’re not appropriate for work. There's no need to wear absurdly high heels that are often painful when you’ve got a pair of Earth Women’s Wanderlust Dress Pumps in your closet.


The main issue with these shoes is the sizing. Since it comes with layers of cushion, it can become tight and uncomfortable in the toe area if you purchase your normal size.

For women with wide feet, you should try getting a size or half a size bigger to maximize the comfort level. If you’re worried about the pumps slipping because they’re a size larger, don’t worry—you can secure it through the buckle and still walk confidently.

Also, take extra caution if your toes end up bumping or getting pressed into the upper of the dress shoes. This is the result of the foot bed being extra cushiony. It's a bit of a disadvantage that the cushion is not removable.

If you find that your toes start to hurt after a few hours of wearing the Earth Women’s Wanderlust Dress Pumps, then these may not be the dress shoes for you. These low heel shoes are meant for women with small and narrow feet, so consider this before purchasing a pair.


The Earth Women’s Wanderlust Dress Pump Shoes makes an excellent addition to any woman’s shoe collection because they're comfortable and versatile. If you want to have dress shoes you can wear for many different types of occasions, these might be worth trying.

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