Different Men’s Dress Shoes Styles | Your Guide to Finding the Right Pair

You’ve probably heard the expression “ shoes make the man.” If you’re the type of man who doesn’t often dress up for special occasions, you may not appreciate the significance of this saying. That saying is popular for a reason. An elegant pair of shoes can add a tremendous amount of class and style to your wardrobe. Wearing nice footwear affects how people will perceive you. Having a classic pair of shoes is not a luxury; it’s actually a necessity.

Indeed, it’s difficult to decide which footwear is best to wear for a special event or a corporate gathering when you’re in a hurry or just not really into fashion. A lot of men have a hard time deciding which pair to pick because they are so many dress shoe styles. Don’t get confused by the wide selection of dress shoes. There are different types of dress shoes because there are various types of personalities as well as occasion specific needs to fulfill.

Let this article be your guide to finding your perfect footwear. We’ll give you information about each style of dress shoe to help you decide which pair might be most appropriate for you.

Different Dress Shoe Styles

As we said earlier, don’t get intimidated by the countless types of available footwear. We’ll give you some helpful information, to ensure you’ll know which model to purchase next time you’re looking for new shoes. We’ve put together eight of the most common dress shoe styles for men to give you some knowledge on how to differentiate one from the other. Also, you’ll learn which pair you should choose for a specific occasion.

  • Oxfords

Probably, one of the most popular dress shoe styles is the Oxford. This classic men’s dress shoes style reflects elegance and sophistication. Oxfords usually come in any color, but black and brown are most popular. This formal footwear is ideal for special events and corporate meetings.

  • Derby

Derby is almost similar to Oxford; the only difference is the lacing system which shows visible flaps outside the shoes. The more noticeable lacing style of this footwear makes it less formal compared to the elegant Oxford pairs. Because of its rugged look, this type of footwear is ideal for a smart casual dress-up. It may also be a good choice for business attire.

  • Loafers

Loafers are the most popular pairs used by people who are always on the go. They’re easy to take on and off but hold feet securely. This footwear is also often favored for its comfort and versatility. A perfect match for slacks or trousers, this dress shoe style is ideal for any type of formal or casual event. You can even match it with shorts if you want something comfy yet stylish for your weekend trips.

  • Cap Toes

Cap toe refers to the extra layer of leather in the toe area of the shoe. This makes this style unique and eye-catching. A pair of black or brown cap toe shoes can be worn with jeans, tuxedos, and business suits. This footwear is perfect for men who want to look formal yet classy and stylish.

  • Monk Straps

The monk straps are popular for being elegant and unique. You can easily identify this footwear when you see it because it features a buckled strap instead of the typical shoelaces. This type of dress shoe is ideal for men who want to look classy and stylish but want to get away from the usual oxfords and loafers. A pair of monk straps looks better when you match it with the right color of a wristwatch, belt buckle, and cufflinks.

  • Dress Boots

This footwear is a popular choice for rainy or snowy weather. Mens dress boots are usually sleek and minimalistic in style, but they can be worn for various occasions. This dress shoe is a go-to style for men who want to wear something that looks formal but does not compromise comfort and convenience.

  • Wingtips

The tips of the shoes are narrow and look like wings. Thus, this style is called wingtip. This is one of the oldest dress shoes styles but still remains one of the most popular options today. Wingtips are suitable for men who opt for classy and stylish footwear for less formal gatherings. They are available in any color, but black and brown colors are considered the best options for this style.

  • Pumps Formal

Men who need a slip-on type of footwear yet want something more formal than loafers can go for this style. Formal pumps are made from shiny leather making it eye-catching and unique. This style is an excellent choice for men who opt for a tux with a suede lapel get-up. Also known as opera pumps, the shiny shoes are typically used for black-tie affairs.


Now that you know the difference between different kinds of dress shoes, you should have a better idea as to which pair you should purchase for certain occasions. You will see a lot of dress shoe selections both online and in the shopping malls, but you will no longer be confused which pair would be ideal for the type of occasion you have in mind.

Buying the right pair is not difficult if you know where you’ll want to use the shoes and what to wear it with them. Footwear plays a very important part in your wardrobe because it enhances your look, builds up your confidence, and improves your status.

Some people think it is acceptable just to wear whatever type of shoes is available in the closet because footwear is the most unnoticeable part of your outfit, but you’ll be surprised how your shoes affect your overall look. They say your shoes are the foundation of your style, so it is necessary to choose the perfect pair to make sure you achieve your desired look.


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