Best Men’s Casual Shirts for a Classy Look

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If you own ten great pairs of men's pants, they'll still be nothing without the perfect shirt to pull them together. Whether you need to have men's classy casual attire for work, are going out to an informal-but-important dinner, or you simply desire to look your best, you need to find the best men's casual shirts.

It's often challenging because there are many different shirts out there that you could buy. Which shirts are best for pulling together your look and helps you appear fashionable?

Men's Summer Casual Shirts for a Classy Look

That's where this list will help. Today, we’ll look at three of the best casual shirts for men. With this list, you should be on your way to a better men's casual clothing look in no time. Let’s get learning about the features and benefits of all of these shirts.

Best Short Sleeve Casual Shirts for Men Reviews: The Contenders

1. Jolt Gear Men's Golf Shirts

One of the most impressive casual clothing items that a man can wear is a golf shirt. While not everyone enjoys golf, there’s no doubt that a classically cut golf shirt is a great fashion choice both on and off the course. Golf shirts have a way of showing that you're active and well put together.


As a general shirt, this one by Jolt Gear is very comfortable, especially since it's made out of a blend of polyester and elastane, which turns this single product into a four-way stretch shirt. This means that when you move, bend, walk, or simply exist in this shirt, it will move with you. That kind of comfort can’t be found in many shirts.

Additionally, it's available in six different sizes. Between these size options and the excellent stretch factor, everyone looking for this style of casual men's shirt should give it a try. You'll be able to find the right fit with relative ease. For your convenience, the manufacturer has a size chart that can help you get it right the first time.

This shirt also has some features that are great for golfing (and even for when you’re not golfing). The fabric on this shirt is both moisture-wicking and anti-odor, which means that when you get hot or a little bit sweaty when you’re golfing or out and about, you won’t notice those things holding you back. You'll still feel cool and dry, and it will take a lot more for any odors to begin lingering if you sweat. These benefits are invaluable.

Finally, there’s no denying that these warm weather shirts are simply a stylish choice. The cut of it, the size of the neck, the collar type, and everything about how it drapes on the body give it a very classic and attractive look. Any man can look attractive while wearing this shirt from Jolt Gear, and that's part of why it's one of the top options for the best casual shirts for men.

What We Love About This Shirt

  • Looks sharp
  • No static
  • Dry fit
  • Comfortable
  • Long length
  • Great value

What We Don’t Love About This Shirt

  • Sizes run large
  • A little baggy
  • The collar may need to be ironed.


This Jolt Gear Golf Shirt is a great-value casual shirt for men who love golfing or who want to have a classic, well-fitting shirt that's comfortable and breathable to wear.

2. PEGENO Henley Men’s Slim Fit Casual Shirt

Next up, let’s talk about PEGENO Men’s Slim Fit Casual Henley Shirts. A Henley shirt is a particular cut style that has become very popular with young men in their 20s and 30s in recent years, and this comfortable shirt is a great option.


First, it's worth mentioning that this henley shirt is available in 11 different colors ranging from teal and white to grey and black. Regardless of what colors you feel will suit your look and skin color best, you’ll be able to find one that works well with your overall look.

While the material on the shirt isn’t the softest in the world, it is a great blend of comfort and flexibility. The mixture on this shirt is around 95% cotton and 5% soft spandex. This blend ensures that while the shirt is durable and soft because of the cotton, it also has a bit of “give” to it that makes it more comfortable to wear and move around in.

One potential drawback, however, is that the manufacturer recommends that you hand wash the garment. This is likely due to the spandex content in the shirt, but you can also machine wash it on cold with a low tumble dry cycle if you prefer to use a machine. The shirt might wear out slightly faster with machine washing, but it isn’t a huge deal.

These men's slim fit shirts have a slim-fit design that's great for both casual and slightly more formal occasions. While it will never be tux-event ready, the three-button design gives it a clean and classy line while also allowing for more comfort and movement than what you might have experienced with other similarly styled shirts.

It's available in four different sizes. The range covered within those sizes is somewhat limited compared to some other brands, but most people will be able to find a great fitting shirt that they love in this PEGENO design.

What We Love About This Shirt

  • Slightly stretchy
  • Durable
  • Great value
  • Feels nice and comfortable
  • 11 different shirt colors

What We Don’t Love About This Shirt

  • Requires special care
  • Only four size options
  • Could shrink in the dryer


This PEGENA Henley Casual Shirt is the shirt to choose if you are looking for relaxed comfort and a soft shirt. The cotton, soft-touch blend on this one is hard to beat if you can find your size.

3. H2H Slim Fit Polo Shirts for Men

Finally, let’s talk about the last type of casual shirt on our list. This men's slim fit polo shirt from H2H provides a variety of slim fit options that range in both sizing and color choices. From H2H, you can find the perfect palette for your next casual look without having to sift through hundreds of different options.


The sizing options on this shirt are good but could be better. There are six different sizes listed, but the variation range that covers all of those sizes isn’t big enough to accommodate many big and tall sizes, so some people will find that they can't get their size. Still, the available range is impressive compared to some other brands and is worth checking out.

Another big bonus of this style of shirt is that it's available in many slight variations of both color and cut. Whether you prefer an authentic short sleeve polo shirt in a bright color or a long sleeve polo version of the same shirt in black, you can find everything that you need from H2H. The manufacturer understands that there's a need for personalization in style, so they gave you that expression opportunity.

It's made from a blend of cotton and polyester, and this blend of 60/40 cotton to polyester gives you a shirt of mid-range quality. While the shirt has a soft, cotton touch, it also has the anti-wrinkle features of polyester. This blend makes for a good, durable shirt.

This shirt has simple design details that can make a big difference in your overall look. From small denim trim to specific closure pieces, you’ll find that these slight variations stand out once you're putting together a complete look. Use them to make your men's clothing style more personal.

Finally, this polo shirt has a design with a great balance between office-appropriate and lunch-friendly. Whether you’re going to a very casual gathering or you want to look fashionably put together on casual Fridays, you'll find that this shirt walks the line between classy and casual very well thanks to its unique, slim-fit design.

What We Love About This Shirt

  • Designed in Korea
  • Wrinkle free polo shirts
  • Good value
  • Machine washable
  • Durable fabric blend of 60/40

What We Don’t Love About This Shirt

  • Asian sizes run a bit smaller
  • Mid-quality material blend
  • Better for slim builds


This polo shirt from H2H provides a great value by offering comfortable, office-appropriate looks in affordable and durable fabrics. With a great variation in colors available, you can find one for your perfect look.

The Winner

Now that we've seen some in-depth information about the best men's casual short sleeve shirts on the market, it’s time to choose which one we consider to be the best-of-the-best option today.

In our eyes, the Jolt Gear Men's Golf Shirt is the better option for the broadest group of people. While initially intended for use on the golf course, these short sleeve golf shirts offer comfort and use that extends well beyond that limited range. From coffee dates to interviews, this fitted shirt will give an excellent impression for you no matter where you go.

The key to choosing a great casual shirt is that you find it comfortable, stylish, and easy to care for. If it's missing any one of these three factors, keep looking!

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