ZRO vs. Mia Marino Men’s Modern Oxford Dress Shoes Review

Stylish dress shoes are something every man should have in his wardrobe. Even though you may own athletic shoes, dress shoes are the required attire for most office work, formal functions, and many types of social get-togethers. Therefore, having the right knowledge when it comes to choosing dress shoes is a necessary requirement for looking confident and sharp.

Although there are several types of dress shoes to choose from, the Oxford is the most common and versatile choice. While it’s best suited for men's business attire, it can also be paired up with casual occasions, thus, maximizing its usefulness.

This article aims to give you valuable insights into ZRO oxford shoes. We'll review its features, including its pros and cons. We're also going to compare it with another men's dress shoe brand to see which one might be better for you. Keep reading to see their benefits, as well as our recommendations below.

ZRO Men's Lace Up Formal Modern Oxford Dress Shoes Black US 10.5

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ZRO Men's Lace Up Oxford Dress Shoes Review


The ZRO Leather Dress Shoes is a product created by ZRO, an OEM company which dates back from Italy who is devoted to providing its customers the best high-quality products. The company prides itself on using genuine leather in almost all of its ZRO shoes products and boasts its handmade and uniquely designed footwear. This is a dress shoe that promises ultra-comfort with great ergonomic and technological innovation; it's perfect for those wanting to look good in business meetings or parties. Other features include:

  • Genuine leather shoes
  • Rubber sole shoes
  • Platform measure: 0.25”
  • Pointy toe shoes, lace-up vamp with blind eyelets
  • Designed for slip-abrasion
  • Has a ZRO Pro outsole that is shock-absorbing
  • Provides extra comfort with its pigskin lining
  • Best suited for weddings and formal occasions
  • Looks great with a tuxedo


  • Great looking and has a unique style and design
  • Elegant and modern
  • Can be worn with casual or formal attire
  • No discomfort even after long hours of use
  • Easy to clean
  • Features clean lines, fine cut, and stitch
  • Laced beautifully
  • Suits daring dressers or fashion smart people


  • Too shiny/glossier in picture
  • Not available in bigger than size 12
  • Too pointy
  • Not recommended for wide feet people because there’s not enough space due to the way shoes are cut over the tongue area


Built with an upgraded look, ZRO Leather Dress Shoes is made to look great with its beautiful style and design. A pair of dress shoes that not only give you a nice gentlemanly look, it also offers you good comfort with the help of its pigskin cushioning. It's made of full-grain leather with a rubber-made sole. Furthermore, it features a slip-abrasion design and also shock absorption due to its ZRO Pro outsole.


Let’s compare it with the ZRO Leather Dress Shoes. Both products are in the same formal leather dress shoes product category.


  • Made of top quality 100% genuine leather
  • Strong rubber-made soles
  • Non slip shoes for men
  • Suitable for parties, business or night outs
  • Comes in half shoe sizes for a better fit

Mia Marino Leather Oxford Dress Shoes for Men Review

Just like the previous ZRO shoes, Mia Marino Oxford shoes aims to provide its customers with high-quality footwear products. To further prove this, they have a 45-day free exchange and return with an additional 180 days warranty.

Both shoe brands ensure that their footwear can provide the highest comfort level without hurting your feet after long hours of use. It comes with an anti-slip design pattern to keep you safe from any embarrassing situations. It has a durable rubber shoe sole meant to last.

Mia Marino knows you need to look good, so they've styled it uniquely to suit everyone’s taste. It's a fashionable pair of shoes designed to look like a combination of modern and sleek to suit your style. It's meticulously crafted using high-quality materials. These are durable dress shoes built to last. Excellent quality, comfortable, and incredibly stylish; it should provide great pleasure for years to come. Also included is a reusable waterproof travel shoe bag.

However, if there’s a drawback to the Mia Marino men's shoes – it is its sizing. Marino shoes run bigger than usual. Thus, you could have problems with the size being too big for you. If you're very picky when it comes to shoe sizes then you might want to resort to the ZRO dress shoes.


Both ZRO and Mia Marino’s leather dress shoes have almost the same quality build that you’re looking for. The only concern is the latter’s shoe size issues. These two products give you a good level of comfort and style. However, ZRO wins between the two, with just a small difference.

Making sure that your favorite dress shoes fit you perfectly is something that must be considered. You may be reluctant to spend your money on shoes that could end up being either too big or too small.

ZRO Leather Dress Shoes are a great addition to your collection if you’re a stylish guy looking for a pair that will make you steal the show.  Giving you a bit of a classy look, you can expect some heads to turn as you walk into any event.

While it also provides the highest level of comfort due to its pigskin cushioning, the focus is more on its beautiful design. You’re sure to receive many compliments for its modern look and quality.

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