Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Orthopedic Dress Shoes Review

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Given the strong stitching, plain-yet-classy appearance, and supreme pain-relieving properties, one would expect the Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Orthopedic Dress Shoes to have a higher price.

They deliver unbeatable value, which rivals that of any other custom-engineered pain relief shoes. Regardless of your physical disability, if you suffer from any foot, ankle, or lower back pain, these shoes are likely to bring you relief. The results are renowned for their rapidity and the broad range of problems these shoes can help with.

The Orthofeet Orthopedic Dress Shoes for men both look and feel great. They're so comfortable that anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet will soon begin to wonder how they ever lived without them.

Here we’ll be guiding you through the top features of these reliable orthopedic shoes designed for pain relief, while also pointing out the comprehensive array of afflictions which they will assist you with.

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The prime feature of these shoes is their orthotic support. Orthotic shoe insoles are supplied which gives precise anatomical support to your arch. Each shoe is supplied with two additional insoles. They come in handy for those with narrow feet, while some find more relief when using an insert.

The heel is also cushioned and will adapt to the form of your foot as you walk. Not only does this improve comfort levels, but it's also a proven means of foot pain relief. Advanced ergonomics ensure that pain is alleviated at the foot, heel, knees, hips, and your lower back.

Orthofeet have integrated great features into their dress shoes. Patented Easy Gait Ortho Cushion technology incorporates air cushions into the sole of your shoe. As the product of pain-relieving biomechanical design, stress is lessened across your joints, while you are also given enhanced stability and better foot motion. Even though they're broader than normal, your feet will never slip inside your shoe.

You will find that the extra-depth design is a fantastic feature which delivers a toe and upper area free from pressure. These shoes are great for those suffering from bunions and hammer toes. The interior lining is entirely free from seams while the padded foam interior is designed to protect you from pressure on key points of your feet.

They're a total solution for sensitive feet, people living with diabetes, and even those afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathy. The sheer range of conditions that they provide pain relief for is astonishing. From Morton’s Neuroma to corns, Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, and even flat-footedness, these shoes are utterly amazing.

They have even been known to reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches, as many migraines arise from joint and nervous issues. Here's a full list of all the conditions which these pain-relieving dress shoes can assist with:

• Heel Pain• Arch Pain• Foot Pain• Ball of the Foot Pain• Metatarsal Pain• Diabetic Feet• Sensitive Feet• Arthritic Feet• Neuropathy• Plantar Fasciitis• Pronation• Morton’s Neuroma• Bunions• Knee Pain• Back Pain• Metatarsalgia• Corns• Hammer Toe Pain Relief

Fortunately, its comfortable broad design doesn't affect the sizing. As with all of its other features, these orthopedic dress shoes from Orthofeet Gramercy run true to size. If you have particularly narrow feet, then it would be recommended to purchase half a size smaller than you usually wear due to the broad layout of the design.

Both the black and brown colors available are incredibly versatile, while initially, you would never know that these men's shoes are specifically designed for pain relief. Contemporary, classic styling ensures that they're both functional and attractive.


• Excellent Memory Foam Cushioning & Arch Support• Effective Pain Relief for Feet, Ankles, Knees and Lower Back• Extra Orthopedic Insoles Supplied• Attractive, Durable Design• High-Quality Stitching• Two Colors Available• True Sizing


• Wide Layout May Require the Use of Additional Inners• Bulkier Design Than Some Conventional Dress Shoes


The Orthofeet dress shoes give pain relief and comfort, which is on par with highly specialized therapeutic equipment. Most wearers report that the quality and healing benefits of these shoes are equal to high-end orthopedic solutions which can cost up to five times as much. They also give better foot pain relief and more significant long-term benefits than even custom-design inserts or shoes.

Unlike other footwear designed to supply orthopedic support, these dress shoes are intelligently designed to provode a modern appearance which mimics that of a contemporary, stylish shoe. Most people wouldn't be able to tell that you're wearing an orthopedic shoe, whereas other pain-relief footwear products often display a distinctive look.

Most orthopedic shoes are not supplied with extra inserts. Orthofeet Gramercy supply's two additional inserts to guarantee that all wearers find the best fit possible. With the cost of therapeutic inserts being fairly high, this is undoubtedly a generous addition which ensures you'll have a snug fit and superior support without having to spend extra money.


Most wearers of the Orthofeet Gramercy shoes report noticeable foot pain relief within a very short time. Some have had foot pain, which they’ve tolerated for years, dissipate after just three to four days use. The results will depend on your individual condition; however, most users have been happy with these shoes.

These are orthopedic dress shoes that work. They give better comfort and pain relief than inserts, while also delivering a professional appearance which is versatile enough to be used in casual, semi-formal, or formal attire.If you have wide feet or experience any foot, leg, knee, or back pain, these shoes are a good choice.

The extra-wide design gives unparalleled ease-of-use, while countless testimonies praise Orthofeet Gramercy for their orthopedic support. The therapeutic benefits are undeniable, the pricing is affordable, and they're very versatile.

If you're looking for one of the most comfortable pairs of men's shoes you'll ever wear, give the Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Orthopedic Dress Shoes a try. The only thing you’ll be thinking once you try them is that an extra pair in a different color might be nice.

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