Florsheim Montinaro Men’s Wingtip Oxford Shoes Review

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History of Florsheim Shoes

Florsheim is a shoe company that was conceived in 1892 by Milton Florsheim. Where are Florsheim shoes made? The production of men's shoes started in a small factory building located in Chicago, Illinois. The first pairs of shoes made by Florsheim under the watchful eyes of Milton and Sigmund (Milton's father) were impressive to the eyes, providing unmatched comfort to the feet of the wearer.

The shoes overall design and workmanship stood out compared to other brands of lesser quality. Footwear offered by the Florsheim is made available in a variety of widths, sizes, colors, and designs.

The overall built quality, impressive craftsmanship, and durability ensure this pair of dress shoes will serve you for years. The Montinaro Oxford Wingtips are made entirely from 100% genuine leather, which is paired with a synthetic sole that will increase longevity.

The overall flexibility factor adds to the appeal for the shoes among the masses. Their comfortable fit, plus added traction, are also beneficial features.

This article will review the Montinaro Wingtip Oxford from Florsheim. An unbiased account of the product will be provided based on its features and specifications. The shoe's leather is beautifully designed in brogue with a medallion-shaped toe section and pickings on the overlays of the edges.

The stitching is done on the shoes in such a manner that the wearer won’t be uncomfortable on hot and humid days. The breathability factor of the shoes has been increased a notch higher than that of its predecessors.

Florsheim Men's Montinaro Dress Wingtip Oxford Shoe Lace Up, Black, 8 Medium

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Florsheim Shoes Review – Features

The traditional classy appearance of these Florsheim Montinaro wingtip oxford shoes is not at all artificial. This is because they're hand-stitched and finished manually by the company's artisans.

Genuine leather shoes encasing

The whole shell of the shoe, including the outer linings and inner linings are made from 100% genuine leather. The leather material is specially treated to protect against the elements.

Breathable dress shoes for men

Overall stitching is done in such a way that the interiors of the footwear can breathe. Moisture is the biggest enemy of leather and for your skin.

Entrapped moisture, including sweat, can lead to skin infections, rashes, and even fungal growth within the leather footwear. The breathability feature in this pair of shoes makes extended hours on your feet more tolerable.

Cushioned memory foam footbed inserts

Since the feet support the entire weight of your body, the footwear you choose should provide ample support and comfort to them as well. The weight of your whole body rests mainly on the heels and the toe section of the foot.

Therefore, any footwear heel section should not be hard enough that could cause any painful side effects. The footbed is equipped with a fully cushioned, memory foam insert that makes sure the heels are well taken care of.

Synthetic non slip shoe soles

The soles of these shoes are human-made from a synthetic material that will increase the overall longevity and shelf life of the shoes. A synthetic sole also maximizes the flexibility factor, thereby allowing the individual to bend the bottom of the shoe to extended angles without damage.

The sole has an anti-skid property that provides increased traction and security to the wearer in wet weather.

Impressive craftsmanship

This pair of men's oxford shoes are hand-stitched and impressively designed in brogue and features a medallion toe and pink overlay edges.


  • Good built quality and impressive workmanship
  • 100% genuine leather shoes
  • Resistant to the elements.
  • Synthetic sole with anti-skid properties for added traction on slippery surfaces
  • Retro style and hand-stitched with beautiful brogue design
  • Sports medallion toe and pinked overlay edges
  • Breathable shoes due to patented SuedeTec lining
  • Memory foam footbed inserts
  • Affordable men's dress shoes


  • Periodic issues with the availability of some sizes
  • The quality of the soles could have been better

How does this product serve your needs?

The Florsheim Montinaro Wingtip Oxfords are evergreen designer dress shoes that sport a classic look. The overall versatility of these men's Florsheim shoes makes them compatible with any custom-tailored outfit for both casual or formal occasions.

Wearing these with your favorite jeans and tee is not a problem. The flexible sole made from patented Toflex technology from the labs of Florsheim makes the shoe comfortable and flexible enough for all your requirements.

How is the product better compared to other competitors?

When comparing this product with that of the Ecco Wingtip Oxford, one could readily see the striking differences in the pricing category.

Other than that, both the shoes are made from genuine leather. The ones from Florsheim are made from full-grain leather while the latter is made from top-grain leather. This helps the Florsheim pair of Oxfords last and perform longer.


After reviewing the product features and overall quality of the Montinaro Wingtip Oxford from Florsheim, we can confidently recommend them as they offer genuine leather dress shoes at an affordable price.

The company has revised its overall approach to customer satisfaction as well as after-sales service. If a customer receives a defective product, they can approach any outlet of the company and apply for a replacement.

On top of that, the breathability factor offered by Florsheim on these dress shoes is usually only seen on more higher-end, more expensive brands.

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