Yellow Dress Shoes for Women | A Helpful Guide

As with everything in life, it’s important to find the right shoes to wear for a variety of occasions. We’re going to talk about dress shoes right now because most women think that they know what to wear and may be wearing the wrong style or type.

It’s essential to think about the occasion before deciding on the right shoe. Yellow dress shoes for women work well all year round, but they might not be suitable for some situations. As an example, you aren’t likely to wear yellow to a funeral; the color is a little too bright and happy while you’re trying to show respect for the dead.

Regardless of the color you prefer, it’s essential to understand the different types of dress shoes available to women so that you can make the right choice based on your outfit, preference, and likes. You should also consider that most women think of dress shoes as adding elegance and sophistication to the outfit.

The term “dress shoe” is quite outdated, and most people tend to call them occasion, party, or formal shoes instead. Regardless of what you call them, you’ll find a variety of options.

1. Ballerinas or Flats

While some people don’t think that flats and ballerina shoes are dressy, they can be. You need to find the right style, though. Patent leather or leather flats are the most suitable options for dressy occasions, including weddings, funerals, and at the office.

You can also find canvas or fabric options, but these are likely to look less dressy and should be worn when you’re going for a more casual, but cute look.

Ballet pumps are like a flat slipper style shoe, and they’re essential for any wardrobe. They’re highly versatile and come in a variety of patterns, prints, and materials. You can find classic colors, such as black, white, and brown, but you can also find animal prints and bright colors, such as yellow.

How to Wear Them

Primarily, the ballerina shoe or flat is a slip-on shoe, which means you just insert your foot into it. The back of the shoe (topline) should fit snugly across the heel, but it shouldn’t cause any blistering.

The ballerina flat is somewhat of a casual shoe, but many women now wear it to work and other social events. It pairs well with short and long skirts as well as pants. If you choose a yellow shoe, it might be helpful to have a splash of yellow somewhere in your wardrobe.

You may have a shirt with some yellow flowers or yellow middles; it works best if you can match the yellows. However, if you don’t match the yellow correctly or choose a yellow that is many shades darker or brighter than the outfit, you can create a layering effect of a particular color, which is quite popular.

2. Loafers

Most women think that loafers aren’t a suitable option for dressy occasions, but you can find that this casual shoe looks just as good with a variety of outfits. If you’re going for a streamlined look which features pants (usually of the tailored variety), loafers can be an excellent choice. You can also find high-heeled versions, which can help you create the appearance of being taller while still dressing up a bit.

It can be tough to find loafers in colors other than black, brown, and navy blue. Nonetheless, many shoemakers are now focusing on creating brightly colored loafers so that women can mix and match, as well as have multiple pairs in various colors for a variety of outfits.

Loafers for ladies are a classic style which can add some vintage glamour to your daytime outfit or be suitable for use at the office.

How to Wear Them

If you plan to wear them at the office or a social event, it is best to choose a classic penny loafer style or the tasseled version. You can also find a tasseled version with buckles instead of tassels. Having some ornamentation on the shoe can help tie the outfit together.

Most women feel uncertain about wearing such a bold color in such a vintage style. In the past, these types of shoes were in blacks, browns, and blues.

With that being said, if you like to be bold and different, consider pairing some yellow loafers with tailored slacks. You can likely get away with wearing them with a skirt, especially if you choose one that has touches of yellow in it and hits at about the mid-calf area.

3. Strappy Sandals (with or without Heels)

Most people don’t think that sandals are a dress shoe, but most women prefer them in the summer months. If your office or workplace doesn’t ban women from wearing sandals, you may want to consider them.

While most people now call them gladiator sandals, you can find a variety of styles. Gladiator sandals tend to have crisscrossing straps with a T-bar which runs down the front of the sandal (along the top of the foot).

For office wear, you may want to consider strappy sandals with heels, as they look more professional. You can find a variety of heel heights.

Don’t think that you must wear a high heel or a tapered heel to get the effect. Even a heel height of an inch or half an inch can help you look more professional and dressy at work.

How to Wear Them

If you’ve got a casual day coming up at work, you may want to pair gladiator sandals with a maxi dress to help you create the feel of the Grecian glamour for which the shoes are designed. However, if it’s a regular day at the office for you, it might be best to wear tailored trousers or a pencil skirt with a strappy sandal with a heel as high as you can safely and comfortably wear.

4. Brogues

You’ve likely heard the term, especially when you’re around the men’s shoe department. The brogue shoe used to be designed specifically for men, but they’ve quickly risen as a significant fashion staple for women who want dress shoes.

They’re highly versatile just like all other flat shoes, but they look dressier than a ballerina flat. They also tend to add a touch of masculinity to an outfit.

Color-wise, most brogues are black with brown piping or stitching, and they are often a two-color shoe style, but you can still find yellow brogues. Many times, the entire shoe is one color with the sole having a different color, usually black or white. You can also find two- and three-color options.

For example, some may be yellow on the toe and heel while the middle part of the shoe is white or gray. Sometimes, three colors are used; the toe and heel are darker gray, while the facing and quarter are yellow. The vamp can be a lighter gray.

How to Wear Them

The brogue is one of the toughest shoes to master because it does look so masculine, but you shouldn’t let that scare you away.

Consider pairing them with a summer dress to add a touch of quirkiness and a masculine element to such a feminine outfit. You can also make your office outfits look more traditional and polished. Just make sure the slacks you wear are tailored without being ultra-tailored; the bottoms of the pants should barely graze the top of the shoe.

Consider the color of the brogue, as well. You may want yellow, but you may want to go for a two-tone or three-tone version. If you choose a shoe of multiple colors, make sure that you add those colors in your accessories.

For example, with the dark gray, light gray, and yellow version mentioned earlier, you may want to consider a charcoal gray purse or gray pants to create a layered-color style.

5. Court Shoes

Court shoes are a type of high heels. They have a closed toe, which makes them a sophisticated and smart choice. Along with such, they offer a more classic and timeless style that works well for many formal events, such as business meetings and weddings.

Typically, court shoes have a low-line upper, which means that the top line (the back of the shoe by the ankle) sits lower on the foot. They also have a medium-sized heel and a more pointed toe.

While court shoes tend to come in more classic colors (think black, beige, and brown), more fashionable styles are now widely available.

How to Wear Them

While these shoes typically come in more traditional colors, you can find yellow options available. Yellow dress shoes for women help you make a bold statement with your footwear.

Consider wearing yellow court shoes for any fun event. You can wear them to summer socials, barbecues, spring or summer weddings, and anywhere else where you need to wear heels.

6. Heels

Everyone knows that high heels are one of the most popular and dressiest shoes for women. You may be amazed though at just how many types of heels there are. Most women have seen a variety of options, even if they aren’t sure what the shoe’s name is.

  • Block Heels

Block heels are one of the self-explanatory choices. It has a heel of varying height that is chunky or blocky. This style was highly popular in the 1970s as hippy platform shoes and the 1990s with the chunky shoes.

The trend is highly practical as an everyday heel, and more women feel comfortable in block heels than in stilettos or even traditional heels.

The block aspect of the heel gives you more balance because there is a wider base. Your ankles aren’t working overtime to keep you upright and balanced.

The size of the heel can vary, such as a lower squared heel with a flat shoe to a cylindrical heel. Therefore, you’re sure to find something for your particular look.

How to Wear Them

As you’re primarily searching for yellow shoes, you’re going to want something yellow. Typically, these shoes have a closed toe in leather or patent leather with an ankle strap of the same color. The sole and heel part can be the same color, but many times, they have a wooden or cork styling.

These shoes work well with almost anything. You can pair it with a paisley blouse and pencil skirt or wear them with a maxi dress. They also work well with tailored or boot-cut slacks.

7. Kitten Heel

The kitten heel is another popular option for women, especially those who have trouble balancing or walking in high heels. It’s a vintage styled heel and was introduced back in the 1950s for teens and young women because true high heels were thought to be too “grown-up” for young ladies.

The style was then popularized by silver screen Queens, including Audrey Hepburn. Kitten heels tend to be synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

Usually, kitten heels have a heel that is up to 1.75 inches high. You can find open- and closed-toe varieties, as well as those with ankle straps and without.

How to Wear Them

You can wear any kind of heel with almost anything. We tend to like heels and skirts of various lengths, but heels also look very smart and stylish with tailored pant-suits.

If you go for a skirt, consider a circle skirt that hits right at the skin. It’s a style that was popular in the 1950s (think poodle skirts), so you get the vintage look while still looking modern in the styles and patterns available today.

Just remember that you can find a variety of yellows on the market. Bright yellows, bold yellows, and pastels are all popular options, so it’s best to know what outfit you’re buying them for before you consider the heel.

8. Stacked Heel

A stacked heel is also a popular choice. It gives the user an illusion of having multiple layers of materials which are stacked to create the heel. Many times, they’re slightly chunkier than the block heel, but the style can also be as a stiletto or wedge.

The design itself is only shown on the heel part of the shoe. Thin layers of materials are stacked and solidly put together to create the heel.

Many times, the goal of the shoemaker is to match the color of the heel to the material of the top part of the shoe. However, you can also find various other options, such as wood. It’s also important to note that you can find multiple heel heights.

How to Wear Them

Primarily, a stacked heel is similar to the block heel, so you can wear them with outfits suitable for the block heel.

9. Stiletto Heel

The most popular high heel on the market is the stiletto heel. It is named as such because it has a heel that tapers downward and is thinner than other heel styles.

Stilettos can range in height from about one inch up to seven or eight inches. Many times, if the stiletto heel height is less than two inches, it is referred to as a kitten heel.

High stilettos sometimes have a platform on the front part of the sole to make it easier for your feet to handle the significant height. That way, your foot’s arch doesn’t have to bend as much.

How to Wear Them

The beauty of the stiletto heel is that it can be worn anywhere. You can wear it to the office, to a cocktail party, at a wedding, at a funeral, and anywhere else you need to appear dressed up.

Of course, the goal here is to find yellow dress shoes, so make sure that the color is appropriate for the event. It may be in poor taste to wear bright yellow to a funeral, though you could get away with wearing a mustard yellow in some cases.

It’s also important that you match the outfit to the shoe. You don’t need large sections of yellow in the attire, but you should have touches of the color throughout the wardrobe to help tie everything together.

10. Tapered or Cone Heels

The tapered or cone heel has a shape similar to an ice cream cone, though it usually holds a triangular shape with a flat section on one side. Sometimes, the cone is curved to give it a quirky appearance. As with the block heel, you get more support and balance because the heel end isn’t as thin as with stiletto heels.

How to Wear Them

The tapered or cone heel can be worn with a variety of outfits. Many women prefer to wear them with knee-length skirts, gaucho pants, or tailored slacks.


Yellow dress shoes for women are plentiful, and there are seemingly endless options. You’ll find many styles available, but you can also find varying yellow colors throughout. Whether you want lemon yellow, mustard yellow, pastel yellow, or bright yellow, you’ve got a variety of ways to add a splash of color to your wardrobe.

Just make sure that you match well. You can pair yellow with a variety of colors, including blues, white, green, and black, and you can also wear it with neutrals such as beige and tan. You can also choose to wear different shades of yellow in your outfit to contrast with the shoe color.

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