Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat Review

Women are always struggling to find the right pair of shoes to wear for a particular occasion. It is a constant struggle to find stylish shoes that are comfortable to wear at the office without looking too casual or too dressed up.

There is a fine line between comfortable working heels and party heels. It may look fun and sexy to wear your best pair of heels to work, but sometimes it is just not practical.

When you need to look professional, while at the same time still be able to run around the office to get things done, you need a good and sensible pair of dress shoes.

It’s common for women to complain about aching feet when they come home from work, and it’s easy to understand when you’ve been wearing heels the entire day. Thankfully, there are now appropriate workplace dress shoes like the Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat.

If you’ve never explored the option of wearing flats at the office for fear that you’ll look too casual, this review of the Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat might change your mind.

Learn more about the pros and cons of this pair of dress shoes to see if they will make it to your wardrobe.

Dansko Women's Lulu Mary Jane Flat, Khaki Nubuck, 37 EU/6.5-7 M US

Features of the Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat

  • Made with leather
  • Imported dress shoes
  • Soles made of synthetic material
  • Approximately 1.75” heel measurement
  • Approximately 0.75” platform measurement
  • Rounded toe
  • Wide ankle straps come with hook and loop closing mechanism
  • Removable footbed made with polyurethane
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Perfect as office and casual footwear
  • Sensible and comfortable dress shoes
  • Cushioned footbed for added comfort
  • Provides excellent arch support
  • Carefully designed and constructed
  • Promotes excellent foot, leg, and back health
  • Allows user to stand on their feet longer


Being on your feet the whole day is not a problem when you’re wearing the Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat. Its cushioned footbed gives you the feeling like you’re walking on soft cushioning clouds.

They are an excellent choice for dress shoes because they are stylish enough to be worn at the office, yet still comfortable enough for casual wear. You no longer have to struggle with bringing an extra pair of shoes when you have plans for a night out after office hours; all you need are a pair of Lulu’s!

The Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat has the perfect combination of style and comfort, plus it is relatively affordable. Women cannot stop raving about how amazing it feels on their feet and how little to no pain is experienced, even after a day of running around and walking while wearing these shoes.

It is a trendy style and brand of dress shoes that working women of all ages love wearing. The thoughts of dress shoes being “grandma shoes” are thrown out the window because these shoes prove that comfort and style are possible, even for women’s footwear.

Once tried, women often find that the Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat quickly becomes their favorite go-to pair of shoes for any occasion. They are very practical and give modern working women the choice of wearing flats to work without looking casual at all.

Plus, they pair well with any outfit you have in the closet; this means you can use these Lulu’s anywhere and anytime, which saves you money, time, and effort. These dress shoes will change the way you walk, stand, and work for the better.

It offers terrific arch support, but for those who need the extra cushioning, there’s enough room to add a custom cushion as well.


Although almost everyone who has tried the Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat has sung nothing but praises for these dress shoes, there are still a few issues worth taking note of. First off, women with wide feet might need some time to break these shoes in.

They are designed for women with narrow to regular feet, but once you’ve broken them in, they are very comfortable to wear. To avoid any discomfort, try ordering a size larger than usual if you have wide feet.

The straps are also held in place with Velcro which can snag a good pair of stocking and ruin them. If you have thin ankles, you should take extra caution when crossing your legs to avoid damaging your stockings.

These ankle straps also have a tendency to rub on the ankles when worn without leggings or stockings. Make sure to add a Band-Aid to the spot before putting them on for the day to avoid any blistering or abrasion.

Of course, the Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat is relatively more expensive than other flats, but its comfort is worth it.


Women all over the world no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style with the help of the Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat. You will look chic and professional without worrying about sore feet at the end of the day when you wear these flats to work.


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