When to Wear Dress Shoes?

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Some people tend to overlook their attire and how important a role it plays in society. What you wear automatically sets you up for what people will feel your personality is, also your social status. For many centuries, the clothing you wore represented your income, how you viewed yourself, and if you knew how to put yourself together.

You need to know that what you're wearing will influence how others are going to perceive you. An essential part of your wardrobe to consider is your choice of shoes.

Shoes are an indication of where a person came from and where they're headed. When should you wear a specific type of footwear, and why? These are questions we're going to discuss today.

When to wear dress shoes and are they important?

The main topic of this article is when should you wear dress shoes. There are many different types of shoes to choose from: loafers, running shoes, dress, casual, etc. the list is endless.

For women, that list gets even more extensive with sandals, heels, and boots thrown into the mix. But why dress shoes, and when should you be wearing them?

For over 100 years, shoes have reflected the position a person was in and were important in a work environment. Now, it all depends on what type of work environment you're in, but we'll offer you a few examples.

If you're in any business that is professional-oriented (e.g., a bank or working in an office) and are thinking you want to move up in the company, we recommend that you wear quality dress shoes every day. You want to make sure they're polished and clean when you wear them around the office.

A simple tip that we give, especially if the weather is not good outside, is to leave a pair of stylish dress shoes at the office and wear boots or shoes you do not care so much about to and from work. When you get to work, change into your dress shoes; it's as simple as that.

If you work in an environment that deals with customers and sales reps, especially in sales, you should be wearing dress shoes. They exude a new-found level of professionalism that other shoes just can’t.

We're sure that if you're in a professional work setting, your boss, or someone else who's in charge has already laid out their thoughts and rules for the required work attire dress code, and this probably includes a caveat on work shoes.

Dress shoes go great even with more casual outfits, so even if there's a more relaxed dress code day at work, we recommend you still wear some type of dress shoes.

Special Occasion Shoes

Other than just work, you should also consider wearing dress shoes out to social gatherings and events, primarily, if you're going on a date. If you're going to a fancier restaurant, or out on the town, shoes can still say a lot about your personality and how you view yourself.

Wearing quality dress shoes will set you apart from the crowd and will draw people to you.

As well, other than just for dates, it's common knowledge that you'll be required to wear dress shoes to multiple significant events in your life. You'll be expected to wear them to weddings, funerals, and every other kind of activity in between (such as a bar mitzvah, and a variety of birthday celebrations)

How to Choose Your Shoes

With so many occasions to wear dress shoes, you'll want a few pair on hand to cycle through. The most significant feature to look for is the comfort level of the dress shoe so always try to get the proper shoe size.

Even though the look is essential, if you wear them for a while, and feel uncomfortable, you won’t want to wear them again. Also, ensure they're durably made and won't wear and tear too easily, especially if you wear the same pair frequently.

Dress shoes are one of the most critical wardrobe attire purchases you can make as they'll help turn your look to one that is professional and respectable. We hope this article has helped you appreciate the importance of where and when to wear dress shoes.

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