What To Wear With Brown Ankle Boots

If you’re a fan of brown ankle boots, then this article will speak to you. There are so many different wardrobe styles which can compliment brown ankle boots, and of course, some which don’t.

Brown ankle boots are most popular during the warmer seasons of the year, including Spring, Summer and perhaps even Fall. In Winter, they’re not so popular as thicker boots come into play; however, it’s not uncommon for people to still wear them on warmer days. If you’re interested in learning about what to wear with brown ankle boots, then read on.

We’ve done some research into current fashion styles, and found some of the best looks with brown boots out there, to help you find some inspiration with your boots as well as your wardrobe!

These looks are all effortless to follow and will be great for anyone who’s looking to give a bit of an update to their current style.

Skinny Jeans

The first look is probably one of the most popular, and that is with classic skinny jeans. Skinny jeans look fabulous with brown ankle boots because they match so well. Whether you opt for a blue, black, brown, grey, green or any other color of jean, they are guaranteed to match well. Another thing with skinny jeans is that they make you feel a bit more confident, especially if your brown ankle boot has a little heel. It is a perfect casual look, as well as even a date-night look. The options are endless.

Ripped Jeans

Similar to skinny jeans, the ripped jeans which are popular in recent times can also look great paired with brown ankle boots, or any ankle boot in that sense. The rips in the jeans give an edgier look, while the brown boots keep it classy at the same time. This might be a fresh weekend look.


Another great look which includes brown ankle boots is when you wear a dress. This is one which many girly girls enjoy out there as it allows them to feel feminine. This can also be a great look for every day as well as more formal occasions. Brown ankle boots may be preferred to a standard open heel as they cover the foot and generally give more protection overall.


Similar to dresses, skirts are also a favorite clothing item to wear with brown ankle boots. Many beautiful and interesting looks can be created with differently patterned skirts, and again, this is a very feminine style. If you add a long coat to both dress and skirt styles, this can create a brilliant looking outfit altogether, making it perfect for work!


If you are in a cooler temperature, then dresses and skirts with bare legs might not be the best option. Adding some nice tights can be another great staple item when it comes to the brown ankle boot look. Whether you choose simple one-color tights or aim for more of a pattern, this look is a nice one to go for.


One of the more popular looks with brown ankle boots during Summer is pairing them up with. The most popular in recent times would be a pair of high waisted denim shorts with a buckle belt. This is a fashionable look, especially for festivals and concerts, as they allow you to keep cool while keeping your feet protected. This is also an excellent look for city hopping in the heat as it again allows your feet to stay protected.


Leggings are another favorite clothing item which many people are starting to wear more and more in their everyday lives. If you wear leggings, then these too can be a good match with brown ankle boots. Black leggings look great with them and make it a more casual, yet trendy style at the same time. This is a good look for those who prefer comfort over formal, and take away the stiffness of the jeans.

Leather Leggings

Another popular trend when it comes to brown ankle boots is the leather leggings and boot combo. Leather leggings give a very edgy look and are very modern. This look can be perfect when going out into the city and even when going to events like parties and celebrations.


As well as jeans and leggings, we can’t forget trousers. Not many women would opt for pants with brown ankle boots as they may think it’s less fashionable. However, this look can also be accomplished and looks good with bootleg style trousers, or those which are a little funkier in design. Hemmed trousers can also look smart with ankle boots and suitable for special occasions.

What not to wear with brown ankle boots

There are perhaps some items of clothing that would give you a warning from the fashion police, and so we thought to mention them. Joggy bottoms, or sweatpants which are used for slouching around at home, are definitely not a good thing to match with brown ankle boots.

These are just two pieces of clothing that will never match. Similarly, legwear that is black and white, or striped, is unlikely to pair with brown ankle boots due to the clash of colors. Try opting for neutral colors which the brown can compliment or bring out.


We hope now that you’ll have a better idea of what to wear with brown ankle boots than before. As you can see, there are many different outfit ideas out there, which you can try and see if they work for you. From dresses and skirts to jeans and leggings, there are many varieties which should ensure you never get bored.

We hope you have a little more inspiration after reading this post, and that you’ll be able to try some of these fresh outfit combinations soon.

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