Marino Avenue Oxford Dress Shoes for Men Review

When it comes to accessories available for the male section of society, the options are very limited. Accessories with buckles, leather wallets, shoes, some hues of the color brown, black and recently a little bit of blues.

This was the trend in the society when Marino Avenue got launched. In comparison to the women’s apparels and accessories, men’s accessories are generally monotonous and boring.

Marino Avenue wanted to change this notion by coming up with new ideas and developing those ideas into working products for men. Marino Avenue is totally reinventing the approach towards modern fashion and offers products to the modern day man that is manufactured with a renewed vision to change the way one thinks about male fashion.

Marino Oxford Dress Shoes for Men - Formal Leather Shoes - Casual Classic Mens Shoes - Black - Side Lace - 8.5 D(M) US


Discussed below are some of the features and unique selling points of the men’s dress shoe offered from Marino Avenue.

Fashionable design

The overall look and design of the dress shoe from the house of Marino Avenue is elegantly designed, sleek and stylish that can pose a serious competitor to the other brands offering similar products. The company takes pride in their team of designers all masters in their own field of sculpting the best designer shoes for the modern man.

Impressive fit

These shoes fit to impress and provide the best overall support and comfort that one looks for in a pair of men’s leather shoes. The shoes are made available in all possible sizes thereby ensuring the perfect fit.

The elegant and retro styling of the shoes makes this pair of shoes the all-around workhorse that suits all your needs!

Authentic treated leather

The shoes from Marino Avenue are made from the top of the class, treated genuine leather coupled with natural rubber soles for remarkable grip and anti-skid properties.

The shoes are made and designed to provide the consumer with the flexibility, longevity, durability and overall reliability that a consumer looks for in a pair of dress shoes. The days of scraped soles, general wear and tear are over!

Comfortable fit

The level of comfort that shoes from Marino Avenue offer to the customer is otherworldly. One would question how is it possible?

Well, the answer is simple, if you make a product that is manufactured with utmost care and diligence in terms of design and quality control then the same is bound to offer the best possible satisfaction and experience to the customer.

Flexible policy

The company policy offered from Marino Avenue is formulated in such a way as to offer the customer 100% percent satisfaction both in terms of product quality and fit.

A convenient 45 days of exchange/return facility is offered from Marino Avenue. On top of that, a 6-month warranty is offered on all of the products from Marino Avenue.

They made it their mission to ensure customer satisfaction in every possible way they can with the products they purchased from the brand.

Make a statement

A man becomes a gentleman with his attire. The dress and the shoes are complementary to each other. A dinner jacket or a tuxedo is incomplete without a proper dress shoe. Marino Avenue shoes are exclusively designed and manufactured to provide the gentleman with the authentic feel of Marino style statement!

The overall elegant and sleek design of the shoes makes it the ideal pair that can accompany you in any setting, be it a formal business dinner, a board meeting or a casual outing with your friends and family.

Dress shoe with a kick

These shoes from the house of Marino Style are not your ordinary pair of dress shoes that you see in the market these days. They are made to last, made with authentic leather for longer shelf life, rubber soles for wet surface grip, as well as an awesome fit that will ensure your feet are comfortable all day.


  • Elegantly designed and sleek look
  • Great value for money and stunning looks
  • Reasonably priced
  • An all round package that offers the customer with comfort, style and quality all mashed up into one
  • Great product for gifting to a loved one
  • The overall packaging is eye-catchy and comes with a convenient storage bag
  • Made from genuine leather and rubber soles with anti-skid property


  • A bit smelly initially

How the product serves your needs?

It is a known fact that the price is not always a good indicator of quality, especially when it comes to buying a pair of shoes. High-end products automatically charge more because they have to hold on to their market value as a brand.

Even if the built quality of the commodity they are selling is not at all meeting the requirements that ensure a longer shelf life.

The dress shoes offered from Marino Avenue comes equipped with padded interiors for providing the customer with the ultimate levels of comfort that becomes a necessity for long hours of confinement of the feet in a piece of leather. The shoes are made from genuine treated leather for ultimate longevity and reliability.

How is the product different from other competing products?

If this product is compared to that of the one offered from MM/ONE then it can readily be observed that the latter is manufactured from faux or synthetic leather coupled with synthetic soles.

After some careful examination, one could easily reach a conclusion that Marino Avenue is a far better brand than its competitors in terms of quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process to the overall built quality and the durability factor


This is a relatively new player in the market and some people might lack the trust in them. This won’t be an issue once you put your feet inside a pair of dress shoes from Marino Avenue.

If you want to own a product that offers great value for money, reliability and durability factor then Marino Avenue Oxford Dress Shoes are a great choice.


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