LIYZU Men’s Leather Lace Up Modern Dress Oxford Shoes Review

Can you recall the last time you got fascinated when you saw someone in completely different look? Were you surprised to see your friend wearing something different from what he usually wears? You might have probably realized this a lot of times before, but let us remind you that the way you dress will affect how people look at you. You can control how people perceive you, that is why you should take extra effort in deciding what to wear at times when you need to suit-up.

If you want to gain more respect, you should start with the right pair of shoes. Why? Because a good pair of shoes serves as the foundation of your style. Most people often think that because shoes are the lowest part of your outfit, it is acceptable just to wear whatever is available in their closet. Believe it or not, a nice, clean pair of shoes can instantly transform your entire look.

Are you planning to buy a stylish pair now? Then let us help you. If you haven’t heard LIYZU Men’s Oxford Shoes before, you might want to stay a little longer and read more about this model.

The shoes are impressively beautiful, a perfect pair for special occasions and corporate events. The products are also made by LIYZU, one of the most established shoe manufacturing companies in the world, ensuring you of good quality, comfort, and durability. Above all, these elegant leather lace-up shoes are offered at a price you can afford.


LIYZU Men's Leather Lace up Modern Dress Oxford Shoes US Size 11.5 Black

If you’re thinking of getting a pair of nice dress shoes for a special occasion or business meeting, try LIYZU Men’s Oxford Shoes. These stylish and elegant leather shoes are among the most popular pairs in the worldwide market today. Men love LIYZU’s shoes not only for its classic and stylish look but also because they come at a very reasonable price.

This model guarantees ease and comfort because the soles are made of flexible and durable rubber. With this material, you can be confident that your shoes will last long despite excessive use. The rubber soles also allow you to feel comfortable even after long hours of walking. It is impressive, however, that the shoes are not heavy despite being made from rubber soles. This is important especially for men who spend a lot of hours moving and walking at work.

The leather linings of LIYZU’s shoes also offer breathability so you won’t have to worry about foul odors after taking the shoes off. The textured circular lace was designed to make it easier for the users to wear and remove the shoes, an awesome feature for busy individuals who do not want to spend extra time in tying or untying shoelaces. The lace-up feature of this product is also a big plus for those who want footwear with a secure and reliable fit.

LIYZU’s Oxford Shoes are beautiful and classy giving users more confidence. We know good appearance entails cleanliness and elegance from head to foot and this is what this brand aims to give its customers. This is a great choice for men who want to look smarter and stylish. Always keep in mind that a nice pair of shoes can highly affect your overall look that is why purchasing good footwear means improving your whole appearance.

Apart from those amazing attributes of LIYZU’s Oxford Shoes, this model is very affordable, so this is an awesome choice for men who with budget or simply do not want to spend much on footwear.


  • High-quality leather
  • Rubber soles
  • Slip-resistance
  • Good quality man-made faux leather upper
  • Premium leather lining
  • Soft and comfortable footbed
  • Elegant looking lace-up shoes
  • One-inch platform
  • Ideal for social events, formal occasions, and corporate functions
  • Reasonably-priced


  • Narrow cut


When we are buying shoes, we take into consideration the quality and the price of the products. These two factors are very important in deciding which pair to purchase because shoes are among our personal things that form part of our basic needs and, at the same time, are used for self-improvement.

Numerous brands on the market are touting their products as affordable and of high quality, but only a few of them are actually true to their claim. With many years of experience in the shoe industry, LIYZU has already built a good reputation for creating good quality footwear. Their lace-up Oxford shoes are only among the wide variety of options they offer to their various types of customers worldwide.

The features of LIYZU’s shoes mentioned above are exactly the things that men are looking for in footwear. Comfortable, durable, flexible, and affordable are attributes that you can hardly see in one product, but LIYZU made that possible by offering these Oxford shoes.


Let us try to compare LIYZU’s Oxford Shoes to the competitors in the market. Other prominent brands in the shoe section are J’s.o.l.e and Bruno Marc. These two companies also offer Oxford shoes that are in the same price range as LIYZU’s, but they have a big difference in terms of features and attributes.

The soles of J’s.o.l.e Men’s shoes are thicker compared to ordinary oxfords making the shoes heavier. Apart from the soles, this brand has the same set of features with LIYZU’s products but J’s.o.l.e’s shoes are more expensive, giving LIYZU a great advantage in the competition.

Bruno Marc’s oxfords, on the other hand, have a soft-round toe design which will be a problem for men who spend long hours of walking. The toe area of LIYZU’s oxfords is thick and hard not only to protect the feet but also to prevent creases.


Comparing the facts mentioned above, there is no denying that LIYZU is a winning brand in the dress shoes category. Their oxford shoes boast great quality, impressive style, classic design, and irresistible comfort. And the best part? You can get all those amazing attributes at an affordable price.


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