Best Leather Soled Men’s Dress Shoes

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When it comes to men’s dress shoes, the options are seemingly endless. You may wonder which pair is right for your outfit. Leather Soled Men's Dress Shoes are the go-to for dressy styles; for this reason, we've pulled together five quality pairs to review.

This quick guide will help you find the right dress shoes for your needs.

Leather Soled Men's Dress Shoes Comparison Chart

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Men’s Leather Soled Shoes Reviews

1. Giorgio Brutini Men's Cap Toe Oxford

Giorgio Brutini shoes for men. It’s a destination brand that allows you to go to work or play in style, and you’ll find a collection of shoes and boots here, which are relatively inexpensive.

This brand focuses on the details and colors, so it’s the footwear style to choose when you want to make a great first impression. You'll find boots, Oxfords, and loafers, and you can also choose between a variety of materials, though, leather is still the number one choice.

The company has been around since 1969, though it's recently become more recognized.

Product Highlights

In crafting the Giorgio Brutini Men’s Cap-Toe Oxford, the manufacturer used 100 percent leather. Therefore, you don’t have to fear that some parts use different or inferior materials.

Because it's an Italian brand, the shoe is imported; some third-party sellers can sell products anywhere in the world. As such, you might be able to get this model, even if you live outside Italy or the USA.

Naturally, the leather sole is of significance, as well. Many times, “leather” shoes use a human-made bottom, which can result in excess wear and tear with time. You won’t have to worry about that with these.

It’s important to note that a men’s dress shoe is likely to have a slightly high heel. This brand doesn’t disappoint, though the heel itself is quite low and designed for comfort. They're available in two colors, namely brown and black.

What We Like

We like the fact that they're well-made, lightweight men's dress shoes. Sometimes, men's footwear can feel heavy or cumbersome. You might feel like you’re walking on air with this model.

These shoes are very comfortable, as well. Of course, you’re probably not going to run a marathon in them. If you work in a office, you'll be able to walk a long time before your feet get tired.

What We Don’t Like

While you need to consider the price, we did feel that these shoes were very thin. They aren’t going to last you a year if you wear them every day. However, for the amount you pay, that's still a good value.


  • Inexpensive men's dress shoes
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Soft and pliable
  • Non-flexible heel cap
  • Stylish; comparable to high-end brands


  • Fit is off; consider half-size larger
  • Not as long-lasting as high-end brands
  • Slippery sole; use caution


2. Allen Edmonds Men’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxford

Allen Edmonds shoes is an upscale American brand established in 1922. While most of the manufacturing happens in the USA, the company also has factories in the Dominican Republic and Italy.

The company primarily focuses on shoes, but it also sells accessories and clothing for men. You can find a wide assortment of footwear, including casual and dress shoes, as well as sneakers and sandals.

While this manufacturer does have a variety of stores where the shoes can be purchased, it also sells its products online.

Product Highlights

The Allen Edmonds Men’s Strap Cap Toe Oxford is made of leather and includes a leather shoe sole. You’ll immediately note the classic lace-up style, which features a stacked heel and a medallion toe. This product does have a unique pattern (broguing), which goes well with any men's stylish outfit.

This shoe uses pinking, which means on the vamp (upper part in the front), a single piece of leather was used. Lining the shoe itself is calfskin leather, which means it is supple and conforms to your foot, almost from the beginning.

Since it's authentic leather, you should use leather lotion to remove any stains or residue. This will also help keep the leather pliable and soft. You can use any moisturizer you like, but Allen Edmonds does sell it. These dress shoes come in a variety of colors, which include walnut, dark brown burnished, bourbon, and black.

What We Like

For these shoes, we were taken aback by the pattern. Broguing means that the shoe has a unique style because of its intricate design. Some of them have it on the front only, but these Oxfords have the pattern style all over.

What We Don’t Like

If you want to buy high-quality leather shoes, you can expect to pay a bit higher price. While we understand this, we were a little disappointed that the price varied based on the color and size you choose. It’s not a significant price difference, but it's there.


  • Variety of sizes or widths available
  • High-end, good quality leather shoes
  • Stunning styles and patterns
  • Many color choices
  • Comfortable and pliable


  • Requires leather lotion or oil
  • Sizing challenges; read guide
  • Different prices
  • Possible durability problems


3. Cole Haan Williams Men’s Wingtip Oxford

Cole Haan shoes is an American brand founded in 1928. It focuses on men’s and women’s shoes, but it also sells accessories, clothing, and handbags (for women). Men can also find belts, wallets, and more.

Product Highlights

The Cole Haan Williams Wingtip Oxford has an upper made of natural leather and a synthetic leather shoe sole. It’s a very dressy shoe with a wingtip style, which means that the toe cap is pointed and spreads outward slightly like wings.

These shoes are fully lined, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort where the lining stops. You can get these shoes in black or British tan color (brown).

What We Like

We like that this shoe has a traditional wingtip styling, though it isn’t two-toned. Many times, wingtip shoes use white around the toe portion to create contrast, which might or might not go with every style and outfit.

What We Don’t Like

While it isn’t a significant issue, we were disappointed these shoes used synthetic materials for the sole. We realized that it’s to make them last longer, but for the price you pay, we would expect natural leather all around.


  • Dressy, wingtip dress shoes
  • Fully lined
  • Traditional pattern
  • Great fit


  • Synthetic leather shoe sole
  • Soles crack easily
  • Not as long-lasting as previous years


4. DLT Men’s Leather Goodyear Welted Oxford Shoes

DLT shoes are one of those brands that started out making shoes and moved on to other items. It primarily sells jewelry and clothing now. As such, it’s not as popular as other brands, but we chose to include it for comparison purposes.

This manufacturer primarily sells its products on e-commerce sites. Thus, you benefit from the convenience of ordering online.

Product Highlights

The DLT Men’s Leather Goodyear Welted Shoes is made of 100 percent handcrafted, Italian leather. The manufacturer used the Goodyear welted style, which doesn’t include broguing or patterns.

These shoes offer full-grained leather, which is stronger than other leather types. The tighter grain also resists moisture and gives you a luxurious look and style. You can also expect more breathability with them because of the leather lining.

You’ll also get waxed shoelaces, which can help the shoe stay tied longer. Additionally, the manufacturer includes an extra pair of laces, as well as a travel shoe bag to keep them protected when you travel or aren’t wearing them.

When shopping for these shoes, it’s possible to find many colors, such as black smooth, traditional black, Bordo, and brown. The best thing is that if you start to notice the shoes are damaged, you can easily have them repaired or resoled, extending their life.

What We Like

We quite liked the simple style of these shoes. They’re not excessively expensive, but they still look like they are high-quality shoes that will last. Of course, they may not be dressy enough for formal occasions, but they’d be suitable for daily use as men's business attire.

What We Don’t Like

The manufacturer focuses heavily on the ability to dismantle and repair the shoes. It seems to mean quality concerns. However, the price you pay isn’t excessive, so it stands to reason that repairing them extends their usable life.


  • Anti-slip shoe soles
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Handcrafted leather without the high price
  • Simple dress shoe design


  • Sizing is off without a helpful guide
  • Long toe style; fashionable but awkward
  • Slight two-tone appearance not noticed in pictures
  • Wear and tear possible early on


5. Johnston & Murphy Sanders Men’s Chukka Shoe

Johnston & Murphy shoes is an American company manufacturing clothes and footwear for men and women since 1850. Primarily, it sells its items online, though some high-end shops have them. Of course, shopping online helps you to compare and get the best deal without having to leave your home.

Product Highlights

The Johnston & Murphy Men’s Sanders Chukka Shoes are made of 100 percent leather. The heel is 1.25 inches high, which isn’t excessive for a man’s shoe. Plus, the Goodyear welt shoe construction helps the leather mold to your foot shape with time, giving you a customized fit.

The perforated insoles are fully lined. This helps to disperse moisture and ensure breathability. They're available in three colors, including burgundy calfskin, black calfskin, and tan calfskin.

What We Like

This shoe is sturdy and looks professional without being excessive. If you want something that can be worn at the office and doesn’t cost too much, this is an excellent choice of shoes.

What We Don’t Like

We weren't happy that the fit was so tricky to figure out. While there is some give and take to find the right size, it seems like the half sizes had almost a whole size difference.


  • Business professional shoes
  • 100% leather
  • Low heel mens dress shoe
  • Leather lining for moisture dispersion


  • Quality of brand is off
  • Not as durable
  • Too long shoelaces


Buyer’s Guide

In the past, you could go to any shoe store and get a quality pair of men’s dress shoes with a leather sole. Leather was king, so you didn’t have to worry much about inferior materials, but things have changed in the last few decades.

Now that you can buy them online, it’s essential to focus on a variety of important aspects to make sure you’re getting the right pair of shoes. As such, we’ve come up with some valuable points to get you started.

1. Types of Men’s Dress Shoes

Of course, there are seemingly endless options for types of men’s dress shoes, but the most common are the Oxford style. You’ll find wingtip and brogue styles, as well as others. Our list included this type plus others.

For example, you will find the Derby and loafers. We felt that loafer-style shoes weren't dressy enough. Most of the options we went with are suitable for formal events as well as daily wear.

2. Care

We chose to focus on leather shoes with leather soles, so it’s essential to read the care instructions that come with them. Most of the time, it’s best to stay away from water (even puddles). You might also want to consider leather oil or lotion to help remove scuffs and keep them looking soft and pliable.

3. Price

You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 for your leather dress shoes. The price you pay is dependent on the brand name, styling, and quality of the material. The products we listed were of a variety of price points so that everyone could find something which suits their budget.

4. Fit or Size

Dress shoes tend to be made smaller, especially if they're imported from a different country. Hence, it’s best to see if there's a fit guide available from the manufacturer and use that to determine the size you need.

If you’re buying them online, you might also want to make sure there are free returns. That way, you can buy the size you think you need and test them.

Final Verdict

Leather soled men's shoes are an excellent choice because they look dressy and can be worn in a variety of formal settings. Of course, there are many options out there, but we chose to only focus on five products.

With that in mind, we concluded that the DLT Men’s Leather Goodyear Welted Oxford was a suitable choice as it's stylish without being too expensive. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for the best quality dress shoes and aren’t afraid of the price, then the Allen Edmonds Men’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxford might be more desirable for you.

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