J’s.o.l.e Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes Review

If you’re looking for a stylish pair of men's dress shoes which can be worn on a variety of social events, then look no further. Coming from a trusted manufacturer, the J's.o.l.e Men's Oxford Dress Shoes come integrated with all the design features which one could expect from a pair of high-quality footwear. You can wear these versatile shoes for men to a wedding,  a friend’s party, on a date or part of your everyday work attire at the office.

Extremely elegant, these formal men's shoes incorporate such a distinctly classic style which makes it an instant success with its wearers. Want to know more about the J's.o.l.e Men's Oxford Dress Shoes? Have a look at our guide below.

J's.o.l.e Mens Dress Shoes Formal Wingtip Oxford Shoes for Men Cap Toe Lace Up Brown US 9



The J's.o.l.e Oxford shoes come in two different designs. Apart from the traditional black Oxford dress shoes design, which is often the first choice for office shoes, this product is also available in a stylish brown exterior. Regardless of your personal preference, both of these men's dress shoe colors are extremely sophisticated, and either one would be appropriate for any formal gathering.

These shoes can also be polished, so even if you have to wear them every day, a light coating of polish will help this footwear to retain its shine.

Lightweight Shoes

The overall weight of the J's.o.l.e Men's Oxford Dress Shoes is just under 2lbs. Such lightweight construction comes in handy for all those customers who need to wear this shoe for a fair amount of time every day because it keeps foot fatigue at bay.

Comfortable & Breathable

The manufacturer has made use of a premium insole inside this product. As compared to other synthetic insoles, this one is much more durable which provides a constant cushioning underneath your feet. As compared to the average insole on other oxford dress shoes, it's two times thicker so it won’t lose its shape after regular use.

Then comes the breathable leather lining, which not only prevents the seams of this shoe from tearing apart but at the same time, it increases your feets overall comfort. Another positive impact of this lining is the way it enhances the outer look of this model, which is a big plus for the fashion-oriented users of this shoe.

Rubber Sole

To ensure the wearer a comfortable, secure step, the J's.o.l.e Men's Oxford Dress Shoes come with a durable outsole. The sole is made of rubber which helps provide decent grip on a variety of different surfaces.

Wooden Heel

If you want to look a bit taller inside these oxford shoes, they come with no less than a 1’’ high wooden heel. This makes them ideal footwear for those of you with average height, the fact that it's not an exaggerated height ensures that even the taller customers can wear this product without any hesitation.

Proper Sizing

One thing which seems to be an issue with these dress shoes is the fact that they tend to run a bit big. So before ordering a pair for yourself, you should carefully check your feet dimensions and then compare it with the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

Additionally, they also tend to run a bit narrow, which might be a problem for some users with wider feet. So keep these points in mind when making this purchase.


  •  Affordable dress shoes for the budget-conscious shopper
  • Lightweight footwear construction makes it ideal for all day use
  • Conservative 1 in. heel height accommodates a wide range of customers


  • Designed with a snug fit, might be too tight for some customers with wider feet


Available in two different color schemes, the J's.o.l.e Men's Oxford Dress Shoes are carefully crafted to serve a wide range of customers. Incorporating synthetic construction, this model comes with a snug, lace up closure along with a comfortable latex footbed. For enhanced breathability, it makes use of a premium leather lining, and the rubber slip resistant outsole on the bottom of this product helps you stay sure-footed no matter what the surface.


When shoes are such an essential part of everyone’s personality, the J's.o.l.e Men's Oxford Dress Shoes can make you look elegant at a very affordable price. These shoes are ideal for fashionable men who want to look sharp without overextending their budget.

Furthermore, when it comes in two different color designs, you can wear them with several different outfits, and it won’t look out of place. Especially in this price range, it's one of the best men's dress shoes you can purchase in today’s market.

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