How to Wear Brown Dress Shoes

Wearing dress shoes is something everyone will have to do eventually. Whether it’s for an event, a date or even just at the office, you may find that brown dress shoes are necessary. Learning more about them and how you can take care of your shoes once you get them can make all the difference.

In order to help you with learning how to assemble your brown dress shoes into a variety of events and outfits, we’re going to give you the rundown on how to make these shoes look good. Read on, and enjoy.

Types of Brown Dress Shoes

Just like anything else, there are several types of brown dress shoes. Depending on the occasion you have planned to wear brown shoes on, you will want to pick a certain style. Luckily, there are several styles out there that can perfectly match your needs.

Formal Events

For any formal events you may be going to like a wedding or a business dinner, you will want to wear formal brown dress shoes. Choosing a suit to wear with these shoes is the hard part, because the wrong color can cause a clash that no one wants to see.

Most advise against wearing any kind of black suit with brown dress shoes. These colors simply don’t go very well together. It is a hard style to pull off. You will want to focus more on grey and navy suits, as the color combination works much better, ensuring that you don’t wind up with a fashion faux pas.

Casual Events

Heading out for a night in the town and want to look your best? Throw on some casual brown dress shoes. They work great with a white tee and some jeans. Making a stylish outfit with casual brown dress shoes is very easy. For the best style, try to lean towards suede dress shoes.

You may find that including brown dress shoes into a more casual outfit is easier than a formal occasion. Because of that, you also have the option of choosing a different color for formal occasions, but that will greatly depend on the suits or other formal outfits you may already have.

Why Wearing Dress Shoes is Important

Some people never invest in dress shoes. If they own a pair, it is either bought by a friend or a family member. That said, there are several reasons why you should be wearing dress shoes.

They Make You Look and Feel More Professional

One of the most obvious reasons for wearing dress shoes is looking professional. No matter whether you’re a man or a woman, going to a job interview in sneakers is an all-around bad idea. If you cannot dress well for a job interview, then you likely will not be hired.

Having a more professional style can also help you with feeling more confident. You’ll be able to trust that you’re looking your best and will present a better image to the employer. If there’s one thing many of us know about interviews, it’s that you can’t have that first meeting twice. So you might as well make sure you offer the best possible version of yourself the first time.

You are Automatically More Attractive When You Dress Good

Who doesn’t like to look good? Dress shoes go with a lot of stylish outfits and they make you look more attractive. Women love stylish dress shoes; they make you look better. People often overlook how much emphasis that shoes bring to your character. They are different from the clothes you are wearing.

Most importantly, when you’re looking great, you’ll be feeling great as well. If you’re proud of the outfit you’ve put together, you’ll walk taller and appear happier. This in itself is going to draw more people to you, opening up a whole new way to enjoy the world around you.

It Shows That You Care

This goes both ways. Not only does wearing dress shoes show that you care about your own appearance, but also it shows that you care about the event that you are attending.

If you show up to a date with slippers on, of course, your date will think that you are not taking it seriously. Dress shoes are a very serious style of shoes and make an impact on anyone who sees you wearing them. They can also be attributed to the status.

Where to Wear Dress Shoes

For those who really want to learn how to wear brown dress shoes, you should understand where you should be wearing them and where you shouldn’t be.

Yes, it may seem like a common-sense thing, but a lot of people wear dress shoes everywhere. Dress shoes are not designed to be worn a lot. They can easily become torn and may crack if you wear them too much. You also increase the risk of scuffing them the more you wear them.

Dress shoes are special-occasion shoes. As the name implies, you should only be wearing them when you plan to dress up. Church, work, or a night on the town are great times to wear them.

If you are a student, wearing them every day is not advised. You may dress up every day, but this can severely damage your shoes if you plan to wear a single pair every day. So, either buy several pairs of dress shoes to alternate between, or limit the times you wear your dress shoes.

How to Wear Brown Dress Shoes

Now, let’s talk about a few ideal outfits that will help you understand how to wear brown dress shoes. These are simple suggestions as you can wear your shoes however you see fit, but for a stylish and clean look, you should at least consider our list.

Formal Brown Shoes With a Suit

When it comes to the most formal way to wear brown shoes, there are several aspects you’ll need to take into account. One such variable is the actual shade of the shoes. You can’t expect any shade of brown to work with any color suit.

If you choose a navy suit, then most shades of brown will work well, though some may think a darker shade will look more professional. Darker blue suits can also work well with other shoe colors. Secondly, medium to light-colored gray suits can also work well with brown shoes. As will brown suits.

Darker gray suits and black suits will clash with brown shoes, so you’ll need to choose a different suit to go with brown dress shoes and vice-versa. This may seem strange because black is thought to be the most versatile of clothing colors, but that aspect just doesn’t apply when it comes to suits.

Black Jeans and Brown Boots

Brown is a universal color that goes with a lot of things. The color works well up against white, but the same can be said about black. Putting on a dark-colored denim shirt with a pair of black jeans can be complemented well with some brown leather boots. The boots do a great job of adding detail to your look. This look also works well with a hat.

Black Trousers and Brown Shoes

Continuing on with the black bottom theme, trousers also work well. In this case, you would want to go with a more traditional pair of brown dress shoes. This outfit is light and provides some breathability as compared to the denim combo above.

This way, you can look good and feel good if it is too hot outside. With this outfit, you should try wearing a light-colored top. Beige, tan, or white works well. The great thing about this look is that you can look both formal and casual. Throw on a tie or add a watch to look a bit more professional.

Casual Jeans and Light Brown Dress Shoes

A great look for dates is the classic light brown shoes with blue or black jeans. This is a fun look because you can easily add more depth to your style by layering your clothes.

During colder seasons, simply adding an overcoat can make you look more in control of your fashion. White, blue, and light brown make for a great color combination, appealing to anyone.

Another great aspect of this outfit is that it it’s something comfortable and the dress shoes add an easy way to add more style without having to put on a suit. It’s a great way to spruce up your look without having to take it too far.


Wearing brown dress shoes is ideal for several reasons. Learning how to wear brown dress shoes is an art and mixing and matching different wardrobe styles is a great way to go about it. Start with the ideas that we’ve discussed and then branch out. Black and blue jeans contrast perfectly with a good pair of brown dress shoes.

This is also true for a layered fashion style and white t-shirts. Stick with the basics and don’t overthink it. Making brown dress shoes look good really is simple.


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