How to Wear Women’s Boots With a Dress

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Are you looking for stylish women's outfits ideas? Then you've come to the right place.

When it comes to wearing boots, there are a variety of fashionable combinations you can choose from. Some ladies might struggle when it comes to matching boots with a dress, as they're more commonly worn with heels or flats. Nevertheless, they certainly can be paired with a dress, and we'll show you how.

In this article, we share how to wear boots with a dress in five different ways so that you can have more ideas on how to dress up your favorite boots.

Match for the Occasion

The first piece of advice when it comes to how to match ladies boots and dresses is to pair for the occasion. The best way to look good wearing women's boots with a dress is if you pair them well. You'll want to consider factors such as your location, the formality, is it casual or formal? The time of day, are your boots considered too informal for nightwear, or can they be worn anytime? The length of the dress will also come into consideration as they may ruin the look of your boots or improve it all together. It all depends on the type of women's boots you're wearing and the style of dress.

To help you out, we'll share a few of the most popular boot styles below with good examples of dresses to wear them with – and how.

Ladies Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are probably the most common boot worn throughout the day. These boots come in so many different varieties and styles and can be worn in many different colors. Ankle boots are a favorite companion to dresses as they're lightweight in form and can give a trendy, playful look to any dress.

Good examples of a dress to wear with an ankle boot can be:

The pinafore dress

The pinafore dress with ankle boots is a very on-trend look at the moment which many ladies are wearing. This look can also be great with or without tights. Simply wear the dress with a long- or short-sleeve top underneath, and match with a pair of tights and ankle boots of your choice.

Midi dress

The midi-dress falls midway down the legs, which means a cute pair of ankle boots would complement your overall look. Women's brown ankle boots can look great paired with a midi dress and a leather jacket.

High Heel Boots

High heel boots come in many different styles. Some designs feature a thin heel, while others have more of a chunkier one. These can be great for formal occasions as well as parties and events. The high heeled boots tend to look best matched with the following dress styles:

Bodycon dress

The famous bodycon dress is the tight fitting ladies dress that's perfect for a night on the town or a big celebration. Therefore if you find a cute bodycon dress, try to match it with high heel boots, and add a small clutch or bag to finish the look off nicely.

Turtleneck dress

Another dress which complements high heel boots is the turtleneck-style dress. The high neck makes it look good with a high heel and adds an air of class. Match with a long coat, and you're good to go.

Chunky Leather Boots

Black leather boots are also a typical style of boot worn by many. These feminine boots can be laced up, feature buckles on each side, or merely plain without anything extra, and are great for matching with a dress.

Oversized T-shirt dress

These types of dresses are more casual and can easily be worn as a day dress. Chunky leather boots can look so trendy matched with an oversized T-shirt dress. Wear this look with or without tights, and add a casual denim jacket or leather depending on the venue where you're headed.

Skater dress

Skater dresses are the style of dress which can be taken both ways, either soft and flowy, or trendy and edgy when matching it with a chunky leather boot. This is a very attractive look and can be great for spring.

Over-the-knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots have been a favorite during the winter months; thanks to the extra length of the boot, they provide a bit more insulation for the lower legs than an average low-cut pair. Over-the-knee boots can be trickier to match with just any dress, so we'll share two good examples below.

Mini dress

The mini dress is an excellent option to go for as it’s not too long, and since the boots are over the knee, it leaves just the right amount of space to look classy. If you were to opt for a bodycon style dress with over the knee boots, however, you may run the risk of looking trashy rather than classy.

Long-sleeve dress

The long sleeve dress is another popular style to match with over-the-knee boots. The combination of long sleeves and long boots looks nice together and is an excellent look for both day or evening.

Flat Boots

The final type of boots to make our list are flat boots, also known as ‘flats.’ The best thing about these boots is they can match with any style of dress. Perhaps they look best paired with a dress and tights and can be great for wearing in the workplace. We share a popular dress example that would match.

Shirt dress

The button-up shirt style dress would be a great match with a pair of flat heel boots. This makes for a perfect casual, everyday look and is one that is both feminine and comfortable at the same time.

Final Words

Matching your women's dress boots with your dress is not so difficult, after all. Just think of the occasion, and match accordingly. We hope you'll now know how to wear women's boots with a dress, and that some of the ideas in this article have inspired you to try out some new outfit combinations yourself.

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