How To Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans

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Do you enjoy wearing ankle boots and jeans? Then perhaps you're curious to find out the best ways to wear them to look good.

Men's low boots or ankle boots have been around for a long time, and have always been quite fashionable to wear no matter the season. The best thing about them is that they can be worn in so many different ways, and with such a variety of clothes. Looking around, you'll see that people wear them with many different outfit combinations, some of which you may have never tried.

If you're keen to learn about some fresh new styles you can incorporate with your own wardrobe, then check out the rest of this article, as we share some style tips on how to wear ankle boots with jeans.

We'll look at a variety of different styles to help you find some new ways to wear your ankle boots, and hopefully, give you some fresh outfit inspiration.

What Jeans To Wear With Ankle Boots

Big Cuff

The first look on our list is the Big Cuff. If you would like a more edgy, modern look, then this next style might be for you. Simply cuffing the edges of the jeans upwards creates a nice little space so that they don't come into contact with the shoes.

This gives a little extra something to your overall look as the jeans look like they have a new patch sewn on the bottom. Keep in mind that not all jeans can cuff over as easily, and only a thinner style of denim jeans will cuff over where thicker denim will not.

Double Cuff

The Double Cuff is the same principle as the previous look, and includes creating one small inch long cuff (less than the big cuff) and then folding it over. This is also very modern. It's a great detail and adds a little bit of punch to your look, solving the problem of the jeans touching the ankle boot, by raising it a little. This works exceptionally well if the jeans are long, or if you are petite and have jeans that are a bit too long for you.

This look is one of the most popular ones when it comes to wearing skinny jeans and ankle boots, and many enjoy this look in both summer or winter. The Double Cuff is also easier to do with thicker denim, as it's only a little cuff and can easily fold without too much effort.

Rolled Up Jeans With Ankle Boots

If you're in a warmer climate, then you can also roll up your jeans to the height you feel most comfortable with. This look works best with thinner denim as thicker styles will only roll up to a certain extent before being unable to move up any further. This look is most popular in summer as it wouldn’t look as ‘cool’ in winter.

Fold Jeans Under

The next option of wearing ankle boots with jeans is to fold the jeans under. This is a cheater way of making your jeans look hemmed when they aren’t. This is great if you want to give your jeans a better hem without physically having to modify them.

This is a quick, easy, and simple way to make your skinny jeans work with all ankle boots. It can also help make jeans look a little smarter, especially if you're wearing a black pair; you might even get away with wearing them to work! Another time this look might be best to use is when the weather is cooler, and you don’t want to lose any extra heat.

How To Tuck Jeans Into Ankle Boots

Another cool combination of wearing jeans with ankle boots is tucking them into the boots. This is most popular when the boots are naturally taller as the jeans fit in just nicely. Similarly, when you have low ankle boots, you can also tuck them in, but they may slip out if there's hardly any rim to keep them locked in place. If you want to tuck jeans into lower style ankle boots, then a longer pair of jeans would work best for this look.

Pull them over the boot

If you have a longer pair of jeans and you don’t like cuffing them up or tucking them in, then you can always pull them over the boot and wear them over the top of the boots. This was a popular look back in the 1970s, especially with bootleg jeans, which have regained popularity again in recent times. Of course, this look can also be done wearing regular non-bootleg style jeans.

What socks do you wear with ankle boots?

If you're curious as to what socks to wear with ankle boots, for them not to show over the boots, then we recommend looking for no-show socks. These are thin cotton socks that feature a little sticky section on the heel, which will stick to your foot for a comfortable fit to ensure they won't easily come off. These are the best socks to wear with any ankle boots as they make it appear like you're wearing no socks at all. 


So, there you have it. Now you'll hopefully understand how to wear ankle boots with jeans in as many ways as possible. Whether you decide to tuck in, cuff up, roll up, or leave your jeans over your boots, there are more than enough looks out there to make sure you don’t get bored!

Sometimes, certain jeans will look better in one style than another, and the beauty is that you can mix and match and try to see what works best depending on the boots you're wearing. We hope this article has given you some fresh inspiration to try new styles when pairing your boots and jeans.

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