How To Dress For A Business Meeting

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What you wear to a business meeting could be every bit as important as the preparation that goes into the client research and pitch itself. Think of an approaching business meeting as being similar to interviewing for a new position. In both cases, it's vital that you make the right impression.

Even if you're meeting with a regular contact who you're already doing business with, you still want to continue to exceed their expectations both in terms of the service you deliver and the impression you make. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, where there's always someone hungrier, smarter, or perhaps more experienced than you looking to jump into your well-polished shoes, it’s essential to keep evolving.  In order to stay on top of your A-game, you'll want to be wearing the proper business meeting attire.

What is professional business meeting attire?

So here’s a bit of refresher for you in terms of how to dress appropriately for your next big business formal meeting. Appropriate, as always, is the watchword as what might be highly presentable and acceptable in one industry, won’t be for another, so these are general guidelines designed to give you some useful pointers for business attire that you can apply to your personal employment situation.

What is Business Casual Attire for Men?

First up, let’s have a chat about “men's business casual dress code” as opposed to fully formal attire. You have permission to lose the suit but certainly no excuse not to be presentable and smart for your next business casual meeting. You want to make sure to be comfortable, and your meeting is more likely to take place in a relaxed environment rather than the executive boardroom. You’ve already honed and developed your sense of style, and you want to stay true to that. You may have a couple of trademark signature looks that have evolved over the years as your style has matured.

Perhaps you're known for your impeccable taste in ties, or you always have the shiniest shoes or the crispest whitest collared shirt. If you do have your own style, then continue to own and wear it with confidence. Great options for business casual attire include a decent blazer in a single dark color, navy blue being at the same time both effortlessly stylish and cool. Wearing a blazer will give you that extra edge and confidence when you're delivering the all-important closing statement.

You're going to want a good quality shirt. A well-tailored shirt forms the backbone of men’s working wardrobes. You needn’t wear a dress shirt for a more casual business meeting, but you might consider layering your shirt with a cardigan, a simple, elegant wool jumper, or a blazer, as mentioned earlier. You need your shirt to have buttons, a collar, always to be impeccably ironed, and yes, to be tucked into your pants. Business meetings, casual or otherwise, are not for shirts hanging out.

On your bottom half, dress pants aren’t needed, but smart ones are, again, preferably in a darker color as this always looks smarter. You might also consider chinos for a more casual overall look. If you work in a start-up or creative industry, it’s probably perfectly acceptable to wear denims too, but don’t go for anything too rebellious, like skinny drain pipe legs or ripped holes in your knees. You’re at a meeting, not a gig, and you want to be taken seriously.

Shoes wise, keep it classic and straightforward again; brogues, formal dress shoes, or maybe even a smart pair of boots if your business meeting is in the colder winter months, always ensuring that they're of course well-polished and clean. As we just mentioned the colder months, don’t disregard your outerwear, too, as this is an important part of your overall outfit to wear to a business meeting. Great options that look smart but aren’t too formal include a classic trench coat or a nice woolen jacket.

Men's Business Professional Attire for Formal Business Meetings

Moving on now to a more formal boardroom situation, this is where you're going to be required to up your game and dress for success. There absolutely is a difference between what is your essential everyday working wardrobe and that which you would wear for something altogether more formal, like a professional conference, high-level executive negotiations, or a board meeting. Here you want to play it safe. Go for a dependable, stylish tailored two or even three-piece men's suit in navy or charcoal which will ensure you look charismatic, confident, and elegant.

You absolutely should be wearing your best, crispest, most impeccable white button up cotton shirt or perhaps a very simple contrasting color such as light blue.

Put a quality tie on, too. A silk tie makes a great option and pay attention to the rest of your accessories. We’re talking about an elegant matching leather belt, subtle, elegant cufflinks, and your dress watch.

To complete the look, your best polished lace up dress shoes will really add gravitas. A fantastic option would be a pair of Oxfords or brogues in a traditional black or brown, high-quality leather and before we forget: socks! Don’t let your socks be the last thing on your mind and the one thing that lets your appearance down. Choose a pair of plain matching solid color dress socks to complete your formal business outfit fully, and you're bound to seal the deal and be toasting your business success.

Personal style and personal hygiene for the office

There are a couple of other final recommendations for any occasion where you're going to be in close proximity to other men and women. We’re not just talking about the obvious personal and dental hygiene, but the important additional features to pay attention to when completing your final appearance. Make sure that your hair is smart and well-styled and that you have taken care to trim your beard or have had a fresh, clean shave.

Don’t then go overboard splashing on your deadliest aftershave. Keep it fresh and clean and not too heavy-handed. Finally, be comfortable, confident, and charismatic. Plant a charming smile on your face, give them your firmest but friendliest handshake and let your outfit be the convincing external portrayal of your personal success.

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