ECCO Men’s Dress Shoes Review

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A reliable pair of stylish dress shoes is a must for all working men. These types of shoes are very versatile and the right pair can be worn for almost any occasion. Oxford dress shoes are a part of most men's wardrobe essentials. They deserve that spot because when worn correctly, they can tie in your whole outfit.

Women usually require several different shoe types, one style for the office and another for a night out. Men are fortunate, as they can use the same pair they’ve worn all day, provided they go with the outfit.

With so many events and occasions dress shoes can be worn to, it only makes sense you get the best quality footwear you can. A durable pair will set you back a few dollars, but if they look stylish and last you for years, it's worth it.

This review will discuss the pros, the cons, and features that come with the . After reading this article, you can judge whether these specific men's dress shoes deserve a spot in your closet, or if you need to keep looking for the right pair elsewhere.

ECCO Men's Dress Shoes Review


  • Made with leather
  • Imported high-end shoes. Made in Xiamen, China
  • Sole made with rubber material
  • Men's square toe dress shoes 
  • Comes with blind-eyelet lacing and cap toe with tonal stitching
  • The lining is breathable and absorbs moisture
  • Keeps feet dry and odorless
  • Comfortable stylish shoes for everyday wear
  • Leather-covered insole is removable
  • Insoles provide excellent cushioned support
  • Amazing traction
  • Outsoles made direct-injected, one-component polyurethane
  • Rubber outsole melted onto leather creates a watertight seal
  • Lightweight men's dress shoes


These ECCO Helsinki Cap Toe Oxford dress shoes have a loyal following because they deliver on their promises. They're comfortable to wear, with minimal tread wearing, even for people who are constantly on the go.

The right kind of ECCO dress shoes can last for many years; that's how durable and reliable these men's formal shoes are. Many who have given the brand a try have found themselves staying loyal because of the comfort and support it offers them.

People with wide feet often struggle to find footwear that doesn't pinch or hurt their feet. Thankfully, these well made square toe shoes for men are designed to accommodate wide feet comfortably. 

Another big plus is how the outsoles are connected to the uppers. The melting of the two parts seamlessly secures them together and gives a nice watertight seal to allow users to stay dry even while walking on wet, rainy streets.

In case some moisture does get in, don’t worry; these dress shoes easily dry out as they're made with a technology that allows them to remain odorless.

Dress Shoes With Removable Insoles

Those who require special cushioning for their feet will appreciate that they come with a removable leather insole. This means you can take them out and replace them with custom insoles if you prefer.

Another fantastic aspect of these dress shoes that they're lightweight. You can be on your feet moving and walking without the usual weight of typical dress shoes, which can feel like a burden on those long days.

They're also very stylish and versatile. You won't need to buy another pair of shoes for formal events because you can use your ECCO’s to attend them without looking under-dressed.


These ECCO Men’s Dress Shoes are pricier than some lesser quality dress shoes. Sometimes, that makes people hesitant to try them.

Not to worry, because once you’ve tried them on you’ll never want another pair again. Plus, they last a long time, making them a great investment.

Another disadvantage of the ECCO Helsinki Oxford is its break-in period. Although they become very comfortable to wear after a certain time, the initial break-in period can sometimes take a few days.

This is due to the upper being made of leather, making them a bit difficult to stretch in the beginning. 


The may come with a higher price tag, but it's definitely worth what you pay. From the moment you try on your new pair of ECCO dress shoes, there’s no turning back to any lesser quality dress shoe brand out there.

PS: There can be durability issues with shoes that are manufactured in different countries not lasting as long as others. To avoid this, always check where the shoes are made to ensure you get the best quality and value possible.


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