What Elevator Shoes Make Men Taller (Increase Height)?

What Shoes Make Men Taller?

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Today, with the advent of technology, people easily find ways to resolve any problem. If they don't have time to buy personal stuff or even essential household products, they resort to online shopping; if they want to talk to distant friends, there's chat or video calls; and if they see any cosmetic flaw, they may opt for surgery.

If there’s one thing that technology cannot resolve, it's any perceived issues with your height. This is probably one of the few things that no type of technological equipment can solve. Height is something that people can only acquire naturally.

So, if you're reading this article because you’re looking for tips on how to look taller, we'll try our best to help. We won't advise you to go under the knife, but we will provide ideas on how to increase your height easily and safely. Believe it or not, your footwear plays an integral part in your overall look. So, if you want to look taller, you have to purchase the proper pair of shoes that make you taller to increase your height and boost your self-confidence.

You might be asking, “Can shoes make you taller?” Read on and let us tell you why your choice of shoes can tremendously help vertically challenged men in achieving a taller look.

Why Look Taller?

Height is often associated with authority. 28 United States presidents have been 5’10 or over. We need to go back to Jimmy Carter to find one under that height and to Harry Truman before him.  Height is associated with masculinity and power.  Even back in ancient Egypt height was a status symbol and men wore shoes that added to their stature. In ancient Rome, men sought to be taller with patricians wearing them to literally improve their presence in the senate.

A woman, up to a certain height, is seen as elegant and sexy. A minimum height for female models is usually considered 5’8”. Women though only started wearing high heels though in the 17th century.

Do Shoes Make You Taller?

Luckily, there are many shoes that increase height for men that are specially designed for those who want to look taller. Some brands feature a 2-inch platform while others even provide dress shoes with as high as 4-inch heels. It's like wearing shoes with a hidden insert to secretly make you look taller.

Shoe lifts, as they're called, are probably one of the best inventions made for men. High heels are ubiquitous for women, but not the usual thing for males. It became acceptable and normal nevertheless because society believes that height matters, especially for men. Moreover, thick soles do not only add height, but they also improve low self-esteem and help men to achieve a more desirable look.

There are a lot of men's height-increasing dress shoes on the market so make sure you know what you need so you won’t get fooled by too-good-to-be-true claims made by some footwear manufacturers.  Also, keep in mind that a nice pair of men's thick sole dress shoes should be good enough that people would think you're wearing platform shoes and not the heeled ones.

What Shoes Make Men Taller Tips


  • If you need comfortable footwear, look for taller shoes with tapered toes. The front edge of this kind of shoe is narrow and pointed, giving wearers a taller look.

  • Find a pair of shoes with the right fit. Big shoes will result in improper outfit proportion; they will also make you uncomfortable.

  • Choose shoes with simple designs. Eye-catching shoes will draw attention to your feet, so opt for something classy yet minimalist. You might want to add a scarf to your outfit, wear vertical stripes, or put other accessories on your upper body to keep other people’s eyes there.

  • Purchase high-quality footwear. Sometimes spending more today for a quality pair of shoes that make you look taller is better than having to replace them only a few months later. It's not easy to get used to men's height-increasing height shoes, so find footwear that you'll feel comfortable wearing and built so that you can use them for a long time.


  • One of the things to avoid is using ugly shoe lifts. Remember that your main goal in using height-increasing shoes is to gain and boost your confidence, so opt for something that will help you achieve that goal. Also, ugly shoe lifts will make the height difference noticeable.

  • Avoid buying shoes that are too big. Always wear your size because oversized shoes will only make you look like you’re overcompensating.

  • Stay away from shoes with a square toe. This type of footwear will only make you appear shorter.

  • Don't buy cheap shoes. Buying inexpensive shoes is fine but never compromise quality over the price. If you want to look classy, decent, and elegant, you'll have to spend a little more for better-quality products.

Advantages of Wearing Men's Higher Heeled Shoes

  • Higher heels boost confidence. You'll never feel vulnerable again when taller men approach you.

  • Improves posture. Your shoes’ hidden insoles don't only help you look taller; they will also allow you to stand and walk naturally with good posture.

  • Better physique. Unlike walking in flat shoes, shoes with thick soles will help you improve your physique because walking in them requires you to raise your back heel.

  • Improves leg muscles. Using men's high-heeled dress shoes will also reshape your leg muscles and improve your body’s functionality.

  • Makes men look more elegant. High-heeled men's dress shoes naturally bring out elegance. Combined with a classy and stylish suit, men will look more prominent when wearing them.

Shoe Types

There are a variety of shoe styles that can create extra inches for the wearer, but let’s start from a slightly different angle. The most elegant thing is self-confidence. High heel shoes or thick insoles are not an easy way to feel better about yourself.

That being said, height too can impress people in business environments and is generally considered attractive. So, there is no doubt that it provides advantages and so what shoes are the best choice for gaining a height increase for shorter guys.

The first rule is they must be comfortable shoes. The right choice is always one where wearing them is not a source of discomfort and stress. Standing with a pained look on your face and shifting from foot to foot will undo the advantages of height every time.

Elevator Shoes

These contain special insoles which can be of varying thickness and give a height boost to the wearer. Elevator shoes are a concept, rather than a type. It is a concept that can be applied to most types of shoes.

This can be applied to formal dress shoes such as Oxfords.  It can equally be applied to business shoes or casual shoes and even a running shoe. This means that extra height is available for everything from a formal occasion to your daily routine.

Elevator shoes used to look obvious but modern elevator shoe has managed to overcome this and look inconspicuous. They can provide a great deal of extra height, up to seven inches but beyond about 2 ½ inches they become increasingly evident.

It is an idea to start with a lower elevation shoe say perhaps an inch and then work up to the height you want. Avoid too large a drop from heel to toe by using shoes that have a raised flat toe. Once you have found the height you want, then start to build a collection of shoes of the same height and begin a collection of different shoes that are of the same elevation to ensure consistency in your appearance.


Cuban boots, cowboy boots, and work boots all have thicker soles that can be used to add up to about one and a half inches of height and sometimes more.

Cowboy boots if you choose these, should be of the narrow pointed toe design developed in the 1940s. This avoids the height-shortening effect of the classic square toes. These can achieve up to two more inches of height for the wearer and of course pair very well with jeans.

Cuban boots or more specifically Cuban heel boots are similar to cowboy boots but feature a more tapered heel which provides up to 1 ½ inches of additional height. These heels which were worn as far back as the 9th century feature a slightly tapered back and a straight front. They are very common on dance shoes as they allow for easier movement than normal heels

Work boots more than any other need to be safe but can provide up to about two inches of height when worn. One downside is that using work boots that make you taller can mean that the footwear is heavier than it would otherwise be. If this could be dangerous then such boots should be avoided.

Wedge Shoes

This type of footwear refers to a single-piece heel and sole. They are normally low heeled for men but can be high heeled as well and serve to make the wearer taller. Some platform shoes discussed next may use a wedge while others can have separate heel and toe blocks. Wedge boots became popular in the 1980s and developed a profile that separated them from platforms and helped them become more mainstream as a result.


These were very popular in the 1960s and were popularized by music stars and glam rockers such as David Bowie and Elton John, who is 5’ 7 ½” and would wear platforms that added 3-4 inches to his height. There are examples, though, of far greater heights. They made a comeback in the 2000s. They can be sandals, shoes, or boots.  Shoes can range from sneakers to Oxfords. The sole of platforms is always significantly thicker than that of normal shoes and the heel is raised level with the sole or higher. In woman’s versions of platforms, the heel can even be a stiletto heel though this risks a sprained or even a broken ankle.


Now, you have an answer to the initial question that we asked, “do dress shoes make you taller?” As they always say, how you dress up affects how people perceive you. Men who want to look more respectable understand that a stylish wardrobe means having the right outfit combination from head to foot.

It’s no longer challenging for short men to look taller because there are a lot of remedies available and one of those is higher heeled footwear. Even some Hollywood celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Robert Downey Jr. can be seen wearing higher-heeled shoes.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look taller but always keep in mind the dos and don'ts that we shared with you, so you won’t end up buying an unsuitable pair of shoes. Remember that good-quality shoes are not only classy and elegant; they can also help you achieve your height goals and must be comfortable to wear.

We urge careful thought of what you wear though because while you can get platform Oxfords if they are five inches high, they are probably not really satisfactory for a formal occasion. Common sense must always dictate decisions such as this. Fashion sense that is undisciplined and ill-considered seldom ends up showing a good result.

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