Delli Aldo Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes Review

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Delli Aldo's company workforce is diverse and widespread since they operate on a global scale. Even though the organization has a broad reach, all of its members are connected by a single common thread. That is to create fashion-forward footwear products that customers will embrace. Their shoes continue to be manufactured ethically by putting their employee's and customers interests first as they're the ones who have made them so successful.

This article will be focusing on the Delli Aldo Men's Leather Lining Oxford Dress Shoe. The product will be critically evaluated based on its specifications and features offered while presenting an unbiased account for the benefit of the prospective buyer.

Delli Aldo Mens Wing Tip Dress Shoes | Comfortable Dress Shoes I Formal | Lace-Up | Classic Design | Brown 7.5

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Deli Aldo Men's Dress Shoes Review

The retro-classic look of these wingtip square toe shoes from Delli Aldo features a secured lace system. The padded inner soles are lined with genuine leather providing a comfortable fit coupled with a sense of sophistication.

Available in Two Shoe Colors

The shoes are available in two shades, tan and black.

You may want to order one pair of each, making your wardrobe equipped with a shoe for any tailored suit or dinner jacket that you might have.

Men's Classic Dress Shoes

The shoes are designed and stylized after the retro look of the 70s and 80s. This makes these formal shoes appealing since the retro look has been fashionable recently.

Whether you're attending a jazz concert or in the mood to shake some stress off with some blues, these Delli Aldo dress shoes for men will compliment your custom suit or tuxedo!

Made from weatherproof human-made material

The shoes are manufactured in China. They're free from any animal-sourced materials or, in other words, they're not made from leather. Good news for the animal activist in you.

The material used in the manufacturing process for this footwear is polyurethane. This is good news for office goers since you won’t need to worry if your shoes get drenched in the rain. The polyurethane material is known for its resistance to water.

Leather lined shoes

The inner lining is made out of genuine leather, which adds to the durability factor of the product. The uniqueness of this particular feature is that it's usually only found in high-end and expensive brands of footwear.

Synthetic sole shoes

The sole of this particular pair of shoes from Delli Aldo is made from a human-made synthetic material that offers superior traction and longevity.

The durability and flexibility offered from a synthetic sole are well known. Once the shoes have been briefly broken in, any initial discomfort will be a thing of the past.

Padded footbed inserts

The comfortable shoe inserts attached to the footbed are padded; therefore, your feet will benefit due to their pain-free fit.

Added accessories in the retail package

The product package includes shoehorn and a shoe bag that comes in handy for storage as well as travel.

Faux leather shoes at an affordable price

The shoes are manufactured using a water-resistant polyurethane material, making them inexpensive and attractive for those not looking for a product that is sourced from an animal.

The benefit of a shoe made from polyurethane is that it doesn’t require the same polishing and daily maintenance as leather shoes would. Just wipe off the dust and dirt with a damp cloth, and you're all set!


  • Made from a waterproof synthetic material called polyurethane
  • Unmatched quality for the price – Affordable dress shoes
  • Free accessories included in the product package are a shoehorn and dust-free bag
  • Leather lined interior
  • Water-resistant shoes
  • Foam footbed inserts


  • The shoe sizes can be a bit confusing
  • An initial chemical smell but this fades away with time and use

How the product serves your needs

The classic and elegantly looking pair of tan brogue men's oxfords from the house of Delli Aldo is truly a remarkable product.

The company is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This particular trait is evident in their entire range of oxford dress shoes.

These retro-style dress shoes offer a secure and comfortable fit with the added benefit of a front up lacing system.

The padded inserts in the footbed make the shoes comfortable to wear for extended hours. The leather lined interior of the shoe ensures a satisfying, secure fit.

How's this product different from that of its competitors?

When we compare this product with the Bruno Homme Moda Italy Prince Men's Dress Shoes, the concern is that the latter's product quality is a bit inferior and can be a little stiff around the heels as per the customer reviews.

On the other hand, the Delli Aldo shoes feature extra padded footbed inserts that ensure the user is provided with the utmost comfort and secure fit possible.


The Delli Aldo Men's Leather Lining Oxford Dress Shoe offers excellent value for the money. The water-resistant material not only makes the shoes reliable in the rainy season but also increases their shelf life.

The interior of the footwear is leather lined for the utmost comfort and a perfect fit. All in all, this is a quality product and a good choice if you're looking for a well made pair of dress shoes that don't cost a fortune.

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