Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Loafers Review

To be a gentleman or a professional with a classy style is not always an easy task for many men. It takes time and dedication to perfect your style and maintain that perfection.  You have to know which piece of clothing goes with which shoes. Whatever you end up wearing, you need to wear it with confidence.

The stress can increase when it comes to a new professional environment or important meetings. It’s often true when people say that a man’s shoes are a mirror to his mind. Therefore, when in doubt, you’ll want to pick Clarks.

The Escalade step loafers for men are an excellent choice if you’re going for a business casual outfit at your office. The heels and soles are perfectly made to achieve a professional and serious look. They’re also an excellent choice for shorter men who want to appear taller. Even though the heel is small and barely noticeable, it still does a great job of adding height.

Here is more information about how the Escalade step loafers can be a great addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe:


Clarks Men's Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer- Black Leather 7 D(M) US

  • They’re made of full-grain leather
  • They have an upper made of leather material
  • The leather can be easily maintained
  • The height of the heel is 1.5 inches
  • They have a textile lining material
  • They have a synthetic and flexible sole
  • The leather is breathable
  • They have a comfortable footbed
  • They have a mark-resistant outsole


  • They’re true to size
  • They have good arch support
  • They’re comfortable
  • They’re luxurious and stylish-looking
  • They’re made of high-quality materials and are very durable
  • They can be worn for a long time without any problems
  • They fit well and don’t cause problems on the feet
  • They have excellent padding and cushioning
  • They’re a great choice for people who spend a lot of their days standing or walking
  • The footbed can be replaced if needed


  • The width measurements should be double-checked before buying
  • It can take some time before fully breaking in
  • The shoes may be too narrow for some feet types


It’s no secret that the Escalade step loafers are great for your days at the office. They will ensure that you leave a strong, powerful, and professional impression on every person you encounter. You’ll feel comfortable in them, too because of their high-quality padding and cushioning.

You won’t suffer from pain and blisters on your feet after a day at work. Especially if you have a workplace that requires you to move around or stand a lot.

Moreover, if the padding isn’t enough for your individual needs, the footbed is replaceable. You can get a better and softer cushioning insole and replace the regular one with it. This ensures that even with small changes, you can enjoy your stylish-looking Clarks Escalade step loafers.

You can wear these loafers every day during the week, and you’ll feel confident about your wardrobe. They’re easy to pair with different pieces of clothing.

The leather is of high quality, which means that your loafers will help validate your professionalism too. The small heel subtly increases your height a bit. This means that these shoes are a great confidence booster for shorter men.

Generally, the heel doesn’t provide a narrow feeling; however, if it does, the cushioning is soft, which prevents the feet from fatigue and pain.

Needless to say that while being stylish, these Escalade step loafers are also very comfortable. This means you get the highest quality of materials and design, so you can say goodbye to the days when you used to suffer for the sake of looking good. They provide a soft-step impact on the foot and have excellent arch support.

Another great thing about these loafers is the leather they’re made of is highly breathable, ensuring your feet will remain fresh even after hours of walking in them.

Lastly,  we have to say a few words about the durability of these shoes. They’re made of high-quality full-grain leather. This means that when these shoes have finally run their course, you won’t remember how long ago it was when you first bought them.


The Escalade step loafers are a good solution to your workplace-outfit related problems. They’re stylish, classy, and professional, and yet, are incredibly comfortable. The square-shaped toebox is a classic design made for any work environment.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that is reliable and can be part of your everyday wardrobe, these shoes you can count on. They’re guaranteed to be soft and friendly to the feet even after hours of wearing them. This makes them perfect for full day work hours at the office.

Also, they look incredibly classy and stylish. Wear them on a date, and you can rest assured your partner will be impressed by them. These men’s shoes can be confidently worn for many different occasions.

Clarks has been providing men with stylish shoes for more than 100 years, so we can reasonably expect their popularity will continue well into the future. They’re a great example of how to combine class with comfort to achieve the maximum of both aspects.


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