Bruno Marc Classic Men’s Oxford Wingtip Shoes | Review

A gentleman will always be prepared for every occasion. This means every man needs to own at least one nice suit, a dress shirt, classic tie and of course, at least one pair of formal dress shoes. This is, however, dependent on the person and the environment where he spends most of his workday.

It’s our opinion that no matter where a man works, he’ll need to own at least one pair of comfortable dress shoes. The ultimate option is a custom or bespoke pair, but that’s not always fiscally possible. There are, still, many affordable choices when it comes to selecting a nice pair of dress shoes. Here we’ll review just one of our choices: the Dream Pairs Bruno Marc Classic Men’s Oxford Wingtip Shoe.

Important things to know when selecting a classic Oxford shoe

The main parts that a shoe consists of are the vamp, quarters, laces, and soles. The vamp is the part that covers the toes and front of the foot, and the quarters cover the back part of the foot. The laces keep the shoe closed and tight around the foot, and the sole protects the foot from the underside. Now, these are the universal terms that describe every shoe, and below, we will go into an explanation of the Oxford shoe.

The primary definition of an Oxford shoe is that this type of shoe has a rounded point toe and a closed lace system. The Oxford shoe is also low heeled and has an exposed ankle. Another term that is many times used interchangeably with the term Oxford shoe is the Balmorals. This is not entirely true, as authentic Balmoral shoes have some slightly different characteristics to the classic Oxford shoe.

Another type of Oxford shoes are the Oxford Wingtip dress shoes. This type of footwear has a round pointed cap toe that extends along both sides of the shoe. This creates the letter “w” when looking at the shoes from the front. This is an interesting, quite popular model as it’s considered a more casual, but still dressy enough, shoe.

Dream Pairs Bruno Marc Prince Classic Men’s Oxford Wingtip Shoe

The Bruno Marc company has some nicely designed classic men’s dress shoes, and especially the line of Prince models. These come in a variety of colors and designs. For our article today, we have selected the Prince-6-brown model.

Bruno HOMME MODA ITALY PRINCE Men's Classic Modern Oxford Wingtip Lace Dress Shoes,PRINCE-6-BROWN,10 D(M) US

Main features

  • Classic Oxford Wingtip design
  • Faux-leather upper (vamp and quarters)
  • Closed lace-up system with blind holes
  • Latex-cushioned footbed
  • Durable wooden heel
  • Non-skid outsole


These Dream Pairs Bruno Marc Prince Classic Men’s Oxford Wingtip shoes have some nice features, and we’ll outline some of these here:

  • Great value for money
  • Light-weight shoe
  • Precise stitching
  • Several color choices
  • Faux – leather material that has a good surface finish and nice look
  • Excellent packaging
  • Available in all sizes


As with any other product, these shoes have some cons that we’ll mention here:

  • Slight smell of plastic when initially out of the box
  • Slightly slick outsole needs to be worn in to get better traction
  • A bit narrow for people with wide feet

The Dream Pairs Bruno Marc Prince Classic Men’s Oxford Wingtip shoe is a good choice when you want to get a stylish dress shoe but don’t want to spend top dollar. These are made from faux – leather and are light-weight and comfortable to wear. The faux-leather is waterproof, and you can even get away with a quick run through a rainy day without getting your feet wet.

The classic Oxford Wingtip shoe combines well with a suit, dress pants, jeans, and even a classic tux. Your choice of several colors means you can select the perfect pair to complete an ensemble, this way you’ll always have a stylish casual-wear outfit.


Although the Bruno Marc company has some great offers on classic Oxford Wingtip shoes, they’re certainly not the only company that sells this kind of shoes. Another similar product is the Feetmat Men’s Oxford Wingtip dress shoes.

Within a similar price range, the Bruno Marc Prince models and the Feetmat Oxford Wingtips have some similar characteristics and some subtle differences. Both are made from faux – leather uppers, a human-made leather-like material that has a nice surface finish and looks to it. Both have closed lace-up system with blind eyelet lacing – the basic Oxford design.

The main difference between these is that the Bruno Marc Prince’s come in a choice of several colors, while the Feetmat’s come in just two solid colors – black and brown.

Since both of these have a similar design and price tag, whichever one you select, you’ll end up with a fashionable choice that will fit your style, no matter if you plan to wear them to work at the office, or on some special occasion.

Concluding thoughts

The Bruno Marc Dream Pairs Classic Men’s Oxford Wingtip shoes are a very decent choice for simple dress shoes. They come in a variety of colors, namely you can select between nine different color choices that will certainly complement dressier and more casual clothes.

Another important thing when selecting this dress shoe is that they’re made from faux-leather material and not actual leather, meaning that no animal died for the production of this shoe. This is important for vegetarians and vegans alike, as they now have a selection of good Oxford Wingtip dress shoes made from human-made faux-leather.

The wooden heel is sturdy and provides good bounce, the rubber-like outer sole has a unique design. The latex cushioned footbed offers great support for your foot and body through the day. Be ready for every dress code occasion with this nice pair of Bruno Marc Oxford Wingtip shoes and impress everyone, all that with an affordable price.


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