Best Work Pants for Women

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Selecting the best work pants for women is similar to trying to find the best khakis for men. In both scenarios, you’re going to want to find a pair of affordable women's pants that offer value, comfort, and longevity.

Then again, there tend to be more styles of comfortable women’s dress pants on the market than men's, which can make it particularly challenging to find the right style for everyday wear. However, we’ve found five attractive designs to take under advisement. Ranging from women's formal dress pants to casual everyday women's slacks, there’s a style of work pants in this guide for every type of woman.

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Best Work Pants for Women Reviews

Lee Women’s Relaxed Fit All-Day Pants

Lee is by far one of the most notable brands on this list, especially since they're well-known for providing high-quality products that are designed to last for years of regular wear. If you’re searching for a pair of women's dress pants that will be more comfortable than some traditional slacks you might find in big box stores, the Lee Women’s Relaxed Fit All Day Pants is a pair to take a second look at.


The features of the Lee Women’s Relaxed Fit All Day Pants that are sure to impress you include:

  • Several Pant Colors Available

Unlike most other pants brands, Lee makes it much easier to find the perfect pair of slacks for absolutely any occasion. With over 16 different colors to choose from, you can guarantee that you’ll find the perfect pair of pants for everyday wear, ladies office wear, or other more formal occasions.

With that being said, it’s important to note that the fabrics used to construct the pants will vary based on the colors that you choose. Thus, it’s important to pay attention to this detail when ordering.

  • Simple Zipper Closure

Instead of getting a pair of pants with a difficult or fancy closure, you’ll be glad to know that the Lee Women’s Relaxed Fit All-Day Pants offers a regular zipper closure. This also helps to make the pants easier to repair if the zipper ever becomes faulty.

  • Machine-Washable

One feature we always love to see with a pair of dress pants is when you can throw them in the washing machine at the end of the day, and these work pants are no different. To help make life easier, you can machine-wash and tumble-dry these dress pants. However, we recommend hanging them to dry as this helps to limit wrinkles and the chance of shrinkage.

  • Soft and Silky Texture

No matter what color you choose and the material composition of the pants, Lee has taken the time to perfect the blends so that each pair of pants is equally as soft and silky as the next. This makes them comfortable enough to wear for an entire workday. You'll also find that the pants give you enough breathability to wear them on both warm and cold days.

  • Inner Leg Piling

One of the most significant concerns that we have with the Lee Women’s Pants is that, over time, you’re going to notice some piling on the inside of the thighs. This can be a common issue with dress pants, as piling eventually wears away at the material and takes away from their elegance and comfort. As a result, this may force you to have to buy a new pair of dress pants after several months of everyday wear.


  • Will not fade in color until after a few months
  • Mid-weight fabric and comfortable
  • Offers slight waist control


  • Fabric piles over time
  • Become wrinkled easily

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Rekucci Women’s Ease Into Comfort Pants

Staying comfortable is important, especially if you’re the type of woman who has always had a vendetta against traditional ladies dress pants. This is one of the main reasons for you to consider the Rekucci Women’s Ease Into Comfort Pants.

This pair of pants has a similar appearance to regular dress pants but with a far more athletic feel that is similar to yoga pants. With that being said, they still offer a high-quality and high-end appeal that's identical to luxurious dress pants, just without the majority of the stiffness.


The best features of the Rekucci Women’s Ease Into Comfort Pants include:

  • Plenty of Color Options

In comparison to any other pair of pants on this list, the Rekucci Women’s Ease Into Comfort Pants surely have more color options than you could imagine. Not only do they focus on popular basics such as black, beige, and white, but they also have teal, red, pink, prints, and even lookalike denim.

If you’re someone who isn’t interested in settling for traditional dress pants, these color options alone are what make the Rekucci Pants for women incredibly interesting.

  • Permanent Crease Pants

Instead of having to add a crease yourself or pay to have one added, the pants come with a permanent pressed crease, which helps to add to the appeal of the pant legs. In terms of versatility and aesthetics, these work pants have faux pockets on the front, which slightly take away from how functional they are, but offer a more streamlined appearance than if you were to have conventional pant pockets.

  • Pull On Women's Pants Design

There’s no reason why it should take you a long time to get ready in the morning, and you certainly don’t want to have to deal with closures on your pants if you have the option not to. We love the pull-on design of these work pants, as it helps to add to the seamless design of the waistband to accentuate all of your best features.

  • Machine-Washable

You will easily be able to wash the Rekucci Women’s Comfort Pants in cold water. However, it’s important that you don’t machine-dry them, as you could experience a lot of shrinking. Instead, it's recommended that you lie them flat or hang them up to dry so that you also don't have to worry about spending time ironing them.


  • Hold their shape all day
  • Women's slimming pants – Helps slim your midsection
  • Far more comfortable than regular slacks


  • Can shrink in the dryer
  • Doesn't have functional front pockets
  • White pants are a bit see-through

Briggs New York Women’s All-Around Comfort Pants

So far, we’ve reviewed comfortable and athletic-inspired work pants as well as relaxed and movable pants. Now, it’s time to consider more structured and formal women's dress pants. The Briggs New York Women’s All-Around Comfort Pants capture exactly what you would think of if you were to consider a regular pair of dress pants. However, they offer more comfort than other designs that you might come across.


  • Fit Solution Technology

The waistband of the Briggs New York Women’s All-Around Comfort Pants is undoubtedly the most impressive part of the pants. It’s explicitly designed to look good on every body type. If you’re searching for dress pants that offer a slight amount of tummy control, these are the ones for you.

Also, they offer a slimming panel on the side so that all of your best features are accentuated. This is regardless of the type of shirt you’re wearing.

  • Machine-Washable

There’s nothing we love more than a pair of dress pants that can be thrown in the wash at the end of the day, especially as you’ll be able to save money on dry cleaning! However, as with most pants, make sure that you hang them out to dry rather than putting them in the dryer, as they will shrink.

  • Creased Legs

To add a more formal flair to the dress pants, there is a crease/pleat on the front of the legs so that even though you might feel more comfortable in your dress pants, they look like traditional formal pants. This feature helps make them great office pants for women.


  • Hang nicely on the hips
  • Offer a lot of slimming
  • Very lightweight and comfortable in summer


  • Legs are relatively short
  • Pockets bulge out slightly at the sides
  • Pockets are half-sewn shut

Rafaella Women’s Curvy Fit Gabardine Trousers

Are you on the hunt for a pair of work pants that will also double as formal pants for banquets or special events? The Rafaella Women’s Curvy Fit Gabardine Trousers are a great option.

These pants give you the ability to wear a luxurious pair of pants to work but can also be worn for weddings, evening work events, and more. There are plenty of exciting features that they have to offer, ranging from the feel of the material to the specialized silhouette that is ideal for every body shape.


Our favorite features of the Rafaella Women’s Curvy Fit Gabardine Trousers include:

  • High-quality Material Blend

Constructed out of spandex, rayon, and polyester, all of the materials work together to create a pair of work pants that move with your body but still maintain their shape throughout the day. What we love about the material blend in the pants is that they flatter your figure and feel incredibly soft against the skin, making them perfect as all-season wear.

  • Squared Front Pockets

Instead of having to deal with side pockets that seemingly bulge out in all of the least attractive places, the Rafaella Women’s Trousers offer squared front pockets, which fit into the streamlined silhouette of the pants. Plus, the pockets are functional, which is always a convenience to have when it comes to women’s dress pants.

  • Specialized Contoured Silhouette

As mentioned, the Rafaella Trousers offer a distinctive silhouette that accentuates all of your best features and makes your body look spectacular. Designed for curvy women, you’ll appreciate the slight flare of the pant legs and the wide waistband, which offers minor waist control so that you look and feel your best for hours.

  • Designed to Have No Gapping

Gapping can be an issue with most women’s work pants, especially if you have a body type that makes it impossible to find pants that offer a customized fit. With the combination of the set-in waistband and the higher back rise, your pants will adapt to the shape of your body with ease and maintain their shape throughout the day.


  • High waist and perfect for constant movement
  • Very comfortable and slim fitting
  • Hugs all of your curves perfectly


  • Rear pockets are very shallow
  • Front pockets are sewn shut but can be unsewn

Calvin Klein Women’s Classic-Fit Suit Pants

Perfect for women who are looking for work pants from a well-known and reputable brand, the Calvin Klein Women’s Classic-Fit Suit Pants have plenty to offer and look great no matter what you intend on pairing them with.

These women's work pants have a style that is easily adaptable to office environments but also offer heightened luxury that makes them the perfect partner for formal event attire. With that being said, due to their higher quality, they're slightly more expensive and require special care.


  • Dry-clean Only

The main downfall to the Calvin Klein Women’s Classic-Fit Suit Pants is the fact that they can only be dry-cleaned. Due to the weights of the materials used to construct the pants, you’re not going to want to wash them in the washing machine for fear of wearing away the fabric or permanently wrinkling the pants.

However, if you’re somewhat of a risk-taker, you may be able to get away with machine-washing the pants on cold, though it’s highly recommended that you do not put them in the dryer as they could shrink to some extent.

  • Zipper Fly with French Closure

It can be particularly frustrating to own a pair of dress pants with a poor fastener on the front, especially if you’re someone who tucks their shirts into their work pants. What we love about these Calvin Klein’s is the fact that the French closure helps to hide any bunching or piling as a result of the zipper, giving you a seamless finish.

  • Classic Suit Fit

What makes the Calvin Klein Women’s Suit Pants stand out against the other pants on this list is that they have a classic fit that is perfect for the type of woman who wears suits to work every day. Instead of relying on stretchier and more athletic fitting dress pants, these fall more on the formal end of the spectrum.

  • Deep Front Pockets

The rear pockets are welted to create a more streamlined aesthetic, but the pockets on the front of these work pants are incredibly deep when compared to other women’s dress pant pockets. You’ll be able to access up to eight inches of storage space in the pockets, which makes them perfect for smartphones and other small valuables.


  • Feel secure after fastening
  • Easily paired with formal wear outfits
  • Professional pants for women


  • Some stretching after a few wears
  • Not recommended for curvy women

Final Recommendations

There are a few important things to take into consideration before deciding on the best work pants for women. Since you’re not only going to want to find a pair that fit your budget, the pants should also wear well over time and feel comfortable for the long term.

The are our top pick for women who have curves, as these pants are specifically designed to give you a more customized attractive fit. It can seem relatively impossible to find the right pair of dress pants if you have a heavier build, which is why these are a fantastic option for someone who sometimes doesn't feel comfortable in their professional clothes.

With high-quality design and a classic aesthetic, they're easily worn for more formal and casual occasions alike. They also offer plenty of features specifically designed for a perfect fit.

What we love the most about the Rafaella Curvy Fit Gabardine Trousers for women is that they significantly reduce gapping, which can transform a great-fitting pair of pants into a pair that doesn’t look like they fit correctly. If you’re searching for stylish work pants that will hug your hips, slim your thighs, and give you tummy control, these are a great pair to use to your advantage.

For our second pair of recommended women’s work pants, it was a toss-up between the Briggs New York Women’s All-Around Comfort Pants and the Lee Women’s Relaxed Fit All-Day Pants. However, we found that Lee work pants lost their shape after a couple of months of wear.

The offer an incredible level of comfort, which is perfect for women who either sit all day at a desk or have a career where they are up and moving around since the pants are specifically designed to move with you. They also have the added benefit of being machine-washable, so you won’t have to worry about spending money on a dry cleaner.

Another added benefit of the Briggs New York Women’s Comfort Pants is the fact that they have a more formal aesthetic, which makes them easy to pair with suit jackets and formal blouses, helping to add to the versatility of the pants.

We also found that their most stand-out feature is the Fit Solution Technology, which combines a comfy waistband and slimming paneling down the sides of the pants, helping you to look your best throughout the day.

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