Best Women’s Dress Boots

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If you're looking for a new pair of women's dress boots, then you've come to the right place. We've done our research and have some beautiful products which should hopefully inspire you.

Dress shoes can often be quite challenging to shop for with so many options on the market, and many different styles to choose from. Boots, on the other hand, are usually seen as more of a casual shoe rather than formal, and this is where some women might struggle to find a formal looking pair of ladies dress boots that are both fit for office wear, or for that special occasion.

That's where we can help! We've sourced five pairs of the best women's dress boots available to help you try and find the perfect pair. Whether you prefer a thick or thin heel, lace up or zip up, you should be able to find suitable dress boots for women in this article. We hope these reviews will help inspire you to purchase a new pair soon.

Are Boots Formal Wear?

As we're focusing on fashionable dress boots in this article, we thought we should begin by tackling a common question, which is, are boots formal wear?

Many people believe that boots should not be seen anywhere in a formal event, or even at the office, whereas others think this is completely wrong!

That's because boots have been glamorized in the media, and even in films and music, where rockers and girl bands have famously worn them, to the point of seeing them in the office might seem strange.

However, nowadays, the design of boots has become a lot more versatile. You can now find short boots for women that resemble smart shoes, that doesn't even include a heel. There are styles available for both men and women, and more of us are starting to jump on the dress boot trend, styling them with various outfits.

Therefore, although most people tend to think boots are only casual wear, we believe that boots can be relaxed as well as formal, as there are so many more modern styles appearing on the market. One of those styles is, of course, the ‘dress boot,' and that's what we'll discuss next.

What Are Women's Dress Boots?

If you think of really stylish dress shoes, that are laced up and made of leather, and add a small shaft to cover the ankle, what do you get? A dress boot. A dress boot is a stylish boot that's capable of being worn in formal situations and environments. Let's be honest; you wouldn't walk into the office with a pair of Abba style boots unless, of course, it was a 1970s dress-up theme.

Dress boots are ladies low boots that are made to look trendy, yet keep a smart look at the same time. This means they're safe to wear to work without the wearer being judged as having on casual wear, or a ‘party look.' For women, dress boots will often feature a heel that will not be higher than around 3″ to remain comfortable and easy to walk around in without exaggerating. For men, there can also be a small heel on the boot; just small enough to give a bit of height, again without exaggeration.

Short boot shoes have been worn throughout history and were often preferred over traditional shoes. Therefore, it only makes sense that they can also be worn to formal events today without any concern.

Why Wear Ladies Dress Boots?

It turns out there are several benefits when it comes to wearing dress boots:


Looking at things from a more practical point, boots take better care of your lower legs and feet than a simple pair of shoes do. Why? Because they're designed with more protection from bad weather, water, and other elements. Dressy women's boots are usually a lot more durable and can be warmer during cold weather.


Height is another area where dress boots can come in handy. Some people feel more confident when they have a little extra height, and this can help them, for example, in social situations, as well as at work.

Dress boots can be a real confidence booster as they usually feature a nice sized women's boot heel, which isn't too high, providing just the right amount of height. Both men and women can enjoy some extra height in their dress boots shoes and will reap the benefits.


Comfort is another factor that influences many people to wear dress boots. Sometimes shoes can feel too open or too tight. Slipping on a pair of dress boots might feel like the more comfortable option, and whenever you want a cozier, carefree day, these boots can be a complete life saver.

Versatile Style

As there are so many different types of boots for women on the market, you can quickly and easily change up your style. Certain boots may complement an outfit better, such as when paired with smart leggings or tights with a skirt. It can also be fun to change up and swap styles every few days, especially at the office.

Now, with that being said, we believe it's time to take a look at five different pairs of affordable women's boots, which are popular right now.

Comparison Chart

RF ROOM OF FASHION Women's Medium Calf Chunky Heel Slouchy Knee High Dress Boots Black SU (8)
Rampage Womens Indy Dress Boot with Heel and Woven Wraparound Ornament 8 Brown
NOLAND Stretch Dress Boot, Black Posh Kiddo Stretch, 8 B(M) US
London Fog Womens Event Heeled Dress Boot Brown 8.5
RF ROOM OF FASHION Women's Medium Calf Chunky Heel Slouchy Knee High Dress Boots Black SU (8)
Rampage Womens Indy Dress Boot with Heel and Woven Wraparound Ornament 8 Brown
NOLAND Stretch Dress Boot, Black Posh Kiddo Stretch, 8 B(M) US
London Fog Womens Event Heeled Dress Boot Brown 8.5
RF ROOM OF FASHION Women's Medium Calf Chunky Heel Slouchy Knee High Dress Boots Black SU (8)
RF ROOM OF FASHION Women's Medium Calf Chunky Heel Slouchy Knee High Dress Boots Black SU (8)
Rampage Womens Indy Dress Boot with Heel and Woven Wraparound Ornament 8 Brown
Rampage Womens Indy Dress Boot with Heel and Woven Wraparound Ornament 8 Brown
NOLAND Stretch Dress Boot, Black Posh Kiddo Stretch, 8 B(M) US
NOLAND Stretch Dress Boot, Black Posh Kiddo Stretch, 8 B(M) US
London Fog Womens Event Heeled Dress Boot Brown 8.5
London Fog Womens Event Heeled Dress Boot Brown 8.5

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Best Women's Dress Boot Reviews

Top Moda Knee High Women's Lace-up High Heel Boots

The first pair of dress boots featured on our list is the women's knee high lace-up boots by Top Moda. These boots are very stylish and come in nine different colors. We take a look at these boots in more detail below.


  • Synthetic material
  • Fashionable boots for women
  • Perfect for wider calves
  • Suitable for day and night wear
  • Trendy side buckle
  • Made in the USA
  • Knee high lace up boots style style


  • The boots have a plastic smell when new


Top Moda is a California based company that specializes in fashion shoes, heels, flats, wedges, sandals, and boots. They have a superb reputation, and their women's knee lace-up high heel boots are trendy. Their boots are also stylish and guaranteed to look good with any outfit.


When purchasing new dress boots, you'll want a pair that is both smart yet fashionable at the same time. Luckily, the Top Moda boots are just that. Thanks to their synthetic design, they're made to look good, and their lace-up design is simply fabulous.

Perfect Fit Boots

Many women find that when purchasing dress boots, it can be quite hard to find a pair that will fit around their calves. Top Moda has thought about this in advance and created a great fitting boot, which is perfect for those ladies with wider calves. These provide a flattering fit and are suitable for both day and night wear, making them great for a range of different occasions.

Plenty of Colors

Do you like to own boots in a few different colors to mix it up now and then? Well, Top Moda offers nine different options with their knee-high boots! This ranges from taupe, premier black, black, premium black, premier white, white, grey, tan, and finally premier tan. These colors are gorgeous and give you more opportunities to find a pair to suit your taste.

Match all Outfits

Looking for a pair of boots to match your favorite outfits? Well, these lace-up boots are perfect with a pair of formal trousers or a skirt. Similarly, they can also be worn casual with jeans, leggings, and dresses. You'll never run out of ideas with these boots and always have a new style to take to your workplace.

RF Room of Fashion Women’s Knee High Dress Boots

RF ROOM OF FASHION Women's Medium Calf Chunky Heel Slouchy Knee High Dress Boots Black SU (8)

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The next pair of dress boots on our list is the women's knee-high dress boots by RF Room of Fashion. These feature a beautiful leather style, as well as animal-friendly design! We take a look at their key features below.


  • Medium calf boots
  • Chunky 3 inch heel
  • 18″ calf
  • Non slip boots for women
  • 100% vegan material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Almond round toe
  • Cushioned insole


  • These boots tend to run on the small size, so it's recommended to order either a half or full size up


Room of Fashion is an international internet-based fashion store that designs the latest trends in footwear while offering the most competitive pricing possible. Their knee-high dress boots are very stylish and definitely a trending style at the moment. They're bold and designed to go with almost any outfit you can think of!

Comfortable Boots for Women

More often than not, Women decide to avoid wearing heeled boots altogether as they can sometimes be uncomfortable to walk in on a daily basis. These boots, however, come with cushioned insoles to increase the amount of comfort. As well as this, the 3″ block heel was designed to be more comfortable on the heel of the foot by offering a larger circumference, which better supports the entire foot. This results in an easy to wear dress boot, which can be worn all day long!

Vegan-Friendly Boot!

Many dress boots on the market are often designed using animal skin, and for those who are against this, it can be a big problem when looking for boots. Luckily, these boots by RF Fashion are animal conscious, and therefore have been lovingly designed with 100% vegan materials, making them a perfect option for all animal lovers out there!

Various Calf Sizes

The great feature about these knee-high boots is that they come in a variety of calf sizes. This includes slim calf, medium calf, and wide calf, meaning there will be a pair to perfectly adapt to every women's leg shape.

Unique Hidden Pocket

Another unique point these boots offer is their hidden pocket. Have you ever had a secret pocket in your boots before? Well, now might be your chance! These boots have a conveniently hidden pocket, which is spacious enough to place your smartphone, cash, or cards, giving you an extra safe place to store your belongings.


RAMPAGE Women’s Indy Dress Boot

Rampage Womens Indy Dress Boot with Heel and Woven Wraparound Ornament 8 Brown

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The third pair of best women's dress boots on our list is the Indy dress boots by RAMPAGE. These are also made with Vegan-friendly material and are extremely trendy! We take a look at these stylish boots in further detail below.


  • Vegan leather material
  • Synthetic sole
  • Ankle strap with gold buckle
  • 2.5″ heel height
  • 14.5″ boot shaft
  • Inside zip closure
  • Three color options
  • Fashionable women's boots


  • These boots may wear out sooner than others


Are you looking for a pair of tall, over the knee boots? Then Rampage has the perfect pair for you! Their 14.5″ tall boots are stunning and designed with zero animal materials, making them an environmentally friendly boot, which packs some serious style!

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you're merely updating your office wear or looking for a new pair of boots for a special occasion, the Indy dress boots by Rampage are an excellent option for your wardrobe. Thanks to their sleek, stylish design, they can be pretty with skirts, worn with jeans, leggings, trousers and even dresses. They'll match with most outfits, and come in three different color options, ranging from grey, brown and black,

Just Like Real Leather

If you're a fan of leather style boots, but seriously against cruelty to animals, then these boots are ideal. This is because Rampage has created their Indy boots with 100% Vegan materials, and which provides almost the exact texture to real leather, but without doing any harm to animals. These boots feature a classy look and will be perfect for vegans, as well as those who love animal-free products.


The best thing about the Indy dress boots is that they're extremely comfortable. Thanks to a 2.5″ pointed heel, they're not too high, meaning there's no chance of tipping over, making them perfect for everyday wear. The elastic cut at the top of the boots makes for an easier fit and flexibility while walking. These boots also feature an inside zipper which makes them easy to get on and off.


Impo Noland Stretch Dress Boot

NOLAND Stretch Dress Boot, Black Posh Kiddo Stretch, 8 B(M) US

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The fourth pair of Women's dress boots on our list is the Noland Stretch Dress boots by Impo. These trendy boots come in a variety of color options and are perfect for any occasion. We take a look at the stretch dress boots in more detail below.


  • Trendy design
  • 2.25″ mid heel height boot
  • Zipper
  • 12 different boot colors variations
  • Non-slip boots for women
  • Stretch fabric
  • Great fit


  • These boots can be tight fitting, so if you have wider calves order a half size up


Impo International are experts in all types of footwear and have been designing and producing shoes and boots since 1969. Therefore, you can expect good quality with their Noland Stretch Dress Boots!

Tight Fitting

Most knee-high boots can be a little wide sometimes, especially for those with thinner legs, and so finding the perfect fit can be a struggle. If you're looking for a dress boot that's tight fitting, then you're sure to like these! Thanks to the slim calf, they look great matched with a pair of jeans or leggings, and can easily be worn casually or dressed up!

Various Color Options

These trendy boots come in 11 different colors, including; black, black kiddo, smokey taupe, pewter, midnight blue, vino, scarlet red, white, earth, earth suedey, and natural. This, therefore, gives you the option to choose a few pairs to mix and match with your favorite outfits.


Having comfortable boots is crucial! The Impo dress boots have been designed with a stretchy fabric that allows for a comfier fit. The non-slip outsoles also safeguard any chances of slipping on uneven or icy surfaces, giving the wearer complete peace of mind! A heel size of 2.25″ also makes for easy walking and less pain on the heel.

Stylish and Eco-Friendly

You'll receive a few compliments when wearing these boots! The soft suede boots are very trendy, and the leather style boots have been created with vegan material, meaning no animals were harmed in the process. This means they're well suited to vegans, as well as those who are totally against animals being used for their skins.


London Fog Event Women’s Heeled Dress Boots

London Fog Womens Event Heeled Dress Boot Brown 8.5

Check Price on Amazon

The final pair of dress boots featured on our list is the Event women's heeled dress boots by London Fog. These are very chic boots which are perfect for any special event you may have in mind, as well as everyday wear. We take a look at these boots in more detail below.


  • Vegan leather
  • Fashionable design
  • 2.75 inch heels
  • Fashion buckle
  • Inside zipper
  • 14.5 shaft height
  • Stylish women's boots


  • The zipper may get stuck and might not be of the best quality


London Fog is a very well-known US Fashion brand, which has been creating outerwear for over 90 years. A metropolitan vibe can be seen in all of their products, and their heeled dress boots are no exception!

Comfort Guaranteed

When wearing heeled boots, you'll want to make sure they're going to be comfortable throughout the day, as too often, heels can start to cause pain – even in boots. Luckily, these boots feature a wide toe design, giving the right amount of space for the feet to spread without being too compact. The heel is also not too high itself, coming in at four ¾ inches, meaning it's not too high a heel for everyday use.

Vegan Leather

Just like some of the previous boots on our list, this pair also features a vegan-friendly design with their vegan leather style. This means they're entirely free of any animal products in their manufacturing, so they're perfect for all animal lovers out there.


Nowadays, the taller the boot, the more in fashion it is, and these heeled boots by London Fog have got the memo. With a boot shaft height of 14.5 inches, these boots reach the knee cap and are therefore the perfect height for office wear as well as any other special event.

Various Colors Available

You'll be pleased to know that these formal wear boots are available in four different colors: two shades of black, grey, and brown. This gives you an excellent choice to choose from, and the chance to better match with your chosen outfit.

Matches Most Outfits

Thanks to their urban style, these dress boots can easily match with a nice pair of trousers, leggings, jeans, and even skirts and dresses! You'll enjoy wearing these boots to your event as they're dressy and trendy at the same time.


Which are the best Women's Dress Boots for me?

To conclude, we believe that all five pairs of dress boots featured in this article are bound to be great to wear, whether for women's work attire, special events or even nights on the town!

If you're shopping on a budget and therefore looking to purchase a pair of boots without breaking the bank, the good news is that all of the boots we've mentioned are relatively inexpensive and great quality for their price!

Perhaps you're keen to find out which pair is the most inexpensive women's boots? Then the Women's Knee Lace-up High Heel Boots by Top Moda are the ones you should probably take a look at.

So there you have it. A few ideas of new potential dress boots which you can enjoy browsing, and hopefully purchase for yourself. We hope this article has given you some inspiration for dress boots and their benefits, and that you'll find a new, trendy pair to match your favorite outfits soon.

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