Best Travel Shoe Bags

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Using lightweight travel shoe bags can help to prevent some of your most expensive belongings from being damaged. You'd be surprised at the sheer amount of dust and dirt your shoes are exposed to in closets, in luggage, and especially when stowed under an airplane. Using nylon shoe bags designed for travel is the best way to protect your favorite pairs of footwear.

The following five nylon tote bags are phenomenal options for long-distance trips or to keep your shoes in their best condition when they're being stored at home.

Comparison Chart

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

DIOMMELL Travel Shoe Bags

MISSLO Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bags

Zmart Travel Shoe Bags

Whaline 15 Pieces Travel Shoe Bag

Top 5 Shoe Bags for Travel

1. YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

The YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags has features you would expect from a reliable place to store your shoes. The most impressive ones are that the bags include a waterproof zipper closure, and the package arrives in a set of four. With a minimalistic design, this lightweight nylon shoe bag will easily fit into any size suitcase.

Product Highlights

The most interesting characteristics of the YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags include:

  • Versatile Use

Not only are these bags designed to protect your shoes, but they can also double as a makeup bag or toiletry bag, depending on what you need to bring with you. With such a versatile design, they'll quickly become your most-used travel item.

  • Shoe Bag Sets - Two Sizes

When you order a set of four travel bags, you'll receive two different sizes. The first pair will be standard, and then the other two will be extra-large.

This feature makes it easier to pack all types of shoes ranging from boots to runners and at various sizes. The most massive bags fit shoes up to size 14.

  • Waterproof Dress Shoe Travel Bag

Each bag is made primarily of nylon, which is known for its water resistance. Also, since nylon is a durable yet thin material, it won't add an exceptional amount of weight to your luggage.

  • Zippered Shoe Bags

It can be frustrating to deal with broken zippers when you're on a trip. With the YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags, you'll have custom durable zippers to put to good use. The zipper teeth are high-quality, offering smooth closing and exceptional durability.

What's to like about the YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

The most beneficial feature of this zipper shoe tote bag is that they fit shoes of various sizes. You can typically fit two to three pairs of children's shoes in the standard bags and up to two pairs of shoes in the extra-large bags. We also found that the zippers were easy to close even with multiple pairs of shoes in the bag.

When you use the bags for the first time, you'll appreciate their durability and quality. Though it's not recommended you submerge the bags in water, they do have water resistance to keep your shoes dry while hiking or camping.

What's not to like about the YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

If you think you'll need to wash your shoe bags after using them, these might not be the best option for you. The only way to keep them clean is to wipe them with a wet cloth, as they cannot go in the wash for fear of unraveling.

Another issue we had is the opacity of the shoe bag. It would be slightly more convenient if there were a see-through plastic window available for you to see what pair of shoes you have stored in each bag. This feature would be handy when storing shoes in a closet or storage unit.


  • Very durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Dustproof
  • Convenient
  • Perfectly sized


  • Cannot be put in the wash
  • Doesn’t have a transparent side
  • Limited room for two pairs of large shoes

2. DIOMMELL Drawstring Shoe Bags for Travel

You'll find these drawstring shoe bags to be particularly useful if you're storing multiple pairs at a time. The DIOMMELL Travel Shoe Bags are available in a pack of 12, which means you can save numerous pairs of shoes with ease. Although you might not use all of the clear shoe bags for your trip, it's far more convenient to have more than four bags on-hand.

Product Highlights

The main features of the DIOMMELL Shoe Bags include:

  • Set of 12

These shoe bags are just as versatile as the previous pair we discussed. With that said, you can use as many as necessary for shoes and then use the other bags as makeup bags or toiletry bags. They're also unique options for storing dirty clothes while you're away from home.

  • Protective Qualities

There are numerous defects these bags protect your shoes from including dust, scuffs, and scrapes. We highly recommend them as a solution for storing your expensive shoes at home, as well as when you're traveling.

  • Perfect Size

Each bag measures at 17.3 inches by 12.6 inches, making them more than large enough for most regular shoe sizes. You may even be able to fit multiple pairs in a single bag, such as kids' shoes and flip flops.

  • High-Quality Fabric Shoe Bags

The DIOMMELL Travel Shoe Bags is made of durable non-woven fabric with a sturdy drawstring as a closure. The non-woven material is still breathable and lightweight but helps to prevent smells, stains, and other damage to your shoes.

  • Clear Plastic Tote with Transparent Window

As an added convenience, there is a transparent window added to the bottom of the bag. This feature helps you to notice which pair of shoes you have stored for easy access.

What's to like about the DIOMMELL Shoe Bags for Travel

These travel shoe bags are essential for staying organized, especially with the transparent window for you to see what pair is stored. You'll also find they'll fit comfortably into a carry-on and checked luggage for your trips. The quality of the bags is as you would expect; the non-woven material is thin and durable without being too heavy.

What's not to like about the DIOMMELL Travel Shoe Bags

The main issue with the DIOMMELL Fabric Tote Bags is the drawstring closure, as it's not as secure as a zipper. The thinness of the transparent window is also a hassle, as it's relatively thin and may rip off the bag. If you know you're going to put a lot of wear and tear on the bags, the thinness of their material is a concern as well.


  • Feels durable
  • Convenient, transparent window
  • Stores multiple pairs
  • Easy to pack


  • Poorly designed drawstrings
  • The material could be too thin
  • The transparent window is thin

3. MISSLO Lightweight Zippered Tote Bags

The MISSLO Portable Travel Shoe Bag is rather basic in design, which is what makes it ideal for travel. If you're looking for a straightforward bag for protecting your shoes in your luggage, this is a fantastic option. Designed with zipper closures, each bag is safe and secure for all types of footwear.

Product Highlights

The main characteristics of these MISSLO Large Zippered Tote Bags include:

  • Set of Four

With your order, you'll receive four bags, each designed to fit a pair of shoes. One of the bags is for shoe sizes 13, and the other three are standard sizes. You should easily be able to fit up to size 11 tennis shoes, size 11 hiking boots, and size nine high heels.

  • Tear-Resistant

These bags are made primarily of nylon, which is one of the most durable materials for travel shoe bags. Designed to be tear-resistant, you can guarantee your shoes will be protected when packed or stored in a storage container.

  • Upgraded Durable Zippers

The closure on your shoe bags is essential to make a note of, as they determine what items enter the bag when stored. The upgraded zippers keep out dust and moisture more effectively than drawstrings. You'll also appreciate how smoothly they zip with each use.

  • Lightweight Travel Tote Bags

As with any other shoe bags, the MISSLO Portable Travel Shoe Bag is lightweight and unobtrusive when packed in carry-on luggage or checked luggage. You can even store the bags in your gym or athletic bag.

What's to like about the MISSLO Portable Travel Shoe Bag

After your first use, you'll be able to tell how convenient these shoe bags are as they're durable, yet breathable to help prevent dry rot. They're also so lightweight that it will feel as if you're storing your shoes in a grocery bag. For most shoe sizes, there's plenty of extra room for another pair, such as flip flops and ballet flats.

What's not to like about the MISSLO Portable Travel Shoe Bag

You might be concerned with the thinness of the nylon used to make the MISSLO Shoe Bags, as it feels rather flimsy. This feature also might mean that the bags aren't as waterproof as other shoe bags on the market. They're an excellent option for basic trips but might not hold up over many years of use.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Convenient to use


  • Thin and inexpensive material
  • Likely not waterproof
  • Not as durable as expected

4. Zmart Portable Travel Shoe Bags 

With this multipack of shoe bags, you'll receive two medium and two large bags. Designed to fit plenty of shoe sizes, they're ideal for every member of your family. You'll also appreciate how simple they are to use when you have to pack at the last minute.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Zmart Portable Travel Shoe Bags include:

  • Respectable Sizes - Large Shoe Bag Sets

As mentioned, two of the bags you receive are medium, and the other two are large. The medium bags are 15 inches by seven inches, and the large is 18 inches by nine inches. Overall, the largest bags can fit up to size 15 men's shoes.

  • Waterproof Resistant Tote Bag

You'll want to make sure your shoes are protected from everything, and the high-quality nylon in these bags makes them waterproof and stain-resistant. They're also breathable and highly recommended for portability.

  • Easy to Wash

Unlike other shoe bags that can only be wiped down with a cloth, these bags are entirely machine-washable. You should use gentle wash settings and cold water to prevent wear and tear.

  • Custom High Quality Zipper Shoe Bag

With the help of the customized zipper, each time you open the Zmart Portable Travel Shoe Bags, the zipper will be smooth and easy to close. Also, with the central placement of the zipper, you can easily store and remove items in seconds.

What's to like about the Zmart Portable Travel Shoe Bags

What we love about these breathable shoe bags is how they're also waterproof. There is a fragile coating on the outside material that repels water. You'll also notice the diamond-shaped patterns with micro-sized holes for breathability.

Using these shoe bags is also more straightforward than you'd expect, as you can quickly identify stored shoes with the help of the small transparent window. Crafted using high-quality nylon, these are sure to last longer than other travel bags.

What's not to like about the Zmart Portable Travel Shoe Bags

The most substantial concern with the Zmart Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bags is the size. You may only be able to fit one shoe per bag, depending on the width of your shoes. This fact is especially true if you have a lot of boots.

It's also important to note that the more you stuff the bags, the more like they are to tear. With regular use, they're durable enough to last months, but when overstuffed, the longevity of the stitching will be significantly reduced.


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight material
  • Convenient, transparent window


  • May not fit two shoes
  • Not recommended for bulky footwear 

5. Whaline Large Travel Shoe Bags

Out of all of the other shoe bags on this list, the Whaline Travel Shoe Bags has the most bags for you to use. With drawstring closures, these are ideal for people taking short trips or who want to store their shoes short term.

Product Highlights

The most interesting characteristics of the Whaline Travel Shoe Bags include:

  • Pack of 15

With every order of Whaline Travel Shoe Bags, you will receive 15 shoe bags for you to put to good use. They're all designed to be substantial rather than offering several different sizes. As long as your shoes are within 17 inches by 12 inches, you'll have more than enough storage space.

  • Non-Woven Fabric

Crafted using non-woven fabric, these bags can help to prevent dust and moisture from penetrating your shoes. They're incredibly lightweight with reliable breathability. According to the manufacturer, they're also waterproof.

  • Transparent Plastic Window

Similar to the other shoe bags we've mentioned, the Whaline Travel Shoe Bags also has a convenient, transparent window for you to keep an eye on your shoes. You won't have to take them out to see which ones you have put away. 

What's to like about the Whaline Travel Shoe Bags

You'll be delighted with the size of these shoe bags, especially if you have larger feet. People with small feet may be able to store two pairs of shoes in a single bag, giving them more than enough storage. We also love that even though it uses a drawstring, you'll find that these bags help to keep dust off of your shoes for months.

What's not to like about the Whaline Travel Shoe Bags

When you feel the Whaline Travel Shoe Bags, you'll find the material is similar to paper, which makes it easy to tear. When you are tightening the drawstrings, it's possible the bag will rip, which doesn't speak to their durability. Also, the material is slightly heavier than other shoe bags, which will only add more weight to your suitcases.


  • Quite large
  • Easy to store multiple shoes
  • Keeps dust off shoes


  • Poor quality material
  • Adds weight to luggage


When you're shopping for travel shoe bags, you need a set that is resistant to water, dust, and mites. You'll also want ones that can stay in your luggage or closet without any hassle. Knowing exactly what to look for can allow you to provide shoe protection for all your footwear collection.

1. Resistances

The primary objective of anyone storing their belongings is to make sure the items stay in their original condition. You'll want to ensure you choose shoe bags designed to not only withstand dust, but that is also waterproof and breathable to prevent dry rot. Otherwise, you could get away with using a regular grocery bag.

The highest quality shoe bags will have numerous resistances listed, including tear resistance, scrape resistance, and stain resistance.

2. Shoe Bag Closures 

There are two main bag closures you're sure to notice with your travel shoe bags: zipper and drawstring. Drawstring closures seem to be on the lesser-quality bags and tend to be less reliable. One of the main concerns experienced with drawstrings is the likelihood of tearing the rest of the pack.

On the other hand, zippers are the most reliable closure you can have. They're impeccable for dust protection and also ensure your shoes are secure when packed. A zipper also gives you added moisture protection if you use the travel bags while outdoors.

3. Versatility

Though it's likely you’ll use the travel bags for their suggested purpose of storing shoes; the highest quality bags are quite versatile. You can put them to good use when shipping clothing or if you need an extra toiletry bag. The reason we recommend choosing ones with zippers is that they're the highest quality closure, making them more versatile.

3. Materials

To ensure your shoe bags are waterproof, they'll need to be made with the right materials. Nylon is seemingly the most popular non-woven material that repels water, stains, and scratches without adding weight to your shoes. However, not all nylon is the same.

You'll want to make sure you're choosing a thicker material that will remain durable over many years of regular use, and that can also be washed easily when dirty. If the shoe bag is not nylon, opt for another durable material with a waterproof coating.

4. Transparency

Having some transparent element on your shoe bag doesn't seem important until you begin using one without a window. Being able to see what shoes you have stored in each bag helps you to save time and effort. Whereas if you have bags without any transparency, you'll be forced to open the bag every time you want to see what's inside.


1. What Is a Shoe Bag for Travel?

A travel shoe bag is a convenient place to store your shoes for short- and long-distance trips. They're shoe tote bags separate from the rest of your luggage and designed to protect footwear from scrapes, stains, water, and dust. You can use them when traveling on a plane or even if you're hiking.

2. How to Make Travel Shoe Bags?

There are many ways to make travel shoe bags; however, you should opt for a professionally manufactured set. Otherwise, you could be compromising your shoes with a homemade version. You'll want to make sure the bags are sealed tightly with high-quality sewing and zippers.

3. How Big Are Travel Shoe Bags?

There are plenty of sizes you'll be able to find when you start shopping around, as some are for children and others are for the whole family. Some companies offer multiple sizes to accommodate different sized feet. For the most versatility, you'll want to find travel shoe bag sets of varying sizes from small to large.

4. Packing Shoes for Travel

One of the most significant selling features of travel shoe bags is that they're simple to pack. As they do the protective jobs on your behalf, all you do is place your shoes inside the bag and close it. You can then place it inside your backpack or luggage.

Remember, travel shoe bags aren't designed to protect your footwear from being squished while in transit. So ensure you pack them in a safe and secure place in your luggage.

5. Are Travel Shoe Bags TSA Approved?

You shouldn't encounter any issues while traveling with shoe bags. The most that may be required is for you to remove the shoes from your carry-on luggage while going through security at the airport. Otherwise, you can easily pack them in your checked bag without any issues.


We highly recommend the Zmart Portable Travel shoe bags as the best shoe bag for travel because of the bags’ breathability and waterproof coating. The high-quality zipper closure also stops dust and moisture from entering the bags. We also found they're one of the few sets of shoe bags that can be machine washed when dirty and also have a transparent window for your convenience.

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