Best Tie Brands

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No item of clothing can make a man look as put together as a well-tied tie.

It has the power to give you that “serious” look for whenever you mean business.

The best necktie brand can spell the difference between casual and sophisticated sartorial.

It lends a certain character to your outfit that conveys tradition and respect. However, it can also mean that you’re up for a bit of fun.

Where the best tie brands are concerned, you have a wide array of options to choose from today.

That is from traditional everyday ties and fun options to red carpet-worthy pieces.

So, let's check out some of the finest ties the most renowned brands in the industry have to offer.

Best Necktie Brands To Consider

Whether you’re heading straight to the club after a corporate event or taking someone special out on your first formal date, there is a tie for the occasion.

Here 27 of the top-rated necktie brands that offer a good variety of pieces.

1. Todd Snyder

Renowned originally for his work with other popular brands, Todd Snyder became the industry's talk in 2011.

That is when he unleashed into the world his own label.

This label would become synonymous with Savile Row’s craftsmanship, with an edgy “New York” twist.

His current line of knitted neckties is the epitome of the “smart-casual” look.

2. Gucci

Rarely do shoe designers release tie collections, but Gucci is among the few exceptions.

They incorporated the “horsebit” element with rhombus patterns into a formal necktie that will make you stand out in any crowd.

With its Italian silk-twill design, this fully-lined tie was made to stand the test of time.

3. Drake’s

Drake’s integration of heritage values is a breath of fresh air in the current fashion landscape of dubious sweatshop-originating clothing items.

All their products are crafted by hand, and in the case of neckties, woven from silk material.

Their creations can be worn with anything, from expensive suits and sports jackets to classy cardigans.

4. Lanvin

Those who’ve dreamt of becoming the next James Bond will probably consider this as the best necktie brand, no exceptions.

Certain pieces from their collection can make you look as if you were the spy legend himself.

If you think bowties make you look like a nerd or you can’t seem to learn how to tie one, Lanvin’s French velvet tie can serve as a stylish and sophisticated substitute.

Up for a bit of a fashion risk? Get heads turning by matching this necktie with a velvet tux jacket.

5. Alexander McQueen

If you’re looking for over-the-top fashion pieces showing zero to little modesty, then Alexander McQueen is your guy.

One of his most popular ties today, the 6cm silk-jacquard, combines sartorial motifs from opposite ends of the spectrum: a skull pattern and subdued check.

This mixing of classic tailoring with menacing symbols showcases the amazing talents of AQ’s design team.

Of course, this probably isn’t the tie to wear at the office.

6. Tom Ford

You can’t have a conversation about fashionable menswear without mentioning Tom Ford.

His Italian-made houndstooth tie was created from a blend of silk and linen.

The piece stands out from the usual formal tie since it can complement monochrome clothing items and inject a bit of style into your everyday office wear.

7. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is a brand known for elegant pieces with simplistic designs.

This is evident in their signature numbers like quilted handbags, tweed suit skirts, and, most recently, luxury neckties.

Karl Largerfeld has been working his magic into the brand’s current necktie collection, and boy, has it shown!

Perusing their tie line, you’ll find Coco Chanel men's tie pieces that convey what the brand today has come to be known for: fantasy, sexiness, sophistication, and humor.

best necktie brand

8. Richard James

Youthful tie enthusiasts are typically drawn to Richard James’ extensive tie collection of slim, contemporary pieces in bold colors.

His most reputed piece is the Italian-made knitted brown tie created from a blend of silk and linen.

This isn’t one of those H and M men's ties we wear to work every day; this is pure sophistication.

Richard James’ creations are known for their versatility, and this tie clearly shows that with its ability to be upgraded from smart-casual to formal.

9. Dunhill

Traditional masculine is Dunhill’s trademark, and that is evident in their tie collection.

Their paisley tie is a trusted classic in the industry, and its latest 8cm silk-blend version can turn your outfit from drab to fab in less than a minute.

If you need a number to rescue you from a dull weekday ensemble, then this is it!

10. Canali

Like the Coco Chanel men's tie collection, the Canali line is packed with high-quality, sophisticated numbers that’ll make you the talk of the office.

Canali produces some of the most exquisite Italian ties, like their latest most popular piece, the silk-jacquard tie that combines blue shades and bold prints.

Pair this with either a dark, navy, or charcoal suit, and you can’t go wrong.

11. Hackett

Let’s call Hackett ties the more sophisticated alternative for H and M men's ties.

That is because, like their cheaper counterpart, they’re all about completing the traditional everyday look for men.

They offer a wide assortment of ties to suit any style and occasion.

If you’re going for preppy, their striped tie with red and white shades will match perfectly with your navy sports jacket and chinos.

12. Turnbull & Asser

As far as men’s fashion is concerned, Trumbull & Asser is tie royalty.

It’s up there with Coco Chanel and Roberto Cavalli men's ties as among the most sophisticated tie brands out there.

Looking to channel your inner James Bond or Christian Grey? The silk puppy tooth number will more than do the trick with its sharp and refined look.

Match this with a gray suit, and you’ll pretty much be the stuff of fantasies.

13. Hugo Boss

Yet again, Roberto Cavalli men's ties have met their match.

Today, Hugo Boss has become synonymous with luxury of the highest order, and it’s evident in their ties that can sharpen even the dullest look.

Their no-nonsense pieces perfectly suit business and formal occasions.

With this brand of ties, you’ll be able to convey “I mean business.” on a daily basis.

14. T.M. Lewin

If you’re a tie enthusiast, then certain T.M. Lewin numbers probably remind you of the Michael Costello men's bow tie.

It injects a bit of character and fun into your fashion ensemble.

In this case, though, you won’t have to shell out as much as you would on a Gucci or Roberto Cavalli.

For a long time, T.M. Lewin has been producing Grade-A ties that embrace heritage.

That definitely counts for something in our current fashion atmosphere.

One customer favorite is the knitted tie with polka dots, an impeccable piece for those who want to appear dressier in casual gatherings.

15. Reiss

Reiss ties may be new to the fashion game, but they’re certainly giving numbers from other brands a run for their money.

They’re known for creating exceptional garments that remind people of the by-gone 70s era.

Their collection is for those who want to relive what fashion was like in arguably the coolest decade of the 20th century.

16. Ted Baker

“Start em young”, people say when talking about a range of subjects, fashion being no exception.

That said, boys must wear and learn how to tie ties earlier, even when they think it’s dweeby.

Ted Baker would be the best partner for any young man looking to make headway in this department.

They have a range of stellar ties that fit in with current trends. They’re especially known for creating smart geometric patterns that can turn heads at any formal event.

17. Suitsupply

Not surprisingly, Suitsupply is on the “tie” leaderboards thanks to their clothing and accessory entries with a twist.

They offer their consumers a different look into the production of these clothing items, ties included.

The company applies what is known as vertical integration in their products, which delivers top-notch Italian garments at affordable prices.

If a versatile tie is what you're looking for, you’re bound to find several Suitsupply pieces that meet your needs.

Certain numbers by this brand will work just as well in the conference room as they do on the racetrack.

A striped white, brown, and navy number in cotton, silk, and linen fabric can deliver traditional and modern in one go.

18. Ermenegildo Zegna

Yep, that’s definitely a mouthful. Nonetheless, it’s also one of the most luxurious brands that exist in modern fashion.

These luxury ties may set you back as much as a Gucci or Savile Row piece, but they definitely offer something extra.

For instance, one of this brand's popular piece is reversible.

That’s pretty much like buying two ties for the price of one.

best necktie brand

19. Bonobos

It’s one thing to be known for making a pair of trousers, but also to be renowned for creating a collection of exquisite ties is another story.

Bonobos, of course, has proven that the feat is more than doable.

They produce a wide range of stellar garments, from suits and shirts to jeans and ties.

Price-wise, Bonobos fall under mid-range, with customers easily being able to afford two items in one outing.

Their pastel-colored ties are currently the most popular in their collection.

They sort of reminding you of the Alfred Angelo men's ties, which are commonly a go-to for fashionable men looking to attend spring or summer weddings.

20. Brooks Brothers

If you’ve got the black-tie down, then it’s time to move on to more colorful options.

Brooks Brothers deliver in all aspects where semi-formal events are concerned.

Their high-quality ties look great when paired with mid-gray suits, allowing you to achieve a somewhat Don Draperesque-look.

This brand offers you more than enough options, but our favorite is definitely their striped repp tie, featuring a diagonal weave of traditional colors that just screams “Ivy League”.

21. Charles Tyrwhitt

A Charles Tyrwhitt number is one that adds a masculine element into a not-so-formal outfit.

Let’s divert from the usual formal and semi-formal pieces where neckwear is concerned and move into the more laid-back territory.

The Charles Tyrwhitt knit necktie is an amazing choice for casual events.

Depending on the suit you pair it with, it can work for office events or an evening out with friends.

Plus, you definitely want to add the more versatile cotton-knit or slim-cut silk tie into your wardrobe collection to stand out at your favorite events.

22. American Woolen Company

Yes, there are also winter events to deal with, and finding the right ties for these occasions is just as crucial.

The American Woolen Company ensures that you don’t have to wear your cotton and silk neckties during the fall or winter season.

Not only are they not fashion-appropriate for these seasons, but they would hardly look good with newly busted-out tweed suits.

These garments call for gorgeous wool ties that look like they were sent from menswear heaven.

23. Tommy Hilfiger

Men and women of fashion definitely know who Tommy Hilfiger is.

He is renowned for his extensive clothing and perfume line, among other creations. But it doesn’t stop there.

Recently he released one of his best-reviewed ties to date, the men’s core neat tie.

It’s a dream tie for any semi-formal event.

When matched with a navy or mid-tone blue suit, you get an absolutely exquisite pairing that is sure to turn heads.

24. Salvatore Ferragamo

Renowned for their high-end, stylish garments, Salvatore Ferragamo also delivers in its collection of classic fun ties that are not much different from Alfred Angelo men's ties in terms of looks.

They have a particular piece that’s become a favorite of tie enthusiasts, the Martini Silk Classic.

This number makes you look like you’re just waiting for “happy hour” to arrive at nine in the morning.

25. Michael Kors

Sure, it’s one of the most popular brands today, but we bet most of you never knew they were producing a stellar necktie collection.

There’s no doubt, though, that their Paisley Silk Tie with rich texture is going to get them further out on the radar.

Our favorite line features just a few shades, which are typically appropriate for this design.

26. Original Penguin

Affordable and stylish, Original Penguin is a go-to brand for many tie enthusiasts looking to add some fun options into their collection.

There’s no better way to welcome springtime than with their Palermo Floral number.

It also happens to be one of the best and most affordable skinny ties in the market today.

27. Josh Bach

If you’re looking for neckwear that’s classic and fun, but don’t own a Michael Costello men's bow tie, then a Josh Bach piece is an excellent alternative.

They showcase all types of prints and patterns, the most eye-catching one being the Silk Frisbee and Dog number.

Talk about wearing your heart around your neck, right?

Our Top Recommendation

The "best necktie brand" title goes to the company offering the highest quality and most versatile options.

That’s none other than Turnbull & Asser, which delivers comprehensively with its traditional and flexible style with a lustrous matte finish to elevate any formal ensemble.

This brand takes “black tie” to a whole different level.

When it comes to Turnbull and Asser, we aren’t just talking about department-store ties made of cheap polyester.

We mean exquisitely hand-crafted ties that are the most renowned in the English world.

If you want to bring royal pedigree into your neckwear, go for a fine silk-woven number, and you can’t put a foot wrong.

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