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There are a lot of different things that can distract you while at work. Some distractions are expected, such as a loud coworker. Other distractions are unnecessary – and sweaty feet is one such distraction!

Depending on the combination of socks and shoes that you're wearing, your feet might start feeling uncomfortably warm and damp just a few hours into the day. Nobody wants to deal with that.

The best dress socks for sweaty feet make it possible to get through a workday without feeling the urge to rip off your shoes. Let’s compare them together.

Top 5 Sweaty Feet Socks Comparison Chart

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Best Men's Socks for Sweaty Feet Reviews

1. Zeke Moisture-Wicking Men’s Bamboo Socks

These bamboo socks from Zeke wick moisture away from the feet, preventing any sweat buildup. They're available in a set of 4 pairs in assorted colors or 6 pairs in black.


These men's socks from Zeke are one of the best pairs of bamboo socks on the market. Bamboo socks are much thinner than traditional cotton socks, and their build allows moisture to be easily pulled away from the feet, keeping the wearer dry and cool. This will prevent any odor from building up, as moisture in the socks is the main reason any stench forms.

Some people may find these no sweat socks are too thin for their taste as bamboo socks are traditionally relatively thin. They can stand up to the everyday wear and tear of work, but they might begin to get holes in the toes or soles if you wear ill-fitting shoes or walk a lot every day. Still, the price is low enough that it's okay that these socks don't last forever.

Another great thing about these socks is that you won’t even notice you're wearing them. In addition to being lightweight, they fit well and don't fall down. When wearing them, you may notice that your feet are dry, and that’s all that you’ll notice!

This type of sock can be washed and dried in a regular washing machine without losing their moisture wicking ability or their shape. The socks will continue to keep your feet dry for months to come.

What's to like about the Zeke Moisture-Wicking Men’s Bamboo Socks

  • Keep feet very dry
  • Soft bamboo sock fits well
  • Machine washable
  • Come in multi-color pack or black

What's not to like about the Zeke Moisture-Wicking Men’s Bamboo Socks

  • Wear down easily


  • Bamboo socks that keep the feet very dry
  • Fit snugly and do not fall down throughout day


  • Thin

2. MD Bamboo Fiber Crew Socks

These affordable socks from MD are a lightweight, mens moisture wicking socks that are available in both all one color and multi-color packs.


The main feature of these men's crew socks worth talking about are how well they eliminate and prevent odors from forming. If you’ve ever been worried about taking off your shoes for fear of a stench seeping out, these socks will eliminate that worry forever. These thin, moisture-wicking, breathable socks will prevent sweat from building up inside your shoes.

These socks also have a thick, comfortable bottom as well as an anti-slip Y-shaped design on the bottom which will help you stay sturdy on your feet even when you aren’t wearing shoes. The design of the bottom makes both fit and function very good.

Finally, these socks are very soft. This makes them cozy to wear, and they even feel good around the ankles. Still, it's worth mentioning that some people may find them to be too tight around the ankles.

Like all other bamboo socks, these are very thin. If you're looking for a warm sock that will keep your feet toasty at home, these are not the right option, and you will likely need to find something else instead.

What's to like about the MD Bamboo Fiber Crew Socks

  • Eliminates foot odor
  • Available in three different neutral colors
  • Thin, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Anti-slip, Y-shaped design on bottom

What's not to like about the MD Bamboo Fiber Crew Socks

  • Tight around the ankles


  • Eliminates foot odor caused by excess moisture
  • Available in three different neutral colors


  • Very Thin

3. HeyUU Men’s Breathable Dress Socks

This men’s breathable dress sock is a very functional and affordable option which comes in two colors that will work well for many work situations.


These dress socks are made from 80% bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is essential for a breathable, odor-resistant sock. This material is known for being very breathable while also keeping the feet dry inside of your shoes. If you want cool feet all day long, a sock like this that is primarily made from bamboo fiber will be the best option.

These socks made by HeyUU are also available in two different colors while still having a soft texture in each of them. The fit is very comfortable.

Some people may not like how short these socks are. They're not as short as an anklet, but they do sit like a crew sock. Depending on how you like to wear your socks, you might prefer something that comes up higher on the ankle.

The final 20% of this socks material is made from polyester, which is what makes them soft and elastic. Even after many washes in the washing machine, these bamboo worksocks will retain their shape and last for many years.

What's to like about the HeyUU Men’s Breathable Dress Socks

  • 80% bamboo fiber, 20% polyester blend
  • Very soft and elastic
  • Keeps odors and moisture from building up
  • Two colors available

What's not to like about the HeyUU Men’s Breathable Dress Socks

  • Sit very low on the ankle


  • Soft texture available in two different colors
  • Breathable and absorbent material prevents odors


  • Thin

4. Bambu No Sweat Men's Socks

These Bambu Men’s No Sweat Socks are made in Turkey out of bamboo fiber, polyester, and spandex with the main intention of being a cycling sock, but they're a great fit for business people as well.


These very soft sweaty feet socks are made in Turkey with a very high-quality construction that can keep feet happy throughout any activity. The bamboo fiber is very absorbent and prevents any odors from developing in your shoes during the workday. Keeping your feet dry like this prevents fungal build up which is a pleasant side effect.

Another great bonus of these socks is that the material can also help the feet stay warm! This particular blend of fabrics helps to regulate temperature, so you can wear them at any temperature.

Finally, the socks themselves are non-allergenic.

Two small drawbacks found in this set of no sweat socks are that they only come in one color, and they fit very snugly around the feet and ankles. Some people really enjoy the snug fit while others do not. This matter will be up to personal preference, so you’ll have to make a choice on that matter.

What's to like about the Bambu No Sweat Men’s Socks

  • Bamboo fiber keeps feet cool and dry
  • Spandex content for perfect fit
  • Non-allergenic socks

What's not to like about the Bambu No Sweat Men’s Socks

  • Fits tight around ankles


  • Super-absorbent structure keeps feet dry and cool
  • Made in Turkey with 2% spandex for a great fit


  • Limited color options

5. Yomandamor Mid-Calf Men’s Dress Socks

These men’s dress socks are the final sock in the sweat-free bamboo fiber socks that can help to keep your feet dry and cool while working long days around town or in the office.


One of the most standout features about these socks when compared to other bamboo fiber socks is how high up on the ankle they sit. These breathable socks have a very flexible fit that sits comfortably around the ankle without sliding around. If you prefer a sock that rises higher on the ankle, then you might like these socks.

Since these socks are made out of bamboo fiber, they're great for keeping your feet from getting damp inside your shoes. In turn, this prevents odors from developing inside of your shoes. You’ll feel fresh and dry all day long.

Additionally, the same bamboo fiber that keeps your feet cool can also keep them warm as the fibers have thermo regulation capabilities.

One drawback of these socks is that they're relatively thin, and the blend of the socks is more apt to wear out quickly. You may need to replace them often, but they're available at a great price, so this isn’t a huge loss.

What's to like about the Yomandamor Mid-Calf Men’s Dress Socks

  • Bamboo fiber keeps feet both cool and dry
  • Sits high on the ankle
  • Maintains temperature

What's not to like about the Yomandamor Mid-Calf Men’s Dress Socks

  • Very thin


  • Sits higher up on the ankle than many other bamboo fiber socks
  • Thermal regulation keeps feet both cool and dry or warm and dry


  • Sits too high for some people


Among the best men's socks for sweaty feet, the Zeke Moisture-Wicking Men’s Socks for their top-tier moisture wicking abilities.

They're affordable, available in various packs, and the socks fit very well. If you want something that sits lower on the ankle, then you might find the HeyUU Men’s Breathable Dress Socks to be a more agreeable choice.

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