Best Men’s Travel Pants

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If you plan to travel, you need to feel comfortable and safe. To do that, you may want to search out some comfortable travel pants. You’ll find a variety of styles and options on the market, so it's important to take your time to find the right pair.

This guide was created to help you find the best men's travel pants for all of your traveling needs. It’s useful to understand what these items offer, so we've included a handy buyer’s guide. 

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Travel Pants for Men Reviews

1. UNIONBAY Rainier Travel Tech Men’s Chino Pants

UNIONBAY is one of the better-known clothing brands. Established in 1981, it offers freedom and originality to youth who want to look fashionable and be unique. The brand has come a long way because it now provides high-tech clothing options.

UNIONBAY wants everyone to feel good about themselves, both on the inside and out. The laidback philosophy of the brand helps it encourage customers to feel cool and confident in its apparel.

As it's a nationally recognized brand, we wanted to include it in this review. We wanted to see how it compared to other manufacturers as well as those that weren’t so well known. That way, you'll have a well-rounded review that included other different styles and products.

Product Highlights

The UNIONBAY Men Rainier Travel Chino Pants look stylish and come in a variety of colors. They look like other chino style men's pants, which make them suitable to wear as workwear on casual days. You can go from the office on Friday directly to your travel destination for the weekend if you like.

It features a stretchiness that helps you feel comfortable while you’re sitting for long periods. It can also help you feel a little less restricted after eating on the run. The pants don’t look stretchy and can still be form-fitting.

The fabric is water-resistant and quick-drying. If you get rained on or otherwise get wet, you won’t be sitting in wet clothing for long. The pants also feature UPF 50, which protects your legs from sun exposure.

The most important aspect is having a pair of pants that can be tossed in the washing machine. These pants are machine-washable. You can also send them to the laundry at your hotel without fear that they'll get ruined.

They're designed to be used as travel clothing, but they look quite dressy, especially from the back. Some men may not want to look like they’re going to work when they’re traveling or on vacation. Nonetheless, you'll look more stylish and less like a tourist this way.


  • Button fly closure
  • Washable travel pants
  • Stretchy, lightweight fabric
  • Quick drying water resistant travel pants


  • Dressy style
  • Baggy or form-fitting styles (hard to choose which you’ll get)
  • Noisy "swish" sound when walking

2. Clothin Men’s Travel Cargo Pants

Clothin Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the newer brands on the market. It was established in 2004 and specializes in casual clothing. It now produces over two million pieces of clothing each year and has annual sales of over 100 million dollars.

Even though it's a newer brand, it has taken the clothing industry by storm. In 2010, it also started offering Qubu name brands. It primarily sells its clothing through e-commerce networks, with Amazon being the forerunner for sales.

It focuses on both male and female clothing articles, though it doesn't offer unisex clothing. Women can choose to purchase men’s clothes if they know their size. The company also offers sports bras, footwear, backpacks, and other outdoor gear.

Product Highlights

The Clothin Cargo Pants for travel offer a snap closure with a zip fly. It also has elastic on the sides to make it more comfortable. If you tend to feel a little thicker around the waist after eating, you’ll still be able to wear these pants comfortably.

They're made of nylon, which makes them lightweight and gives them quick-drying capabilities. You’ll feel cool and comfortable in hot weather.

These pants come with six different pockets. Some of the pockets use Velcro, while others use a hook-and-loop closure. Others use zippers to close the pocket.

We like that these pants have the elastic in the waistband. You can keep them up regardless of what you’re doing. The elastic also prevents the gap at the back, which could allow your underwear to show.

We also really like that the slim-fit isn’t too tight. You still feel comfortable in the thighs and buttocks area without them being too baggy.

The one thing we didn’t like about them is that they have to be hang dried. You can wash them in the washing machine, but they shouldn’t go in the dryer, which means they'll take a little longer to dry.


  • Six pocket cargo pants
  • Slim-straight fit
  • Nylon and spandex construction
  • Lightweight pants with quick-dry technology


  • Must hang to dry
  • The fit might be off because of elastic
  • Not as stylish as other models

3. CAMEL CROWN Men’s Hiking Cargo Pants

CAMEL CROWN is also a newer brand that stepped onto the scene in 2005. Since it was created, the brand has produced a variety of fashion products, including shoes, travel pants, quick drying shorts, sleeping bags, and hiking sandals.

The company is an e-commerce brand that focuses on providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. It currently sells its products throughout the world.

Product Highlights

If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear while traveling, the CAMEL CROWN Men’s Hiking Cargo Pants might be right for you. Are they considered good travel pants?

We like that there are four colors from which to choose, and sizes range from Small to XXXL. They have an elastic waist closure, which means you don’t have to worry about zippers, snaps, or buttons.

These men's cargo hiking pants are quick-drying and breathable, which means you can wear them on hot days and still feel comfortable. They're made with CoolTex Technology, making them suitable for camping, hiking, and other travel needs. They also feature a tear-resistant lining, which helps with longevity and durability, regardless of what you’re doing.

We really like that these pants use a slim profile without being clingy. You won’t feel embarrassed or worried about the crotch area when you wear these pants. They also look like athletic gear, which is highly trendy right now.

The one thing we didn’t like about them was that they didn’t have many pockets. You do get two side-seam pockets, but there are no back pockets.


  • Comfortable cargo pants even when hot
  • CAMEL belt included
  • Side pockets zip
  • Tear-resistant


  • Only two pockets included
  • Boot cut style; cinchers would be nice on the legs to close them fully
  • The material can make noise while walking

4. Clothin Men’s Drawstring Pants

We’ve already talked a lot about the Clothin brand because we reviewed another product from its lineup. We think that these products are some of the best on the market right now. For this reason we chose to review two from the same brand.

This e-commerce company primarily sells its products on Amazon. It focuses on outdoor sports clothing, though it does sell flashlights, tents, and other outdoor gear, as well. It plans to continue focusing on outdoor gear and apparel as well as continue working on new technology.

Product Highlights

The Clothin Men’s Drawstring Travel Pants are designed for comfort. They feature more athletic styling than some of the other pants featured in this review. They're designed for sports and exercise, as well as travel.

As the name implies, the Clothin men’s pants feature a drawstring closure and are machine washable. The polyester and spandex blended fabric make the pants breathable, lightweight, and quick to dry. They also feature moisture-wicking technology to keep any moisture away from your skin.

You get four pockets, two that are zippered on the front, and two that are invisible on the back. That way, you can hide your valuables.

We like the invisible back pockets. While they don’t have any closure, they won’t gap open, and most people aren’t going to notice them.

We also like the stretchy fabric. The pants move with you instead of hindering your movements. You can squat, bend, and kneel without restrictions.

The sizing of these drawstring pants isn’t perfect. Depending on your body type, you may need one or two sizes bigger. The issue becomes that the pants could be too long.

It’s not a significant issue, but it is a little annoying. If you plan to use these pants while hiking, you may need to roll the pant legs up a bit to be safe.


  • Athletic styling
  • Adjustable drawstring waist pants
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Straight-leg design


  • Polyester lends a cheap feel
  • Sizing is off
  • Thinner than expected

5. CAMEL Men’s Sweatpants

CAMEL is a brand that offers a variety of brands within it. You will find CAMEL, CAMEL CROWN, and CAMEL DIRECT. All the brands offer outdoor wear and sportswear.

These products are designed to be bold. You’ll feel confident when wearing them, so you can live the outdoor lifestyle you desire, if only on the weekends. You can feel at ease and enjoy nature without worrying about your attire.

The brand offers many high quality products for men's and women's fashion, including hiking shoes, sports leisure shoes, shirts, and outdoor jackets.

Product Highlights

The CAMEL Men’s Sweatpants feature quick-dry technology, which allows the pants to absorb water up to 12.5 percent faster than the previous version. They're also very lightweight, which means you can pack them in your backpack without adding noticeable weight.

The pants feature a drawstring closure with an elastic waistband. They’re designed for comfort. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the annoying gap at the back while you’re stooping or crouching down.

These pants also feature three pockets. You get two at the front and one at the back. The back offers a zipper closure so that you can safely store your ID, phone, and other important items.

Our favorite thing about the CAMEL Sweatpants for men is that the rear pocket turns into a small bag. You can fold up the pants and store them in their own bag. It also leaves room for other items, such as ID, cash, or a small phone.

We didn’t think the CAMEL Men’s Sweatpants were very stylish. We liked the slim profile, but they didn’t add anything to the mix. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for nondescript pants to take with you while hiking, these could be a good choice for you.


  • Quick dry pants technology
  • Lightweight men's travel pants
  • Rear pocket turns into a pocket
  • Three pockets total
  • Adjustable drawstring waist


  • Not very stylish
  • Sizing could be off

Buyer’s Guide

In the past, people who wanted to be comfortable while traveling had to wear sweat pants. With new technologies on the horizon, though, you can be comfortable and have moisture wicking pants made with breathable fabrics.

Over the years, clothing has changed. If you haven’t bought new traveling pants in a while, you may not know how to choose them. We've come up with a helpful guide to make it easy for you to buy the right pair of pants for travel.

When you’re searching for the best travel pants for men, they must have a few specific features. For one, they need to be made of breathable fabric. You don’t want to sweat all day without a way to soak up the moisture.

You also want to consider the pocket count and depth of the pockets. Having pockets with zippers or other closures can be helpful. That way, your ID, money, and phone, etc. won’t fall out, ensuring these items are safe and secure.

You should also look for men's water resistant pants that will wick away moisture. If you’re out in the rain or spill your drinking water on yourself, it will dry faster. That way, you’re not wet and trying to move around with heavy clothes.

Along with that, you should look for quick drying pants. That way, they'll dry faster when you get them wet. That also means, though, you can wash them in your hotel sink or a creek and get them dry to wear for the next day.

Final Verdict

After spending time walking around in each of the pants, we came up with a list of pros and cons. We also had a list of things we did and didn’t like from each of the pants. Since they all covered the body and were comfortable, it meant we had to take a harder look at each pair to see how they performed.

The Clothin Men’s Drawstring Pants were the best men's travel pants for us. While these pants did have a few cons, these drawbacks were minimal compared to how they worked. The breathable material and invisible back pockets made them one of our favorites, but we also liked their straight-leg design.

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