Best Men’s Dress Shirts

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Something is satisfying to be said about finding the perfect men's dress shirt. Owning the best dress shirt will elevate your outfit while also ensuring that you're comfortable and unhindered all day long. No one wants to have to spend their day pulling at or adjusting their shirt; all of the better ones should comfortably fit from day one.

Today, we’re going to help you find quality men's dress shirts that will do just that! No more ill-fitting shirts; no more scratchy fabrics. Instead, clothe yourself in the best made shirts around.

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Best Men's Dress Shirts: Our Top Picks

How have we narrowed down the dress shirt options to these final contenders? Simply put, we looked at the essential parts of the shirts: fit, freedom, price, collar style, buttons, durability, fabric, cuffs, and plackets.

That may seem like a lot, but there are many factors to consider when you're deciding whether or not it's worth the investment. In fact, you should never buy anything (no matter how great a deal!) without considering those features first.

Our list today will introduce five amazing men's shirts that you can consider for your next wardrobe selection. While some of the features like plackets, collars, and cuffs will work similarly for all people, other aspects like fit may not work for every body type. We’ve included a variety of fit options for that reason!

Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

Van Heusen Solid Point Collar Men’s Dress Shirt

First up, we’re going to talk about the dress shirt from the popular clothing brand Van Heusen.


Let’s talk about this Van Heusen shirt's material. Available in 23 different colors, this shirt is made out of poplin, a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Poplin dress shirts are cool and breathable, and they feel very soft to the touch. However, they are also relatively prone to wrinkling because of the lack of texture.

The material is machine washable, so this shirt is effortless to take care of at home. The collar style is a classic point collar.

Such a style flatters nearly every face shape and can be used to create both formal and casual looks. In particular, this style can help to elongate those with full faces.

The cuffs on this shirt are rounded with buttons to hold them in place. The rounded style gives the cuffs a very comfortable fit while also being somewhat casual. That makes this Van Heusen shirt appropriate for both semi-casual and business meetings.

Finally, let’s talk about the fit of the shirt. This regular fit shirt is relatively full throughout both the chest and the hips.

This type of classic fit has generous armholes and full sleeves. Some might call this a full cut fit, and it is flattering for all body types.


  • Many different color and sizing options
  • A reliable brand that uses high-quality materials
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Appropriate for many types of occasions


  • Material somewhat transparent in specific colors
  • No placket on the button line
  • Wrinkles easily


This is a reliable option for those who are looking for a classic shirt that can be worn casually or dressed up on more formal occasions. The classic details ensure this can be worn in both ways.


Alex Vando Men’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

The Alex Vando Men’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt is our next contender on today’s list of the best dress shirts available. Do the features of this shirt provide enough comfort for the wearer?


First, let’s talk about the sizing options available on this shirt. Unlike standard dress shirt sizing that takes into account collar size, arm length, and more, this shirt is simply available in five different size options ranging from small to XX-large. While this sizing is simplified and may work for some people, it can also make it more challenging to get the exact fit that you want.

This shirt is made from a blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. This specific blend provides softness and breathability, but it's not going to be as easy to care for as some other blends of shirts. While it can be washed in the machine, laundering it with care will be necessary to help it last for a long time. It should also only be ironed on low settings.

Available in 10 different colors, this model is billed as a regular fit shirt, but it has a slightly fitted waist area that differs from a standard classic fit. As such, keep this in mind when using the sizing chart to choose the right size to try out.

The collar on this shirt is a spread style. This type of collar is traditionally best for those who have long or medium-sized faces, but it can fit well with any pattern or fabric because it's a very versatile collar type. With this type of a wide collar, you can do a wide variety of tie knots, such as the Windsor.


  • Fun detailing around the buttons
  • Unique color combinations not found elsewhere
  • Soft, comfortable shirts for men
  • Updated classic fit through the waist area


  • Confusing, non-traditional sizing options
  • Requires gentle care when laundering
  • Takes a while to iron due to heat restrictions


This modern style shirt offers an updated take on the classic dress shirt. It is comfortable to wear, but it's somewhat time-consuming to maintain.


Milano Moda Men's Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Set

Next, we’re going to take an up-close look at the Milano Moda Men's Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Set. Each set contains one handkerchief, a tie, and a shirt.


This shirt has a pointed collar that has a classic spread. This type of collar is very common and can be worn by all face shapes for a good variety of events. Whether you need one for a semi-formal and business casual occasion, this collar type will work just fine.

As mentioned, this shirt comes with a matching tie and handkerchief. They're available in 29 different colors; the set is all color coordinated around the primary color of the shirt. With this set, you’ll have a perfectly matching combination ready for your next business meeting without the added stress of attempting to match colors between your separate pieces.

This shirt’s material is a 35% cotton and 65% polyester blend. This blend helps to prevent wrinkling and is relatively easy to care for while still feeling soft and comfortable. Blends like these are also great for those who are new to wearing dress shirts as well as for those who have been wearing them for a long time.


  • A wide variety of colors available
  • A readymade set can go with any suit with ease
  • Classic styling details
  • Regular, full fit design
  • Machine washable men's dress shirt


  • Limited sizing options available
  • Must be ironed after drying, even if you remove promptly


This is a unique dress shirt option because it includes both a matching tie and a handkerchief. While these are not essentials for some occasions, it can be convenient to have a set like this on hand.


Calvin Klein Men's Slim Fit Dress Shirt

The Calvin Klein Men's Slim Fit Dress Shirt is a modern-style dress shirt from another famous clothing brand.


First, let’s talk about the different colors that are available with this shirt. You can get it in one of 16 different colors, or you can even buy it in a set that includes more than one color so that you have a shirt to wear for a few different occasions. All of the colors included are very classic so that they'll fit well with other pieces, such as ties and handkerchiefs, you already own.

This is a 100% fine cotton shirt. Fine cotton dress shirts are very lightweight, but they're also great for all season because of how they regulate your body’s temperature in both hot and cold weather. They're are typically very soft, and they can be ironed quickly. Additionally, it is machine washable so that you can take care of it at home relatively easily.

The shirts style includes button closures, rounded cuffs, and standard pointed collars. All of these features help it to keep its business-appropriate appearance without being overly formal. If you need a shirt for both casual and dressy occasions, this design might be the perfect fit.

Finally, let’s talk about fit. Since this is a slim fit, modern style shirt, the torso area is a bit shorter than in comparable classic men's shirt styles. To ensure that you'll get the right fit when choosing your size, use the sizing chart provided by Calvin Klein. With that chart, you’re sure to get the best possible fit.


  • Quality product from a reputable brand
  • Multiple color and sizing options
  • Uniquely flattering for slender or athletic body types
  • Tailored appearance due to modern design
  • Wrinkle-free design


  • Slight transparency on some color selections
  • Short torso sizing
  • Slight sheen from the no-wrinkle treatments


Calvin Klein is known to be an upscale brand, but this dress shirt is available at mid-range prices that match the quality of both its design and construction.


Fortino Landi Long Sleeve Men's Dress Shirt Set

Once again, we’re going to take a look at another set that includes a dress shirt, handkerchief, and tie.


Each set includes one dress shirt, one tie, and one handkerchief. All three items are correctly color coordinated so that you can just put them on without needing to think about what matches and what doesn't. The set is available in 23 different combinations that feature different colors and designs so that you can choose your favorite depending on your personal style.

The shirt is a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. This blend is effortless to wear and even easier to care for. While it does wrinkle a little bit, you can get these out using an iron or by promptly removing the shirt from the dryer when you are finished drying it.

The collar on this shirt is a pointed, classic style that suits everybody and most face types. The cuffs are of the button type, and they have a rounded edge. This type of cuff is very comfortable and doesn’t require cufflinks to stay in place, making them an excellent option for those who are shopping on a budget.

Overall, this shirt is a great value set that makes sense for those who are just getting into the workforce or for those who are trying to fill out the shirt options they have available to wear to the office each day.


  • Combinations are already color coordinated for you
  • Affordable business attire
  • Great fit around the neck
  • Classic design, regular fit waist, and hips
  • Multiple colors and sizes available


  • Durability issues
  • Some colors are a little bit transparent
  • Poor quality control


The Fortino Landi Men's Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Set is a great value option for those who are looking to quickly and effectively fill out their closet without needing to spend hours matching colors and designs.


The Winner

There you have it! Those are our top five options for the best-looking and fitting dress shirts available. But which one do we think stands out the most of them all?

In our opinion, the Van Heusen Solid Point Collar Men’s Dress Shirt is the best dress shirt option on this list. That is because of its material quality, regular fit, and classic detailing. We feel that this is the most logical choice for those who need a shirt that can work in both casual and formal settings.

If you're hoping to find combinations sets that you can wear for a great price, we recommend getting a few of the Milano Moda Men's Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Sets. These sets are a great value that are ready-to-wear since they come with matching accessories. If you need a work-ready wardrobe quickly, you can’t go wrong with this type of product.

All-in-all, each one of these five options is a great selection. Depending on your style preferences, we hope that one of these dress shirts can help you feel and look great the next time you're getting dressed for the day!

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