Best Men’s Dress Socks for Comfort

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To some, comfortable men's dress socks are nothing more than something that you slide onto your feet as you're getting ready to start the day. Others, like you, understand that having a pair of the best dress socks for men on hand to complete your stylish outfit can make a more significant difference in your day than many realize.

High quality men's socks will feel great during the workday while you're stuck moving around, as well as keep your feet fresh, which can prevent unwelcome smells from building up. Plus, quality dress socks will last a long time, providing you with a reliable, comfortable fit every time that you get ready for the day.

What is it that makes one pair of socks better than another? And how can you differentiate between the many brands of men's socks that seem so similar?

When we sat down to choose the following five pairs of the best men's dress socks on the market, we looked at a few specific features: material, sizing options, quality, durability, price, and appearance. These choices stood out amongst the millions currently available.

Comparison Chart

Dockers Men's Classics Dress Flat Knit Crew Socks

Marino Men's Dress Socks

Easton Marlowe Mens Dress Socks

3KB Men's Dress Socks

James Fiallo Mens Colorful Patterned Dress Socks

Top 5 Men's Comfortable Dress Socks

Of course, it will ultimately be up to you to decide which pair of dress socks fit your specific needs. Whether you decide to prioritize durability or price, we're certain that the right pair of dress socks for you can be found in our list today.

1. Dockers Classic Knit Men's Crew Dress Socks

The Dockers Men's Classic Knit Crew Dress Socks are one of the most popular styles and fits of men's socks that Dockers has ever made. As such, you can find them on the feet of many types of men out there. These classic crew length socks provide good fit and quality at an affordable price, which makes them such a popular option for many to choose as their dress socks.


The material on these socks is a blend that consists of 83% polyester, 15% cotton, and 2% spandex. The poly-cotton blend makes the socks very durable and soft on the feet. The inclusion of a little bit of spandex ensures a great fit even as your feet fluctuate in shape throughout the day.

With the material blend made up of mostly polyester, they're very soft to the touch and are machine washable. Even after washing, these socks retain both their size and shape so that you can continue to wear them comfortably.

At the top of these crew cut socks, there's a specific knit pattern that Docker's calls the Stay-Put Top. This top is meant to keep the socks from rolling down while you're wearing them. This can be a common yet frustrating problem for those who regularly wear dress socks, so it's nice to know these have a feature to combat it.

Finally, these socks are a great value when bought in the sets that they're commonly sold in. Despite not being very expensive, they're comfortable and will last for a long time; for these reasons, they're one of our options for the best dress socks available today.


  • Stays at a mid-calf level all day long
  • Good, durable construction
  • Spandex material helps fit feet better
  • Not scratchy


  • May deteriorate at the bottom if your feet sweat a lot
  • Color names do not match the in-person colors


Available at an affordable price, these socks are soft, durable, and will stay in place all day long. However, they're not ideal for individuals who have feet that sweat a lot.

Read our detailed review of Dockers Classic Knit Men's Crew Dress Socks.

2. Marino Colorful Men's Cotton Dress Socks

The Marino Men's Colorful Cotton Dress Socks are a unique option when it comes to what most people think of when they hear the words dress socks. But dress socks don't have to be boring! If you're open to and excited about the idea of having some funky fun colorful designs, this set of colored cotton dress socks from Marino might be the right choice for you.


The fun patterns of this colorful collection are available in four different sets. Depending on what type of patterns, colors, and designs you're interested in trying out as your next dress socks set, you can choose any one of these.

While these multi color sock designs might be what draw most people to them, the patterns aren't the only features worth mentioning. These men's cotton socks from Marino are known for the high level of moisture control that they provide. The cotton used is a very breathable blend, so you get the benefits of both a comfortable and breathable fit.

The exact blend in the material used to create these socks is 80% cotton, 10% spandex, and 10% polyester. This blend makes this pair of multi colored socks light, breathable, and fitted for nearly any size. Additionally, this specific blend of materials is very durable, so even after many wears, the socks will not break down or lose their elasticity.


  • Free return period from the manufacturer if you aren't satisfied
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dry
  • Unique multi color sock combinations help you stand out
  • Comfortable and breathable fit
  • Multi colored socks


  • Top rolls down if stretched out too much
  • Not as soft as other cotton socks


Although not as soft as some other brands, these fun and unique socks will keep your feet dry even during the hottest time of the day. They're durable and easy to maintain.

3. Easton Marlowe Patterned Dress Socks

Next up, we have another pair of patterned colorful men's dress socks that add a bit of fun to what might otherwise be a boring work outfit.


These patterned dress socks are available in six different color combination sets. Each of these sets comes with six differently patterned pairs of socks. With the various combination sets available, it should be easy to find the right set that fits in with your outfit style.

Another unique point about these that you might not be able to find in most common dress socks is that they're made in Portugal out of high-quality, European yarn. The high level of both material and craftsmanship put into these socks is one of the reasons they're so popular.

The socks themselves are made out of what is known as combed cotton. When making combed cotton, short cotton fibers are removed from the blend, while long fibers are left behind. For most people, cotton with longer fibers is both stronger and softer, so you'll have very soft, comfortable, and durable dress socks.

While the socks are prewashed to help control sizing, these socks will need to be machine washed on the gentle cycle to keep them in shape. You can tumble dry them on low heat, but hang drying them will help ensure they'll last longer.


  • Unique and fun color combinations as well as pattern variations
  • Soft with a mid-calf, comfortable fit
  • Medium-weight cotton appropriate for all-season wear


  • Only two size options available
  • Must be washed and dried gently for the best quality
  • Stitching could be more consistent


The Easton Marlowe Men's Patterned Dress Socks are an affordable yet unique set of dress socks that can keep your feet comfortable while also helping you to demonstrate your personal style. These socks, though, need special care and attention when they're being washed and dried.

4. 3KB Men's Dress Socks

Now we're going to take a look at the 3KB Men's Dress Socks. These dress socks from 3KB are made to fit any personality.


This set of 10 pairs of socks is, ultimately, the best value buy that we've found among all of the best socks reviewed here. For a low price, you can get ten pairs of socks. While these socks have more durability issues than other socks that we've introduced today, that isn't a huge issue at a price this low.

There are 12 different color combinations available. From a pack of all solid socks to summer-inspired patterns that you can wear during warmer months, there's sure to be a pack that suits your current needs.

The 3KB Men's Dress Socks are made from a poly-spandex blend. The socks are 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

This mix is made to fit more than anything else; you'll find that the stretch of the socks will always contour comfortably to your feet. Additionally, the socks have folded toe seams and rounded heels; both of these features help create a custom fit.

The same poly-mix that helps these socks fit comfortably also makes them both machine washable and dryable. Caring for your dress socks may become easier than ever before! Don't think about it; just toss them in with your wash and be on your way.


  • Can be put in the washer and the dryer
  • Many unique color combinations available
  • Custom-feeling fit
  • Cheap men's dress socks


  • Not very breathable
  • Some durability issues due to material blend
  • Won't last forever


Whether you want your dress socks to be sleek, refined, and sophisticated or you hope to find something that matches your fun and big personality, you'll be able to find a colorful socks pack combination that suits your needs. This affordable product, though, won't last that long and is not very breathable. Nonetheless, it's easy to maintain.

5. James Fiallo Men's Colorful Patterned Dress Socks

Finally, we're going to introduce another great-value option. The James Fiallo Men's Patterned Dress Socks comes with an incredible 12 pairs of socks for a great price, but what else do they have to offer?


For one thing, this package offers more color combinations than any other set we've introduced to you today. There are 32 different color combinations that you can choose from when getting these patterned dress socks from James Fiallo.

Realistically, many of these color combinations might be too wild for office wear. Still, they're entertaining and can be a great way to show off a bit of your personality when you're headed to the same office day in and day out.

They come in one-size-fits-all sizing. This can be a problem for those who have feet that fall on the lower or upper end of average men's sock sizes.

The socks are a blend of spandex and polyester that have a good amount of stretch to them. This stretch helps the fit to feel custom and comfortable even if they are a one-size-fits-all design. Still, the spandex won't make the socks fit feet that are very large any better than they would help them fit tiny feet.

Finally, the value of this set of socks is undeniable. The men's sock packs come with 12 pairs, so you can go to work for more than two weeks without needing to wash your socks if you're required to do so. That makes this a great value investment set of dress socks!


  • Great value
  • Huge variety of color combinations available
  • Comfortable and very lightweight
  • Affordable socks


  • Not a good pair of socks for cold weather
  • Durability issues
  • Some colors too crazy for office attire


Coming in with bold and fun designs, this men's dress socks pack is suitable for hot climates. They're very comfortable to wear and are designed to fit most feet.

The Winner

Now that we've looked at the top options for men's dress socks available on the market today, it's time for us to let you know which of them stands out among the others as the best choice.

In our opinion, the Dockers Classic Knit Men's Crew Dress Socks are the best classic dress socks. Being made from excellent, comfortable material, they're designed with durability in mind. Additionally, the stay-top feature makes sure they won't bother you by rolling down throughout the day.

If you prefer to invest in socks that allow you to show off a bit more of your personal color, we believe the Marino Men's Colorful Cotton Dress Socks is the best colorful socks option currently available. They're fun, comfortable, and reliable. What more could you ask for?

Regardless of which types of socks for men on today's list stood out to you the most, we're sure that all of them can be considered great options that balance price with quality. With that in mind, we're confident you'll find a pair here that calls out to you.

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