Best Dress Shirt Colors for Men You Should Have in Your Closet

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For many men, the idea of getting dressed is nothing special—you grab something out of the closet, throw it on, and rush out the door.

Then again, you’d also find some men who want to look pulled together, which means finding the best dress shirt colors for men becomes crucial.

Whether you wear a suit jacket or not, you want the shirt to look good with the pants you choose.

You’ve got an image to maintain, so it makes sense to focus on the pants you’re wearing and the color that might look best with it.

Generally, you can pair a variety of colors together, so you’re not going to get bored.

Minimalist or Not?

Another question men have is how many shirts they need?

Generally, you should have enough shirts to wear a different one each day of the workweek and three extra.

That way, if you encounter an issue and can’t do laundry immediately, you’ve still got clean clothes to wear.

Often, shirts can be washed at home, though some men prefer to have them dry-cleaned, and the collars starched. The choice is ultimately yours.

We recommend that you have a variety of shirts, including gentle patterns and a few bold ones.

However, you should focus on what makes you look good and what you’re comfortable wearing. This varies from man to man.

Don’t feel bad if you have all solid colors or a single checked shirt.

Best Dress Shirt Colors for Men

The issue many men have is that they try to wear a multitude of colors that don’t work well for them.

If you know you look amazing in blue, there is no harm with having various shades of that color in your wardrobe.

Yes, you can add a pop of color at times with yellow or be bold with red, but you are primarily going to stick with the colors that you know make you look good.

For the record, almost every man in the world looks good in blue, regardless of their skin tone, hair color, or eye color.

If you have blue eyes and blond hair, choose a blue shirt that's a shade darker or lighter to make the eye color pop.

1. Patterns

Most men shy away from patterns because they’re nervous about pairing them together correctly.

If you’re making a first impression, you know that you're going to be looked up and down within the first few seconds of meeting.

For example, having a striped shirt with tweed pants is a fashion faux-pas.

Dress Shirts Patterns

Though other men might not notice, it’s best to know what patterns go with what.

Usually, it’s a good approach to stick with particular colors and patterns to portray professionalism.

You’ve also got to consider where you work or where you’re going.

If you're a lawyer, you probably dress conservatively while at the office and boldly in the courtroom. It’s a tactic that works well for many.

However, those at a tech-savvy company might wear different things.

2. Solid Color Dress Shirts

Solid colors are the basis of any man’s clothing.

Light blue and white tend to be the most popular colors. You’re sure to have plenty of these in the closet. It might also be helpful to keep one at the office, just in case.

White blue dress shirt

White is deep-rooted in history. Men who wore white shirts were said to work with their minds and not their hands. Therefore, he could wear it without getting it dirty.

However, white isn’t the only option and can seem a little boring at times. You can mix it up by choosing off-white or cream, light or medium blue, and even gold.

Those who are secure in their masculinity can also choose pink and lavender colors.

Generally, the color you select doesn’t matter. It’s what works well with a particular color of pants. We’re going to talk about this a bit later.

Here is a good tip to ponder: Off-white might be best if you often smoke or drink dark beverages. That way, your smile doesn’t look yellow.

You may also consider bleaching your teeth if you have one or both of these habits.

best dress shirt colors for men

3. Striped Dress Shirt

The design on the shirt is going to make it less dressy. However, you may want to go for a striped shirt on those casual Fridays or business-casual days.

Stripes can fit well in a variety of North American workplaces and throughout the world because they often convey a business sense.

When the stripe is quite thin, it's portrayed to be a more formal shirt. Just make sure that the stripe pattern on the shirt is different in size than the design on the suit or tie.

Striped dress shirt

Most men get scared to wear multiple striped patterns.

We agree that it can be hard to get the right appearance. However, you can wear a wide-striped shirt with a pinstripe suit.

The colors should match somewhat, though. For example, a pinstripe navy blue suit can be paired with a light-blue shirt with wider stripes.

The most popular striped pattern is a white background with small, light-blue strips. For most men, it’s best to stay away from bold or very fine stripes.

This color is going to pair well with almost any suit color, even brown. This style adds a touch of a pattern, and you can also wear a patterned tie with it.

Alternatively, you can choose a blue background with white stripes.

Try to choose different stripe sizes for each of your shirts. That way, it always looks varied and interesting.

You’re also going to find that these shirts are versatile and can be worn almost anywhere.

Finer stripes are going to appear solid from far away but add a bit of depth to the ensemble. Plus, they look great up close because of the pattern.

You can find other striped shirt color combinations, but light blue just seems to be a staple and is found in almost any store.

4. Checked

The checked shirt is the most casual of the three options. However, it is still a great type to have in your wardrobe.

What if you have to work on the weekend or you want to dress down a bit for a casual day?

These shirts often work well for men with athletic and thin builds. Larger men tend to avoid this pattern because it exaggerates the weight or width.

Checked dress shirt

Generally, blue and white are the colors that go best or seem to.

Still, some people choose a three-color checked shirt, such as red, blue, and white. It just adds a bit more depth to the shirt.

Most men prefer blue and red, so it’s a classic color combination, too.

Often, men wear these shirts with a blazer or a sports jacket. However, you can dress down a suit and wear it with that, too.

It all depends on the look you’re going for and how you want to attain it. Just as some men wear sneakers with a full suit, you might choose a checked shirt with one.

Styles of Men's Dress Shirts

It’s so much easier to combine the shirt with the right accessories, suit, and shoes when you understand shirt styles.

Most men don’t realize that there are multiple styles of dress shirts.

We’re not talking about patterns and colors here. Instead, we’re focused on the type of material and appearance.

It’s essential to know about them so you can pick what looks best with your pants or suit jacket.

1. Plain Weave

The plain weave dress shirt is often solid in color. When you pick a medium-spread color and barrel cuffs, it allows you to wear it formally and casually.

For example, you can wear this shirt with jeans or a business suit/tuxedo.

Consider medium-weight fabric so that you can wear it in the summer and winter.

Thin shirts may make you cold during winter or require you to wear an undershirt. Thick ones are going to make you sweat in summer.

Most men are going to choose the traditional placket, which means the buttons are sewn to the shirt.

There’s an added bit of fabric to make it stand apart. It doesn’t look as formal as with a tuxedo, but it is classic.

Also, it might be best to pick a shirt without a pocket. You’ve got the suit jacket pocket and should wear the jacket at all times.

If the pocket is placed correctly, though, you aren’t going to see it with the coat.

2. Fancy Weave

The fancy weave features a waffle pattern, which is subtle.

Most people aren’t going to see it from far away. However, if you work closely with certain people, they are going to notice it.

The pattern isn’t ostentatious, but it’s there and can be seen at different times.

Usually, this weave comes as a French placket (the buttons are hidden). However, you can find regular options.

Generally, we are going to say stick to the traditional placket for your dress shirts. The others are far more expensive.

If you have the money and time, you may choose to add some French plackets to the wardrobe. That way, you have a variety of things in the closet to mix and match.

You can get almost any color with a fancy weave shirt. It often creates symmetry when worn with a bow tie. A necktie looks great with it, as well.

There are other fancy weaves than just the waffle pattern. You can also choose the herringbone version.

Just make sure it’s a fine weave and made of quality fabric. That way, it lasts a long time.

The collar should be the medium-spread one again because it works with any type of tie and face shape.

3. Oxford Cloth Shirts

As an American staple, you’ve got to have this shirt in your closet. The cloth is hard-wearing, so it’s going to work with you for a long time.

Generally, it’s best to choose a light blue color. There are strands of other shades of blue and white within the Oxford fabric.

This shirt can be worn without a suit jacket and still looks amazing.

4. Denim Dress Shirts

The battle rages on between those who think denim can be dressy and those who don’t.

Generally, men didn’t wear denim shirts for dressy occasions 10 or 15 years ago. However, it’s become increasingly popular today.

Just make sure you choose soft-washed denim and remember that it’s going to tone down the formalness of the outfit.

This means you may not be able to wear this in a white-collar situation.

If you’ve got business-casual days, this is the perfect option. You don’t always want to be dressed to the nines, as it makes you appear unreachable and unfriendly.

Pairing Dress Shirts With Pants

Remember, the shirt itself is not the dominant piece of the outfit. It’s usually worn under a sports or suit jacket, so you want to make sure that it matches the rest of the ensemble.

Consider this scenario: You walk into a group of people. Who do you feel is in charge: the person wearing khakis and a polo shirt or the one wearing a suit?

Generally, you dress for the job you want, even if you don’t currently have it. To do that, you need pants and an appropriate jacket.

It doesn’t matter what colors you choose. If your suit is all one color without stripes or anything else on it, you can wear any color.

What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Pants?

You don’t want to be boring at work, and your wardrobe dictates that to an extent. Many men wonder what color dress shirt with grey pants they should wear.

Generally, grey pants work well for relaxed occasions, but you can find suit pants that are designed for summer. Wool grey pants can be found for winter styles and needs, though.

It’s often best to choose black, blue, or white shirt colors to give you a flattering appearance.

If the suit jacket matches the pants, black can be an excellent choice because it contrasts nicely.

However, many men prefer to mix and match pants and jacket colors. Therefore, avoid a black shirt if you plan to wear a black sports or suit jacket.

Other colors that work well for what color dress shirt with grey pants include dark/navy blue, brick red, and darker colors.

While many men don’t prefer to wear pink and purple, these are also suitable, though choose darker shades.

best dress shirt colors for men

What Color Dress Shirt With Black Pants?

What color shirt goes with black pants should I wear? This is a question that gets asked a lot.

Black seems to be the tie-all and goes with absolutely anything. Therefore, the answer really is a matter of preference.

Some men just dislike wearing pink, maroon, purple, turquoise, and other “feminine” colors. If you don’t care about that, though, any of these colors work well.

Others can include white, blue (any shade), purple (any shade), orange, yellow, red, and gray.

Since the pants are so dark, it might be best to choose lighter colors for the shirt. Still, you’d want to consider the suit jacket you wear.

If it's also black, then a light-colored shirt is best.

When you plan to wear a grey jacket (or another color), it might be best to choose something that complements the jacket instead of matching it to the pants.

Something should be said for the entirely black ensemble.

Many men fear wearing a black shirt with black pants and jacket, but this can be a very handsome combination.

Clearly, this color sequence (all the same) is going to do well at very formal events and funerals.

At the office, you may make yourself appear aloof or distant and unavailable to your employees.

Nevertheless, it’s a great pairing when you want something bold and on point.

What color dress shirt with black pants? The answer, really, is whatever color you’ve got in the closet because most everything works.

What Color Shirt Goes With Khaki Pants?

Khaki is one of the most versatile pants colors on the planet because you can dress them up or down.

What color dress shirt with khaki pants, though? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

There are different shades of khaki, which can change the appearance of the color you wear with it.

For example, light khaki colors pair well with beige or green shirts.

It offsets the color of the khakis and can bring out the color of your hair, skin tone, or eyes.

Still, it’s often hard to pull off such a look, so you might want to skip those colors altogether.

Instead, pair light khakis with white, blue, yellow, and black. Maroon and red also go well with this option.

However, you shouldn’t necessarily shy away from aqua or teal, purple, pink, peach, or grey.

If the khakis look more brown than tan, white and off-white often contrast well. You can also choose pastel colors, too, such as peach and yellow.

Mint green and sage green might also work, though it depends on how much brown is in the khakis.

Though many people think that purple goes well with khaki, it's a matter of preference.

Also, the khaki might have a green hue to it, which doesn’t usually look good compared to the purple.

Generally, it’s best to avoid all types of purple and stick with other colors. However, the color of your jacket can determine if purple fares well.

For example, if you choose light khaki pants with a brown suit jacket, the best colors are sure to be light colors. These include light blue, yellow, beige, cream, and light green.

The general rule is to consider wearing a darker color shirt with light-colored pants and choose lighter shades for dark pants.

Pairing khaki with black means that the rules for black pants also apply to the jacket.

Still, with khaki pants, it’s best to match it with the bottoms instead of the covering when considering what color dress shirt with khaki pants.


When it comes to selecting the best dress shirt colors for men, there are endless possibilities.

You’ve first got to consider the color of the pants you’re wearing and the jacket. Then, you can quickly determine what looks good.

Make sure that you check yourself in a mirror and ensure there's good lighting when you do. That way, you can focus on how the colors look on your body.

Also, it helps you determine if the ensemble seems too dark or dreary.

Of course, you don’t want to look too chipper, especially for work or at a funeral. Therefore, make sure the ‘tone’ of the outfit is suitable for the event or situation.

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