Best Dress Pants for Men

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There’s something special about having the right pair of pants on. We all do it; even though we have a closet full of men's pants to choose from, we gravitate towards a favorite pair or two because they have the best fit and form. The best dress pants for men are those that allow freedom of movement while cutting a sleek and good looking figure.

How, then, can you transform your closet so that every pair is one of your favorites? You simply need to invest in some of the best men’s dress pants.

Today, we’ll introduce our list for five top rated men’s dress pants. This list will enable you to revolutionize what you wear. By the end of today’s article, you should be able to find the perfect men's pants for your needs!

Comparison Chart

Lee Men's Total Freedom Relaxed Fit Pant

Perry Ellis Men's Portfolio Modern Fit Performance Pant

Haggar Mens Cool 18 Flat Front Pant

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Stretch Pant

Van Heusen Men's Flex Straight Fit Pant

Our Top 5 Picks

In putting together this best list, we’ve focused on a few features that are essential in great dress pants: flap style, cuff details, fit, material, durability, pockets, lining, and more! There’s a lot to consider to ensure that you get the best value pants possible, and we wanted to be sure that we covered it all.

During our introduction for five popular men's pants brands, we’ll cover some of these features on each pant so that you can get a full picture of which pairs you might like best.

1. Lee Total Freedom Men's Classic Fit Pants

First up, we’re going to cover a pair from the very popular brand Lee. The Lee Total Freedom Classic Fit men's pants are a modern take on a very classic fitting pant, but what do these specifically have to offer over a traditional pair of dress pants?


We’ll start by talking about their fit, which is known as a relaxed, classic fit. While the width of the waist and hips on these pants is standard, the legs are very relaxed. This means that there is a generously sized opening around the legs, so you have a lot of freedom to move around and will not feel constricted by their tightness.

Rather than having a pleat at the front, these have a more modern flat front pants style. A flat front style is best for those with slim-to-medium builds, but it can flatter any body type if appropriately sized.

Another bonus of that they're from a reliable and well-loved brand. Lee has been making quality men's clothes for a long time, and you can expect their pants to bring along some of that reputation with them.

They're available in six different colors and a wide variety of sizes to accommodate different shapes in the same style. The pants themselves are machine washable as they're made from a 75% polyester, 25% cotton blend.

That kind of blend is relatively stain-resistant as the polyester prevents them from sucking in or holding onto stains that can happen during any normal wear-and-tear. They also won't need to be ironed as frequently.


  • Great for both office workers and those who need to move around in the field
  • Quality construction with a reputable brand to back them up
  • Modern design that looks sleek
  • Comfortable pockets
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes


  • Quality control issues on sizing differences between the colors
  • Industrial-style zipper
  • May shrink if not laundered properly


With numerous colors and sizes to choose from, you can get a pair that will suit your style and taste. These pants are designed to help you move around with comfort.

2. Perry Ellis Portfolio Modern Fit Performance Dress Pants

The next dress pants that we are covering today are the Perry Ellis Men's Portfolio Modern-Fit Performance Pants. This is another modern take on classic fit men's pants, and we feel that Perry Ellis has brought a lot of unique touches to these that you may find to be interesting.


Before we get into their specific styling details, let’s talk about the available colors and sizes. These pants come in 11 colors that take on the classic needs for most men: blues, blacks, greys, and khakis. The sizes available cover a good variety of widths and lengths as well, so you should be able to find your size.

Now, let’s talk about how these modern fit men's pants are cut. First, they have flat front panels. This is standard in modern dress pant styles these days, so you have no pleats at the front. Additionally, the waistline sits a bit below the waist instead of right at it, which is another smart style choice.

The legs on these pants are straight tailored legs. The fit is straight not only through both the seat and the thighs, but the straight fit continues through the leg opening as well.

As these are 100% polyester and have a fair bit of stretch to them, the fit and material allow for great flexibility while you wear them. Another benefit of the pants being 100% polyester is that they'll seldom require ironing as they won't take on wrinkles like some cotton or poly-blends might.

The material is also completely machine washable. Additionally, they feature fashionable slanted side pockets and button-through welted back pockets.


  • Stylist, slanted side pockets
  • High level of durability
  • True to size
  • Modern fit with a smooth, comfortable performance fit
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Washable men's dress pants


  • The zipper doesn’t open wide enough for some people
  • Quality control issues with size tagging


With sizes and colors available for every preference, these pants look modern with stylish pockets. They're easy to maintain and should last you a long time.

3. Haggar Cool 18 Men's Expandable Waist Pants

Now, we’ll examine the Haggar Expandable Waist Pants for men. Haggar has been making different styles of dress pants for several decades now. Many men have come to love their sizes and fits. As times have changed, Haggar has also continued to update their styles to match current trends.


Their Cool 18 style is a 100% polyester blend of pants that are designed for a performance fit. This means that while they can look sleek, clean, and professional for your next meeting, they're also good to wear when you need to be doing a good amount of movement while still looking stylish.

As these pants are 100% polyester, they won't usually require ironing. They can be machine washed without fear of the pants shrinking, so taking care of them will be relatively easy.

These pants are designed with the Haggar classic fit. With the flat front, this fit sits just below the natural waistline and has a straight seat down through the thighs and legs. The pockets are side-slanted, and they're available in 13 different colors.

The real standout feature of these pants is their expandable waist. With this design, the waistband can stretch up to three additional inches, so you'll be comfortable even if you twist and turn in them.

In addition to adding extra stretch in the waist, this expandable design also gives a little bit more room in the hips and seat that can also add to your comfort. Some have found, though, that the inseam does not consider the need for some extra girth.


  • Available in big sizes for larger builds
  • Great quality for the price
  • Look very professional without any unnecessary shine
  • Stretch waist provides a comfortable fit
  • Classic fit pants


  • Slimmer fit than previous Haggar classic fit pants
  • Run a bit small in the inseam
  • Inconsistencies between colors and sizes


Whether you have a medium or large body built, this pair could be perfect for you. With its expandable waist, you can move around without compromising style and comfort.

4. Reaction Kenneth Cole Straight Fit Men's Stretch Dress Pants

Our next pair of pants is from a brand that has been continually growing in popularity for the last few years: Reaction by Kenneth Cole. The Reaction Kenneth Cole Straight Fit Men's Stretch pants feature a straight leg design that many will love.


Like many of the other pairs that we've introduced today, these functional dress pants are made from a 100% polyester fabric material. Unlike the other brands, though, these are made from a stretch gabardine fabric, a woven fabric that is midweight and very strong. The weave and additional fabric treatments provide both stretch and durability.

Still, these pants can be washed at home in your washing machine and cared for very easily. While the fabric is treated to stretch, they won't stretch out too much, and the stretch will only occur in areas where you need it.

Should any wrinkles appear on these mostly wrinkle-resistant pair, it's very easy to remove them using a steam iron. Additionally, they're known for being relatively lint-free even when purchased in black.

There is no front pleat on these modern style pants. Instead, they have a more updated and conventional flat front design.

The pockets are on the side seams, which are less common in modern fit pants but desired by many. The pockets at the back use shell-style buttons and the pants have belt loops.


  • Wrinkle resistant men's pants
  • Durable, woven polyester
  • Treated for stretch and durability
  • Sleek, modern fit
  • Mens washable pants


  • Only five colors available at this time
  • No big or tall sizes available


These pants have a stylish and contemporary fit, as well as side pockets that have been placed intelligently to add more style. They're easy to maintain, durable, and stretchable.

5. Van Heusen Flex Straight Fit Men's Flat Front Pants

The final pair of dress pants that we're going to introduce to you today is the Van Heusen Flex Straight Fit Men's Flat Front Pants. As with many of the choices that we've presented here, these have a flex fit pants style.


Van Heusen is a trendy brand of men’s dress wear. While many people know them for their shirts and ties, they also have hugely popular lines of trousers like these men's flex pants that many people love. For that reason, men often look to this brand for their durability.

First, let’s talk about the material. They're made with a blend of 72% Polyester, 22% Rayon, and 6% Spandex.

This blend has a few benefits. First, it's machine washable so that you can take care of them at home. All you need to do is wash, dry, and then go.

Second, it's relatively stretchy because of the poly-blend and the included spandex. Rather than fighting against you, these pants will move with your body.

For an additional stretch, the waistband has a slight expandable extension panel. You can stretch them up to an extra 1.5” thanks to some added elastic sections. This makes these flex pants ready to keep you comfortable the whole day.

The fit of this pair is classic. The waist, thighs, and leg openings are all straight, leading to a sophisticated and timeless look that many people are hoping to get from their dress pants. There is no front pleat; they are a modern flat front design style.


  • Reliable and reputable brand
  • Classic fit updated for modern body standards
  • Flex stretch keeps you moving
  • Matte finish
  • Expandable waist men's pants


  • Limited big and tall options
  • Some of the colors appear dingey in person


With these flex pants, you can wear them as both office wear or field work with ease while looking professional the whole time.

The Winner

Now that you’ve seen all of our options for the best men's dress pants, let’s get down to what everyone wants to know: which pair of pants is the ultimate winner?

In our opinion, Lee Total Freedom Classic Fit Men's Pants are a fantastic choice for most men. This pair balances price with quality and comfort in a significant way. While you do have to be careful about how you care for them, the same goes for most pants!

If you prefer to get performance dress pants that don’t require careful laundering, you may find that the Van Heusen Flex Straight Fit Men's Flat Front Pant is a better choice. These pants are made out of a poly-blend material that can be cleaned and maintained more easily than some others.

Today, we’ve introduced five different pairs of dress pants. While most of these pants are a modern take on the classic fit style, they each have unique features. Hopefully, the features reviewed for each of them have helped you to find the perfect pair that will allow you to shine at work or in your next professional setting!

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