Best Casual Dress Shoes for Men

Dress shoes are no longer limited to being worn in the office with a suit or similar formal clothing. Modern dress shoes for casual wear are elegant and stylish, exhibiting excellent versatility and striking looks. The best casual dress shoes can be worn with almost any outfit and are comfortable enough for you to feel as if you are barely wearing shoes at all. Let’s take a look at three of the best casual men’s dress shoes on the market today.

Mio Marino Men’s Dress Shoes

Mio Marino manufactures some of the most elegant, modern dress shoes around. These shoes for men benefit from their premier craftsmanship, backed by an outstanding warranty and highly commendable customer service.

Given the vast range of colors and their overall quality, these are certainly one of the most versatile options, with a style suited to any personal taste. Here’s a closer look.

Mio Marino Mens Dress Shoes - Fashion Casual Oxford Shoes for Men



  • Rubber marbleized slip-resistant sole
  • Sweat-free breathable insole
  • Meticulous stitching
  • Distressed style sole


  • Nine colors to choose from
  • Supplied in a reusable travel bag
  • Half sizes available for a perfect fit
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Shoes run one size large
  • Slightly wide design

When ordering, be sure to order half to one size smaller than you normally would as these shoes run a bit big. This being said, the Mio Marino Men’s Dress Shoes are among the best casual dress shoes available to the modern man.

The brogueing is just right, carrying intricacy and a delicate touch, while the rubber marbleized sole perfectly matches the genuine leather composition. Unlike some other dress shoes, these shoes guarantee a great grip regardless of the surface.

Not only are these shoes available in a range of stylish colors, but they are vegan-friendly as well thanks to being crafted entirely from human-made materials. The attention to detail is impressive, from the meticulous stitching to the sleek lines of the total design style sporting the distressed sole, the entire shoe is elegant and stylish.

Some may criticize them for being slightly broad across the instep, but this makes them very comfortable while also making them perfectly suited to people with all types, sizes, and shapes of feet.

Versatile enough to be worn almost anywhere yet oozing an elegant appeal which can transform an entire look, the Mio Marino Men’s Dress Shoes are superbly designed. They would make a perfect gift and even come with a waterproof shoe bag that gives long-lasting travel protection from the elements. Wear them in place of sneakers or to add an edge to evening attire. These modern dress shoes will serve you well.

Zzhap Men’s Casual Oxford Shoes

The Zzhap Men’s Casual Oxford Shoes are among the best-looking men’s casual shoes available while remaining reserved and classical enough to be worn to the office as well. The slight heel gives you a taller posture, while the shoes themselves are instantly appealing.

Available at an extremely low price, these casual Oxfords from Zzhap should be considered, especially given the six vibrant colors which they are available in.

Zzhap Men's Casual Oxford Shoes Breathable Flat Fashion Sneakers Brown US 9



  • Fabric & leather composition
  • Flexible rubber outsole
  • ½-Inch heel & platform


  • Six colors to choose from
  • Sizes are true to size
  • Great breathability


  • Lack of arch support
  • Slight break-in period
  • Cushioning could be better


The breathability of the Zzhap Men’s Casual Oxford Shoes is outstanding. There is no chance of moisture building up, nor will your feet slip about within the shoe. They are far lighter than most other dress shoes, weighing less than even casual shoes in the same price range. Many compare the feeling of wearing these shoes to that of wearing slippers. These shoes are well made and will stay looking sharp and stylish even after repeated use.

Once you have endured the break-in period, which lasts roughly half a day on average, these shoes are very comfortable. The arch support could be better, and so could the cushioning, but if you add a pair of cheap orthopedic inserts, you have a pair of shoes which look and feel great. Given the long-lasting durability of the overall aesthetics, purchasing inserts to lift your comfort is highly recommended, but not completely necessary.

From the traction to the vibrancy of the color and design, the Zzhap Men’s Casual Oxford Shoes do not disappoint. Extremely affordable, ultra-stylish, and relatively long-lasting, you won’t be disappointed by their value. They are so comfortable that you may find yourself ordering another pair but be sure to try inserts, as they will take your comfort to a new level.

DADAWEN Men’s Classic Suede Leather Oxford Dress Shoes

Affordable, attractive, well-constructed and available in a startling selection of no less than twelve different colors, the DADAWEN Men’s Classic Suede Leather Oxford Dress Shoes are easily one of the best casual dress shoes available. Every aspect of these shoes exhibits quality and premier craftsmanship. Here we’ll show you what makes them an excellent option.

Dadawen Men's Black Leather Oxford Shoe - 10 D(M) US



  • Suede leather composition
  • Flexible outsole
  • TPR rubber slip-resistant sole


  • Sizes are true to size
  • Half sizes available for a perfect fit
  • Extremely light
  • Sleek fit & scuff-resistant
  • Packaged in an attractive box, great for gifting


  • Poor cushioning
  • Ankle support is lacking


The stylish and attractive suede leather exterior is backed with a breathable leather lining which matches the cushioned footbed and non-skid sole perfectly in terms of both design and support. You will notice that the stitching detail is immaculate and your shoes arrive completely odor-free. Your foot is completely supported by a comfy footbed and is given ample leeway thanks to a flexible outsole.

Scuff- and tear-resistant, the DADAWAN Oxfords give you a great blend of comfort, quality, and durability. The colors are great, and half sizes ensure that you get a perfect fit. They look great with casual wear like jeans, cargos, and chinos while suiting office attire such as suit pants and corduroys equally well. You can’t beat the versatility of these outstanding casual dress shoes from DADAWAN.

The DADAWEN Men’s Classic Suede Leather Oxford Dress Shoes look and feel great, with an appearance which makes them look more expensive than they are. They offer great value for money and will surprise you with their durability. A lack of padding around the heel and ankle is the only factor which would prevent one from wearing them every day, all day, but they’re the best casual dress shoes for a day or evening out on the town or an event with work colleagues.

Semi-Formal Has Never Been Better

Suede Oxfords have traditionally fallen into the category of semi-formal footwear. This timeless design has truly evolved into something suited to the contemporary man. The best casual dress shoes will open endless options for your style while remaining affordable enough to barely make an impact on your wallet. Now that’s a sensible style.


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