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There are few greater feelings than when you slide into the perfect fitting, quality men's dress shirt and don't find yourself to be constrained throughout your workday.

With so many different fits, styles, materials, and companies out there when it comes to dress shirts for men, it can be tough to figure out which ones are the best choice.

Our list compares the top 5 affordable men's dress shirts. These reviews and comparisons will help you discover which brand might be the right fit for your next shirt.

Top 5 Affordable Men’s Dress Shirts Comparison Chart

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Best Affordable Dress Shirts for Men Review

1. Van Heusen Men's Poplin Fitted Dress Shirt

Van Heusen is one of the most popular dress shirt creators and is known for making a wide variety of styles of tops in different materials, to suit many different tastes. This shirt is no exception to their usual quality.


This is a very lightweight, fitted shirt made of a fine, soft poplin. The shirt is very comfortable to wear, but it's worth noting that it's very thin, so it might require an undershirt be worn. This thinness is good for warm weather conditions but can make it hard to wear in some situations.

This poplin dress shirt has a slightly slim fit, but it is not so slim fitting that you need to worry about moving up a size instead of buying your usual size. The shoulder width and sleeve length are relatively standard, so there’s no need to change your size from your normal sizing; this makes it very convenient to wear.

One small negative about this shirt is that the wrist cuffs are a bit tight. This means that it may not be the best fit for anyone who likes to wear a large watch.

What's to like about the Van Heusen Men's Poplin Fitted Dress Shirt

  • Poplin blend shirt very resistant to wrinkles
  • Slim fit is easy to size and fits many people
  • Very lightweight and easy to care for

What's not to like about the Van Heusen Men's Poplin Fitted Dress Shirt

  • Somewhat tight wrist cuffs


  • Fitted top with comfortable, natural stretch
  • Easy-to-clean with wrinkle-resistant finish


  • Very thin

2. MUSE FATH Men’s Printed Dress Shirt

This super affordable top from MUSE FATH is a low budget option dress shirt for men that's available in a wide variety of both colors and sizes.


The two best things about this shirt are that it's available in a number of sizes as well as colors. It’s very easy to figure out which size will work best for you thanks to the company’s size chart, and the right size shirt may fit as if it's tailor-made. The shoulder width and sleeve length for each size are appropriate.

While these shirts might be a bit stiff when they first arrive, a few washes will have the cotton soft and comfortable in no time at all. The material itself is not the most expensive choice, but it is durable. They'll last through many washes without any worries about the fabric wearing out.

Overall, this is a good, low budget option as a men’s dress shirt. While its not made from the highest quality material, it has very sturdy and well-fitted construction. It can be comfortably worn on many occasions.

What's to like about the MUSE FATH Men’s Printed Dress Shirt

  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • Sleeves and shoulders feel tailor-made
  • Well-constructed

What's not to like about the MUSE FATH Men’s Printed Dress Shirt

  • Stiff out of the package


  • Great, tailor-made fit
  • Five different colors available


  • Low-quality cotton

3. Buttoned Down Men's Classic Fit Dress Shirt

This mid-range men’s button down dress shirt made by Buttoned Down is available in dozens of different colors and sizes that are sure to fit your body comfortably.


The best thing about this shirt is the huge number of size combinations that'll help you find the perfect fit. In total, there are 72 different size options that you can choose from. This will help ensure that you get the most comfortable fit around your neck, in your arms, and on your entire body. Most people will be able to find a great fitting shirt with this brand.

Another noteworthy thing about this specific style are the 21+ different patterns that are available for purchase. If you like to have a number of different patterns in your wardrobe to mix and match for different occasions, this shirt might be the right option.

The material on these shirts is thicker and coarser than something made of thin, cheap cotton or of poplin. Depending on what type of feel you prefer in a dress shirt, you may either love or hate this. The fabric is Supima cotton, and it's very durable, so you can expect to wear this shirt for many months.

One negative of this shirt is that its a slimmer fit than you might be led to believe. While the shirt is advertised as a regular fit, it does pull in more than a traditional dress shirt at the chest and waist.

What's to like about the Buttoned Down Men's Classic Fit Dress Shirt

  • 72 different size combinations
  • 21 different colors available
  • Very durable cotton dress shirt for men
  • Affordable dress shirts for men

What's not to like about the Buttoned Down Men's Classic Fit Dress Shirt

  • Slim fitting


  • 21 different patterns available in many sizes
  • Specific neck and sleeve measurements available


  • Heavyweight

4. Alimens & Gentle Regular Fit Dress Shirt

This affordable budget dress shirt option made by Alimens & Gentle is a sensible choice for anyone who's looking for the greatest value without sacrificing too much on quality.


This shirt is a French style cuffed dress shirt, and the package will even include some low-end cufflinks that can be worn with the shirt when needed. While the cufflinks will be of a random variety, this is a good deal for anyone who doesn’t typically need to use cufflinks but wants to try them.

Another nice feature is the weave in the shirt. It’s a nice weave, so even if the cotton isn’t the highest quality, the shirt itself has a very soft texture that is comfortable to wear.

One big drawback of this shirt is that the sizing is limited and a bit complicated to decipher. If you decide to purchase this shirt, you'll want to be extra careful while figuring out which size to order. If it doesn’t fit, you can always exchange to try a different size.

What's to like about the Alimens & Gentle Regular Fit Dress Shirt

  • Nice weave
  • Soft feel shirt
  • French-style cuffed shirt includes free cufflinks

What's not to like about the Alimens & Gentle Regular Fit Dress Shirt

  • Cufflinks come in random design


  • French cuff style dress shirt with included cufflinks
  • Nice weave gives shirt a great texture


  • Sizing limited and difficult

5. Alex Vando Men’s Dress Shirt

The Alex Vando line of men’s dress shirts is a great option for young men who are looking for a shorter, sleeker dress shirt that will fit the modern style better than a traditional shirt.


The style of this shirt makes it a great choice for those who need a shirt that can go between formal events, work, and just a casual dinner out with ease. The style of the shirt works under suits or on its own with a pair of jeans. This makes it an all-around functional choice for anyone who wants to own a functional shirt.

Another nice feature of this shirt is that it's made out of a nice quality cotton with reliable stitching. The stitching around the armholes and down the seams of the shirt can stand up to a good bit of wear and tear without worrying about tears.

One downside of the shirt is that it's very short, so some people might be frustrated by the inability to tuck the shirt in. Still, this can be a plus for those who prefer a more modernized look.

You can wear the shirt without the need to tuck it in, and it won't hang down your legs. A shirt that's too long can look foolish when worn this way, so this style may be a good choice for some people.

What's to like about the Alex Vando Men’s Dress Shirt

  • A functional shirt that can be used for many different occasions
  • Elegant, modern style
  • Made out of quality cotton

What's not to like about the Alex Vando Men’s Dress Shirt

  • A short shirt which cannot be tucked in


  • Elegant, modern fit great for young businessmen
  • Material with quality stitching


  • Short shirt which cannot be tucked in


Our choice on this list of best affordable dress shirts for men is, without a doubt, the Van Heusen Poplin Slim Fit shirt. For most people, this shirt’s great fit, comfortable feel, and easy-care instructions will make it the most logical option.

If you prefer something that's made with more expensive fabric, the Buttoned Down Men's Classic Fit Dress Shirt is a mid-range dress shirt option that may be more suited to your tastes. The heavier fabric is likely to last longer than any other shirt on this list.

No matter which type of shirt you end up choosing, owning the right dress shirt will be a valuable addition to your men's wardrobe and add to your overall style.

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