Are Slip On Dress Shoes Professional?

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Men often wonder if they’re wearing suitable footwear, especially if they’re going to work in a new environment or have an upcoming job interview. Appearances are important, though most employers consider your personality and job skills more than what you wear. However, the goal is to fit in well with the rest of the employees, and you can’t do that if your outfit looks out of place.

Are Men’s Slip On Dress Shoes Professional?

It’s best to be as comfortable as possible, but you also have to make sure that your men’s work attire is suitable for the occasion. If you’re going on a job interview soon or you’ve got your first day at a new, business casual or professional job, you may be wondering, “Are men’s slip on loafer shoes professional?”

The question comes up frequently for men and women, and the answer isn’t quite as concise as you’d probably expect.

When it comes to footwear, most women feel that more choice is always better, while men often think that less is fine, meaning it’s best not to have too many pairs. Nonetheless, we believe you can never have enough men’s shoes.

You’ll find endless style options, as well as designs, materials, colors, and finishes. While we think you should have many different shoes for a variety of outfits, finding the right pair can be challenging.

Learning about the difference between slip ons and lace-up shoes is the first step, but then you have to determine which option is most suitable for your needs.

Men’s Lace Up Shoe Features

Lace up men’s dress shoes are ones with material all around the foot and toe, usually to the ankle. They’re commonly made of a high-quality material such as leather and can have a unique design or stitching in a contrasting color.

The shoe is usually made to be wider on the top part of the foot and has eyelet holes with a shoelace that runs through them. You tighten the shoelace ends to ensure that the shoe stays on. You can then tie the laces together.

Men’s Slip On Shoe Features

Slip-on dress shoes for men are also made with high-quality material, usually leather. These shoes can also have designs and contrast stitching on them, but the shoe itself is one piece (some shoes are pieced together).

Instead of laces, it usually has an elastic piece on either side of the ankle or top part of the foot, which allows you to put the shoe on or take it off easily.

Understanding the different types is the first step to answering the question, “Are slip on dress shoes professional attire for men?” Of course, it also depends on the style of the shoe. Some lace-up shoes (think sneakers) are not professional at all, while some slip-on shoes (think penny-loafers) can look highly professional.

Lace Up Shoes: Men’s Formal Footwear

We’re constantly asked if lace-up shoes look more formal than slip-ons, and the answer is usually yes. Of course, lace-up shoes can be worn to informal affairs, as well.

Styling rules aren’t really that strict, but there is something that screams formal when you have a stylish pair of laced dress shoes, making them suitable for weddings, business events, and everyday work wear.

Of course, there’s a proper way to lace the shoes so that the laces don’t crisscross on the outside of the shoe. While that may be appropriate for sneakers, it isn’t suitable for dress shoes, and you’ll seem out of place with crisscrossed laces.

Popular laced footwear options include Oxford shoes, and you can find a variety of styles, such as glossy leather for formal looks and muted suede for casual events. If you don’t prefer Oxfords, you can always try Derby style shoes. You can choose between many colors to help you find the right option for your preferences and wardrobe attire.

It should also be mentioned that women’s shoes are a little different. While men’s shoes tend to be laced for more formality, women’s shoes are the opposite. Laced shoes for women tend to include sneakers, which aren’t usually considered an appropriate choice for weddings and business wear.

Are Slip On Shoes Formal?

Men’s slip on loafer shoes tend to have a more casual feel, though it depends on their styling as to whether or not they can be worn to formal events. Many times, they can look great with a pair of trousers or a pair of jeans.

With that being said, if you’re going to an extremely formal event, you may wear men’s slacks instead of trousers. Regardless, they do have their place in a modern man’s shoe wardrobe, and they tend to be the go-to footwear option because of their high versatility.

You don’t have to learn about any tricky techniques to wear them because you slip your feet in them to start and right back out at the end of the day. Many men choose to take off their shoes when behind their desks, which is easier to do with a slip-on. Popular slip-on style shoes for men include loafers, moccasins, and boat shoes.

Slip-ons are a suitable option for summer months, as well. They tend to make it a little easier for your feet to breathe and may sometimes be made of more breathable materials. You’ll also find that many shoemakers focus on stylish, formal slip-ons because they are so popular with everyone.

Again, slip-on shoes for women are the preferable formal pair of shoes. You can find pumps, stilettos, and many other styles that are, in a sense, slip-on. Even sandals with backs can be considered slip-ons, and they can look very formal (think weddings).

The Verdict

Again, the question remains, “Are slip-on dress shoes professional?”, and the answer is both a yes and a no. They can be just as professional looking as laced shoes, and the opposite is also true. Laced shoes, such as boots, are never going to look formal with a tuxedo, slacks, or trousers.

Choosing the right footwear is a challenge because you need to have some knowledge of the trends, what’s appropriate for your work, and how those in your profession are expected to dress.

If you tend to feel more comfortable in a slip-on or frequently stand or walk about at work, it’s more important to choose a shoe that fits you comfortably instead of an uncomfortable pair that looks shiny or incredibly dressy.