Amali Men’s Dress Shoes Review

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Sometimes, you need to set aside boring dress shoes and go for more daring ones. Seldom does a memorable night begin with a pair of boring brown loafers. Your shoes are a mirror of your personality – therefore, if your shoes are boring, then you might also be labeled as boring. On the other hand, if your shoes express the right amount of sass and personality, then that's what people will remember you for.

For that reason, we're going to review the Amali Men's Black and Metallic Splatter Slip On Dress Shoes and see whether they live up to their name or not. A pair of nightclub dress shoes need to be as comfortable as possible – you need them to withstand a night full of dancing, after all. They should also be durable, which is why we’re also going to review these Amali shoes for construction quality and durability. Let’s see what they have to offer.

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Amali Metallic Splatter Slip-On Dress Shoes Review


Made from fabric, these men's loafer shoes are not like your average suede or full-grain leather shoes. At first look, you would think that the base fabric is covered in sequins, but in fact, the fabric itself has a splatter-like design. The plush black microfiber perfectly complements the metallic splatter, whose color you may choose according to your preferences. These splatter colors include gold, silver, red, royal blue, turquoise, or fuchsia – and your choice will be based on your outfit or the environment they're worn in. Some people see these slip on shoes as the perfect accessory for prom, while others believe it’s the best thing you can take with you on a regular Saturday night at the club.

These splatter colored tuxedo shoes have been made with a sleek silhouette that looks timeless yet modern and elegant. They're easy to take on and off since they have no shoelaces, so they’re advantageous in situations where you often have to remove them.

The low block heel completes the exterior design, and also adds to the comfort. Because it’s made from synthetic material, the sole is very durable and fancy looking. Furthermore, the soft inner cushion absorbs the shock of walking, which is why your feet won’t easily get tired when wearing them.

While there may not be any particular patterns on the sole, it still has non-slip properties that will prevent you from slipping on most surfaces. You can dance your heart out, knowing that your Amali loafers will safely adhere to the ground.

The inner fabric lining is breathable, which means that you can comfortably wear these shoes on the dance floor, without worrying that you're going to start sweating in them. This also makes them an excellent choice for casual summer wear, especially since this is the time many formal events also take place.

You have a wide range of shoe sizes to pick from, so no matter if you are a 7.5 or a 15, you'll find a pair that will fit you. Your son could wear them at his first prom, or your husband could wear them to your sister’s wedding. Even the smallest or the biggest men can wear them since the elastic upper part will snuggly cup your foot.

According to most customers, fitting is just right. However, there are also some instances when they can run either big or small, depending on the width of your foot. If you have thicker feet, you might want to order one size up. On the other hand, if your feet are narrow, perhaps a smaller size would be a better choice.


  • Distinctive, eye-catching splatter color shoe design
  • They're made with a breathable material
  • Soft insole for extra comfort
  • Good variety of colors to choose from


  • Customers say sizes can run big, so you might want to order a size smaller
  • They may not always be compatible with some clothing
  • Could be too eye-catching for some people


Many may start criticizing the Amali Men's Morris Style Black and Metallic Splatter Slip-On Dress Shoes for their extremely shiny and colorful design, but if you're looking to bring some color into your life, these may be the fashionable men's shoes for you. Sure, they might not blend in at a formal event like a pair of patent leather Faranzi or the silky Viotti, but they'll still get lots of compliments from people who don’t like a boring wardrobe.

The price might be a bit higher than your average mid-level dress shoes, but they're not as expensive as a pair of genuine leather 3DMs, for instance. With Amali, not only do you have many colors to choose from, but you also have the advantage of durability.

Last but not least, unlike most dress shoes that offer standard padding such as a pair of 4HOW, the Amali's padding is extra thick. It will be challenging to find another pair of men's footwear in which you can move around with such ease. Plus, your feet won't be in any pain.

Unlike leather or silk shoes, this pair is very low maintenance. You won’t have to bother with polishing; just some dusting or a wash every now and again – but make sure that you do it gently and that you don’t scrub off the metallic surface.


Overall, these Amali dress shoes are perfect for special occasions such as the prom or a wedding, but they can also be worn on a regular night at a club. They stand out and have an exciting design that you seldom see. Some people may not like their “colorful and shiny” looks, but they're perfect for every free spirit, especially if you love adding some color in your life.

They're very comfortable, and considering their reasonable price, are also fairly durable. You’ll get a lot of compliments for them since they're unlike most boring, traditional dress shoes. You may finally have something to match that red or gold bow tie with.

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