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Hi, my name is Bruce.

As a supervisor for a significant transit agency, my job often requires

walking several miles daily, including up and down many staircases

to complete my duties. I enjoy what I do; however, with the wrong

footwear or ill-fitting clothing, some days can be exhausting. Finding

comfortable pairs of quality shoes or boots to wear is essential. I think

we all have several pairs of painful, poorly constructed shoes relegated

to a closet somewhere that we'll never wear again. With that in mind,

I've created this site for both men and women that showcases and

reviews affordable, stylish shoe options. I also review business casual

pants, shirts, socks, and related accessories to help you choose your

comfortable, fashionable wardrobe items. Personally, on many

occasions, I've spent countless hours shopping in the mall but have

       come home empty-handed as either none of the products I found

there had appealed to me, or the size I needed wasn't available.

With any luck, this site will not only help you find items you like,

but it will also save you the time and disappointment of what can often

be an unproductive trip to the mall.

Having stylish, comfortable wardrobe options to wear that display your

personal style will not only boost your confidence but can often help

give you a real advantage for any future employment opportunities or

social engagements.

       I hope you'll find the selection of quality products we've chosen and

reviewed here to be helpful.

Thank you for visiting.